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This would be wonderful for our second baby due in June!  I think a range of sizes and neutral colors are great for babywearing dads.  My husband was great about wearing our daughter to do lots of things at home and out and about!




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This carrier is great - my husband would love the helicopters!  He wants something easier than the wrap - he thinks it's akward and is less likely to use it.

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We would love a Beco!  It would actually be for my husband!  We have one other carrier that we leave the settings on my "size" but he just saw the Beco and loves it!  He think that the carriers are awesome and loves wearing our son...he carried him a lot when our son was first born because he said "she carried him for 41 weeks, I get to carry him now!"  I loved it, it was so sweet to see them bond.  When I was reading about baby wearing and attachment parenting I would always share information with him - he loved it as a way to be involved - all the breastfeeding and labor/delivery mainly applied to me, but this one he was all over!

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I would love one of the Beco Baby carriers. Baby boy #3 needs something new. 


My husband has worn all 3 of our boys at one point or another. He knows how calming it is for the baby, and makes life easier when you are out and about. 


After the movie, "The Hangover", came out, it seemed I was seeing baby wearing men everywhere. Granted it was that front facing carrier, but I thought anything was an improvement. Maybe if men knew how hot they look wearing their babies they would do it more! :D

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I'd love to win one!


as far as men... I can only say, my husband would probably LOVE a University of Michigan one!!! I'm sure other's would love their college of choice!


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It would be awesome to get this carrier! My brother is graduating from Warrant Officer school and will be a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army this summer...it would be really cool to wear my baby in this to his graduation!!!

More men in ads would be great, but maybe you could put an ipod hook-up on the carrier. men love gadgets :). or maybe a print that has a tie on it, like those cute embroidered onesies on etsy....

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I would love a Beco! We have 11-week old twin sons and I think a great way to get men to babywear is to show them how much easier it makes everything. My husband wasn't sold on it until he saw how he could still be close to one of the boys and still move around the house and get things done.

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I want it! I want it! Awesome carriers. Good luck to all!
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I Would LOVE one of these carriers!  My husband definately has no problem wearing our daughter, we just fight over which one of us get's all the attention from her cuteness! hehe  But I would say my husband would love sports themed, like his favorite football team logo or something!

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Oh, wow!  I would LOVE one of these carriers!


Men, these days, are more often being portrayed as being sexy for showing their emotional side by being caring and sentimental dads.  Babywearing is no different.  Guys see other guys doing it, and being admired for it, and they in turn take that extra step to join in.  

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Baby wearing for men gives the opportunity for Dad & baby to bond, and can give Mom a much needed break : )

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My hubby would wear our babies in the baby carrier when he played Wii Sports ~ rocked them right to sleep!  We'd love a Beco for our new little baby that is coming in August!

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Oh how I would love one!


I think more men could be utilized in advertising and that could boost rates. I know my husband puts our babies in a carrier and then plays video games! :D

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How exciting!

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I would love to win one of these great carriers! My husband only occasionally wears our baby - I think making sure the carrier is available in a bigger size to fit bigger men would help. Also very neutral color options and seeing advertising that features men would be huge.
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I would love this for the hubby & baby.  I only own slings and he isn't willing to try one of those. He's a body-builder, so a carrier that could would fit his body style as well as his clothing style would be a great incentive, I think.

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My husband loves carrying our dd everywhere!  Would love to win one of these.  :)

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I wouldn't just "like" to win one of these... I'd LOVE to win one of these for my husband!!! 


My DH has been fabulous with wearing our now 8 month old son!  In part, I am sure that it helps that he has his own carrier, sized and fitted in a style/color just for him and that is kept in his truck for easy availability.  But personally, I think he loves all of the attention when he babywears!  Daddy wearing a baby??  Talk about a people magnet!! :-)  People come up to coo over the baby and DH is just beaming as the proud daddy!  It also gives him the chance to have snuggletime while running errands without trying to contain a wiggly, squirming octopus (saving his arms and shoulders from exhaustion!).  And he loves it when DS falls asleep nestled in the carrier ~ kind of a bonus for both of them since DS rarely sleeps without being nursed down. 

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My husband needed to choose his carrier based on what fit him.

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Of COURSE, I would love to win one of these carriers. Like others have said, more "manly" prints may encourage daddies.  Camo, sports theme, plaids, stripes, etc.  Pockets, hooks, etc to put wallets, iPods, phones, sunglasses etc.  (If it could come with a cupholder, my hubby would be sold - LOL)  Pictures on the site of men babywearing, and securing some celebrity dads to show up in People magazine wearing their little ones.  My husband is a big guy, and the biggest problem we have had with carriers is that they often do not fit his large frame.

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