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This carrier would be a great way to get my husband babywearing! He says all of my other carriers and slings are too "girly". eyesroll.gif I would love to win one of these Becos! I've never used one before.  

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We would love a Becco!  My husband happily wore DS when I made him a wrap in what he considered to be a 'manly' color, olive green.  I'm sure he'd also approve of helicopters :)

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I'd love one of these carriers!


My DH prefers a solid black carrier, no prints. Then there's no print of any sort to affect either his style or his manliness, lol!!

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I would love to have one of these carries!  As for getting any one (male or female) to baby wear: Model, model, model.  I can't count the number of people who have stopped me while wearing one of my babies and asked me where to get one of those wraps.

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i would love a carrier from beco! i believe education is what will get papas (men) to understanding and believing the benefits of babywearing. through advertising and women explaining the benefits. my husband proudly wears our daughter knowing how good it is for her to be so close and safe with her papa.

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I would love to win a Beco!  We are currently trying for our second child and could always use a beautiful carrier.  My DH used to wear our daughter when she was a baby and he loved it.  I think more dads will wear their babies if they see lots of other dads already doing it.  I think the key is to have awesome carriers for the dads that already baby wear.  Then, other dads will want to as well.

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I would love one of these carriers!!  I think men would be interested in wearing their baby if the carrier was in masculine colors and designs and also if they were educated on the benefits of the bond between baby and daddy.  

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Becos are awesome; I'd love to win one. I like the idea of reversible print carriers...one side masculine and one side cute & girlie.  

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I'm thinking vintage sports theme/clasic colors for the Dad's! There are really cool, simple car images that would be awesome too!  I'd LOVE to be a proud Beco mama!!

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The print on this carrier is really cute! I'd love one!


I think if more men would baby wear if ads were directed towards them, not necessarily just having men in the ads will sell them to men.

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I would love to win one of these. My husband's in the Army and is in a helicopter unit so this would be great. He's currently deployed and it would be nice for him to carry him around once he gets home instead of me because he thinks my carrier is too girly. I know I would have an easier time getting him in one of these then some of the other ones. 

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I would love to win a Beco! 


We have a Gemini, and my husband and I both love it! Bringing in new boyish patterns and neutral colors is a great way to make a carrier more appealing to Dads. I know for my husband when I was shopping around for a carrier he asked that it not be in any funky colors. So we got the jet black Gemini. 

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I would love to win a Beco carrier. Men would wear a carrier if it was in neutral colors without any patterns and /or logos.

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Ooh, I'd love a Beco carrier!  The longer straps means it's dad-friendly -- and then we won't have to share!

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I would ♥ to try a Beco! Thanks for the giveaway!


I think that a quick and easy way to get more dads to babywear is to get these carriers into the hands of famous dads - rockers, sports stars, actors, etc. The more they are featured as status symbols, the more dads will want to do it to!

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I can't go anywhere without my Beco!  So much so that I need a new one and one of these would be perfect!


As for getting more men to babywear... I have racked my brain trying to get hubby to wear our kids and he just doesn't see it as a "manly" thing to do... so maybe something to combat that.

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I've been dreaming about this print! I'd love to see more dad-friendly fabrics for carriers.

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I would love one of these carriers!  In order to get more dads to babywear, all you have to do is make them in dad-friendly, macho colors!

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Would love this! My hubby is pretty easy in that he will babywear no matter what, but I know for a lot of guys plain prints is a great way to get them to babywear!

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I would love one of these carriers. If they make them easily adjustable from a woman to mans torso length and make in neutral colors i think many men would enjoy carrying their bundles of joy. And with them being able to carry baby on their front or back and facing mommy or daddy  or facing out to see everything else in the world. :)

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