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My husband and I love babywearing! He wears our daughter almost everyday. We already have a Beco but I wouldn't mind another one:) We both love the Beco Butterfly because not only is it egornomic, BUT it's easy to pass her back and forth. I wear her when she needs to nurse and then daddy takes her. Before we had the Beco Butterfly, we would go out with multiple wraps and slings. He would usually wear a wrap (like a Moby) and I would use a ring sling or pouch. We looked like a walking demo for babywearing. With the Beco, we just grab that and we are good to go! As for men babywearing, I think it's a really good way for fathers to bond. My hubby was all on board from the start. In fact he wore her before I did and in a PINK FLORAL pouch!!! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=239175&id=1425099649#!/photo.php?fbid=1607275788192&set=a.1607113744141.239175.1425099649&theater I think being exposed to babywearing via all natural parenting groups and classes (such as the babywearing class we took at our local CD store http://www.zoolikins.com/phoenix-arizona-baby-gift-store.html ) helps a lot as does seeing other men babywearing (like at our neighborhood Wholefoods) and in movies like The Hangover (my hubby has the shirt with that scene on it- he often wears it under the carrier lol). Also having lots of carriers to try helped a lot. He didn't like pouches past the newborn stage and has always disliked ring slings. However he loves wraps, meitais and soft structured carriers (aka our Beco).

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Oh how I long for a baby carrier like this!  They are so much better for long outdoor hikes than a ring sling.  In order to get my husband to babywear (he swears that's what his hands are for), I think I need to have a second baby and then leave him at home with the babe and the toddler and a list of chores to complete while I take some me-time.  Maybe then he'd think about keeping the baby close and getting some work done??  He's seen me wear one and knows how content I am, but I just can't seem to get him to try it. 

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this looks wonderful! i think my husband would love to wear my son using this.

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I would love to loan this out to doula clients. I want to help more dads babywear! 

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We're planning for baby #2. My husband loved wearing our first child when he was tiny. We would go for long family walks with the baby on his belly. It was almost a pride thing that he did it.


We would love one of these carriers for baby number 2.


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I have one borrowed right now from our local babywearers group and love to have one to keep! The Beco is my favorite carrier so far!

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I'd love to win this!  I have two boys (the younger is 5 months and the older will be 2 in July) so we'd love the boy-friendly print.  


I have an original Beco, which is fantastic, but we'd like something that allows baby to face out, too, not just in.  Plus it would be great to have two, so we could each wear one!


As for encouraging men to wear babies...I don't know, my husband is a pretty "manly" guy in all the traditional ways, but he's been all for baby-wearing from the get-go.  I DID refrain from picking one of the pretty prints and instead bought a brown one, knowing he wouldn't wear pink flowers in public.


He has complained that the Beco requires a bit too much flexibility for putting on when he's alone, especially regarding fastening and adjusting the back strap.  Men in general are less flexible than women, so maybe you could put some thought into making the back strap easier to reach?  

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Oh, I would love one of these Beco carriers.  One way to get dads to wear baby more might be to have them wear baby to sleep or for a nap by takihg a walk through the neighborhood.  I have also brought baby to dad's work during lunch hour with a carrier so they could take an afternoon walk and spend some quality time together.  Thanks for the opportunity. 

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I would love one of these carriers!  My husband loves to wear our child.  I think more men would be inclined to wear their child if they were educated on baby wearing.  Also, seeing other men, whether in ads or just out.

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I need one!


My husband will use the mai tie when I need a break. I don't know what would work for other men. It has to be easy and a color that wouldn't attract too much attention.

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Oh, how I would love to win one of these! I've had a loaner Ergo for several months, and I am about to have to return it; I have been in the depths of despair about having to drag the stroller everywhere again, especially since I have been reduced to a very, very small car since the last time I had to use it.

As for how to get more men to wear their babies, I think it boils down to one thing; KEEP IT SIMPLE. Men don't like to stop for directions, and by the same token, the don't want to have to ask their wives for help getting the baby carrier on, especially when they are out in public.

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I would *love* a Beco!!!  I think men would be more likely to babywear with more adjustablity in the fit- especially the chest and shoulders. 

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i second the camouflage or just keep it plain and simple for guys. We love to weat our children, i don't even need a stroller not for the children anyway, only for diapers and snacks. I would love to win this Beco!

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Have never tried a Beco. Would love the chance.


I think more dads would wear their babes if the carriers were made for them in terms of size, comfort, color, etc. :)

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With number two on the way, and knowing he is a boy--we would love to win this handsome Beco!  My husband is a champion babywearer.  It all started with buying him his "own" pouch sling when our daughter was tiny (in a nice manly gray)...and considering his opinion in the fabric/color of every subsequent purchase.  

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I would love one of these gorgeous carriers. My idea for increasing babywearing awareness is to have some scheduled baby-wearing events in public parks all over the country. It could be sponsored with food and booths or as simple as a group of babywearers showing up one place at the same time to say hello to each other and raise awareness to those watching!

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I would LOVE one of these carriers. I think that having a carrier that adjusts easily would encourage my husband to babywear more often. He is a willing baby wearer but every carrier we have is adjusted for me and he is a lot bigger when he wants to help out it takes forever to make all the adjustments.
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I would love one! As far as getting more men to babywear, I'm not sure. Maybe more advertisements in male dominated media?
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I would love a Beco!


I love our carrier that is reversible- cute print on one side and solid black for my husband.

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I would love to win this!  My huhusband would prefer a plain solid color carrier (which the Beco does come in :) ) that is put on in one simple step with few adjustments. He also would want the baby to be very secure.

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