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I am in love with Beco and their wonderful products! We just bought our first Gemini 2 months ago and have been amazed at how it fits my body not to mention the adorable designs. I would love love love to win the Butterfly 2. :)

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I want one of these great carriers.

Try to get more info about MEN babywearing into mainstream magazines.

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I actually love the Duke print.  I think it would entice men...

Though DH usually doesn't BW mostly because he gets hot with the kids on him.... I don't know how to alleviate that though.



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I would love one of these carriers!  In order to get more dads to babywear, all you have to do is make them in dad-friendly, macho colors!

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I would love to win one of these carriers! Men love manly colors :)






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My husband would love one of these for our son Henry!!


I think we could get more dads babywearing by showing them how its done in pictures! We could all send in our photos of our guys babywearing to magazines, newspapers, online groups and forums, etc. We could also all take short videos about how to babywear as a dad and post them to you tube and facebook. This would show how easy, practical, and fun it is!

Dads learn a lot by watching other dads!

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I would LOVE one of these!

The way I got my husband to enjoy babywearing more was to point out that he could get an even better workout with 20 lbs of kid strapped to him :)

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I would love one of these carriers!  My idea for getting more dads to babywear is to advertise in men's magazines...maybe get one of them to do a feature on the millions of pros to babywearing and definitely include more men in your advertising campaign!

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I want to win!! The Ergo has been my companion for my 21 mo DD for 21 mos, and I have been hoping to get another one for DH for a long time. They are the best. Interested in this brand too :)

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I have been eyeing a Beco Baby Carrier for 2 years now...but cannot afford one.  I have a 25 month old and a 2 month old newborn!  I would love to win one!  Some suggestions to get men more interested in babywearing....keep some of the fabric designs gender-friendly; have ads with men wearing the carriers; and stress that getting things done around the house and outside of the home are more convenient with a carriers vs a stroller or a slow walking toddler. Men like to find the easiest way to get things done and a carrier can help!


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I would love one of these carriers! I think the "guy friendly" prints definitely help Dads to babywear. Also, more advertising with men using the carriers would help too. Pretty much every magazine/internet ad shows Moms wearing babies. If men saw that it was more common, they may be more inclined to use carriers more often. 

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My hubby and I both love wearing MJ in our Beco. We would absolutely love another one! MJ is only a year old and we've almost worn out the Beco we wear him so much! He loves it and it helps daddy feel close to him and helps mommy stay close :) It is so easy to adjust! It only takes a minute to switch who is carrying the baby. LOVE LOVE LOVE our Beco!

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I would love to get a Beco Carrier for free. 

I got my husband to carry my son on our wrap carrier for the 1st time when we went hiking.  Something about being in the outdoors makes him want to be in control, with that said he wanted to hold the baby and has been doing it a lot since.  Also if it had a Yankee's logo that would just make him want to wear it 24/7 LOL.

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I would love to win this carrier.  He would wear one that had a very basic print, not a flowery girly print. I do not think he would wear camoflage. Maybe a blue.

A wavy lines print or geometric maybe? I love that my husband is so involved with our kids and I could see him wearing our child in a carrier. 

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I would love to win a Beco for my husband.  

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This would be amazing to win!!! I have finally convinced my husband to babywear, but he says only if he has this beco, or the black one! I would much rather this one!! The pattern is cute for a boy!  I hope we win!!!

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I would definitely love to have a carrier, as would my husband. Some helpful ways to get dads into babywearing more is to have more ads with dads wearing the babies, more masculine colors/prints and keeping the carrier easy to put on. Usually he or I need help with putting the kids on in the front or back - we can manage on our own but feels safer with someone else to help.

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We would LOVE one of these carriers! I think my husband would be thrilled that he would have another option besides my pink wrap, lol!! And as for how to get men to do more babywearing, I asked my husband...

"I don't know why more men don't wear their kids, it's like a free babysitter! Hands-free parenting at it's finest. I can still do all my favorite activities while hanging out with my kids and helping my wife....and a more manly carrier like this would be awesome."

There you have it!

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I would love to win!


DH would be tempted to baby wear if it were more manly ie: skulls or band names, something metal or punk rock. Heck, I'd love it too! 

I think it would be great to have more pictures/ and or videos of baby wearing men, DH has just now come around to baby wearing and will wear our son on his back. Some complements to them doesnt hurt their ego either wink1.gif I find it very attractive that he cares that much for his kids he will wear them and love them. 


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I would love one of these! I think having daddy friendly prints would make more men want to baby wear. Thats what worked for my husband.

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