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Love this print!  We'd love to have one and love that you're looking to attract more babywearing daddies!

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I'd love to win one. 


To get men to use them more, I think pictures showing other dads doing fun things them would help.

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I would love a beco.  My husband wears any carrier I buy, as to not give me a reason to spend more money and buy a more manly one.  However, he would be stoked if I gave him a baby carrier with helicopters, sporting team decals or cars on it!

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I'd love to win one - I know lots of people who could use a good carrier.  My husband wore our baby for the first time at a baseball game; I figured out ahead of time that taking a stroller into the stadium would be a pain in the bum, and I was right.  Since then he's been willing to wear her when we're out on day trips, like to a Renaissance Faire, where the stroller situation was similar.  If it means making something like going to a ballgame easier, I think more guys will realize that babywearing is a good idea.

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would love one these carriers because my son really needs to be carried all the time and I have two little ones to also chase after. I actually ordered one off of paxbaby.com but the mail carrier misdelivereed the box to the wrong house and when she tried to get it back the occupants would not admit to receivingg the boxess and refused. As such I am currently out a carrier and my$$. I was told by the mail carrier that they would start an investigation with the postal inspector but when I had a friend with the policee department follow up with our local postal inspectors he was told that there is not enogh e vidence to wrrant further investigation. This all happened Tuesday morning. Then later around noon I checked on my son who I thought fell asle and he was not breathing! I had to do infant cpr and call 911.I got him breathing by the time the paramedics arrived and they rushed him to the ER at kapiolani hospital. My son is now doing better b ut it is Thursday and I am in the hospital room typing this as he rests. After the rough week he aand I have had we need a new beco.

As for getting more dads to wear the carriers and babies how about making them with their favorite college or professional sports teams?
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This is an adorable pattern with the helicopters.  I am married to a babywearing man, and I think what was key was really letting him try a number of options.  I had originally bought a buckle carrier (not a Beco) that I thought would work for both of us, and ended up working for neither of us.  I kept trying carriers out, and showing my husband how to use them, and I was shocked when he first chose a mei tai -- I would've thought he'd find the tying was a hassle, but he loved how he never had to adjust the straps.  Now we each have a couple of carriers that we like -- and I like the fact that he has his and knows why he likes them versus other carriers.  So maybe an awesome dad led babywearing instruction session?  Maybe a YouTube channel of dads showing off how and when they wear their babies?  My husband takes the dogs for walks with the baby in a carrier -- he tried it once with a stroller -- forgettaboutit.  He made it about a block.  Give dads a forum to talk to each other about how babywearing helps them out, and the space for them to choose their own carriers -- not just use the ones their babymamas use.  PS.  My hubs is a little nervous with back carries, so I would love the opportunity for him to try a BB2!

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This is such a sweet pattern! I'd love to win :) I've found that it is easy to get other dads to wear babies, when my dh sets a good example.

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My husband and I would love this beco! My husband will only wear soft structured carriers. I think that making buckle carriers in fabrics that appeal to men is key to get them to babywear. My hubby loves the beco! We reaaaally love the duke print, too!
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I would love to win one for my new addition so brother can still ride too!


I will share an experience - When I was pregnant, very pregnant, we liked to go for walks on the beach.  Since holding my 25+lbs son was not really an option for a long walk, my husband wore him on his back in out Beco Butterfly II (all black).  We were able to walk together, my son was not running into the water, and most times he got a great nap in too.  Daddy never complained at all about his back hurting...oh...and he was able to drink a "beverage" while we walked hand in hand.  :oP 


We want to do the same now, but with only one carrier, we can't.  :o(  Hope that I can win one!  Good luck everyone!


Oh, and to get more dad's to wear them, make men friendly prints so they think that it is "cool" even if they are carrying their little princess.  :o)

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We loove our beco and my husband uses it alot. He'd much rather wear a beco than push a stroller. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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I would love one of these carriers, I love beco! I have twins and a four year old so I just leave the stroller at home when w e go out as a family so dh is holding one anyway...why not use a carrier?
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I would LOVE to have this beco!  My son goes crazy for helicopters, and this might help him get excited about being in the carrier again.  I know it's just a phase, but he just wants to run everywhere right now!  My hubby loves carrying Jacob around so that his hands are free to do whatever, plus when J was smaller he could nap while daddy worked.

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Would LOVE one of these carriers!  My hubby likes to use a carrier, too.  :)

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This looks like it would be great for my partner.  We have a ring sling but he can't seem to figure it out so that it is comfortable for him.  As for getting more men to wear babies, I think there needs to be more ads with men wearing babies. 

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I totally need one like this to convince DH to babywear!  I think he dislike the feminine look of lots of fabric that slings and wraps have.  Something neutral and structured might be the best for him.

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I would love to win one! I just got one as a gift for my friend, but she lives several hundred miles away :( I can't try hers out!


I think once men discover the "powers" of babywearing... how quickly it calms a fussy LO, then it gets them hooked. :) More mammas encouraging more daddies to "just try it and you'll see"!!

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i would love a becco! i think it may be effective to try reaching out to mom bloggers- and have their husbands test and review the becco. 

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I would like one!  

My baby's father is gone, but a friend wears his baby on his back while rehearsing with his band.  She wears her little protective earmuffs and loves watching the musicians.  So cute!

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I would love to win a Becco carrier.  More men will be excited about baby wearing if they get to see other men in action.  Have giveaways at a sporting events.  Make sure there are male modeling baby wearing. 

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I would love to win one of these! I LOVE beco! I think having more dad friendly prints like this would get more men to babywear.

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