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I would love a chance to win a beco! I have used slings and baby carriers with all of my babies. My youngest currently loves to hang out in the mei tai. My husband loves to wear our little ones. I agree that a manly pattern is the key to getting the guys to baby wear.

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I would love to win one of these new carriers for our upcoming arrival.


I think dads/men would be more open to wearing their baby if the prints/color schemes were more neutral.


Having said that, I see tons of men baby wearing--it's so cool.

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I would definitely love one of the Beco baby carriers. To encourage more men to babywear, I suggest designing carriers that include battle, or warlike themes in the fabric design. For example, maybe the front of the carrier can look like a shield or chain mail. Or maybe even look like some kind of oriental ninja/martial arts theme... Just my two cents. eyesroll.gif

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These are great carriers- I would love one!

To get dads more amped to wear their kiddos, make guy friendly patterns including some solid colors. Also on a one on one level, go for a little hike somewhere nice and encourage him to wear baby. Lots of guys love to wear their babies in the great outdoors.
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i would love to win,  i really need this

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I would love to win one of these Beco Butterfly II carriers. We are expecting our first little one at the end of May and we are so excited to share the beauty of nature with him! With a Beco Butterfly II we will be able to go this by taking him on long hikes! I have done a lot of research and it is said that for avid hikers the Beco Butterfly II is best!


I think we could easily convince men to wear their babies more just by telling them how much it will benefit their child. Any good daddy would be happy to do anything to help his child. I also think it's important for us women to remember when buying carrier that although those flower carriers are beautiful it may turn men away from wearing them. I think it is also important for baby wearing sites to show men modeling baby carriers. As well as make sure they have lots of men friendly prints for their carriers.

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I would so love one of these for my Hubby!! My sling is too girly for him to wear our baby, but he would totally use one of these.  I think what would help more men wear their babies would be more masculine choices like the one you have made.

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I would love a carrier! The way I got my man to wear our DD was by making sure to let him know very, very often how any energy he could help me save by doing some of the babywearing would be given back to him! I also told him repeatedly how sexy a man wearing a baby was and always referred to pictures of other guys doing wearing their babies as "mommy-porn." It worked! He still wears our 21 month old!

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I would love to win one of these! I love baby wearing, and have talked my husband into trying it (but only at home). I think the reason that more men dont do it, at least in my area is that it isnt even very common for women to do it. I get many sideways glances when I wear my little man out shopping. And most of the patterns on wraps and carriers are a little on the girly side too.


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I think it needs to be really adjustable- my husband is 6'4 and has a hard time fitting into the same carriers that I do. I know a lot of men also shy away from carriers that look girly in the least, and I have even heard one father shoot down the idea of wearing a Beco just because it had "Butterfly" in the name. Yeah, seriously.


I would love to have one of these to use with our newborn son!!

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I would love one of the carriers! Add a coupon to breastfeeding packs given out to women after birth, with a pic of a man babywearing and promote it as a way for daddy to bond with baby, rather than giving bottles. Supports babywearing and breastfeeding at the same time!

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I would love to have one of these carriers! My husband likes to wear our daughters, but he does not like carriers that are outrageous colors or girlie prints. The carrier that he uses is just plain black. I think more men would baby wear if more neutral colors/prints were offered. Also adding features like pockets or carrabeaner hooks would make baby carriers more guy friendly. My husband loves to hike with the girls, but there is no where to put a waterbottle or any of his hiking gear on their carriers.

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I would love one of these carriers! I think the less feminine design of this carrier along with the more masculine prints would make my husband more comfortable wearing our baby.

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I would love one!


For my husband,. it would be all about not looking "girly"... so just more solid, rustic looking fabrics.

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love the pattern and love the beco!  had one of the originals long ago with my first and then sold it (doh!) b/f my second came along.  I think the best way to encourage more dad's to babywear is to see more dad's babywearing (out and about, in photos/promos, in the media...)

thanks for the giveaway!

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I would love to win a carrier! I think if there were more articles in magazines featuring real dads they would be more encouraged to at least try it. My hubby loves babywearing and actually got a few of his reluctant friends to give it a try. Also maybe fabric choices that are more guy friendly :)

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I am having twins in June, so Daddy will need a carrier! I would love to win a Becco!
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Oh, how we would love a Beco!!! 


For guys, I think it's all about functionality. They need to know that whatever they're doing is not going to 'slow them down' from getting things done, and men who wear their babies can get so much more done than those who don't! Not to mention there's nothing sexier than a babywearing daddy!!! MMHMM!!!

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I'd love one! My husband flies helicopters:) Anything camo or rugged looking is good enough for him! :)

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Great giveaway!!! I would love one as I am expecting #2
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