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I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!

And my suggestion for the men.... We did a babysit day for a friend (two kids) while preggo and I had her give me her big old stroller than I took him and the kids all around town and had him lug it up stairs and push threw paths that were rough. By the end of the day he swore he never would get one! LOL He has been a babywearing dad since my son was 1.5 days old <3  He has even done the moby wrap!

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I would love one of these carriers as I've made my own and they're just not the same as a commercially made carrier.


I think more men would use carriers if the material used matched sports teams or had sports team mascots on them.

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We would love to sport one of these fabulous carriers!!

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We would love one of the Becco carriers you are giving away.  My husband wears both of my two kids all the time in our Ergo.  Now that we have 2 kids, my son is 4 monthes old, we could really use another carrier so we can both wear a child at the same time.  I have wanted a Becco one for a while but we can't afford it right now as I am not working as much since my son's birth.  I think the more people see ads and other men wearing kids, they will wear them too.  We get questions all the time about our carrier when we are out in public with it.



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I love Beco carriers.  I think my husband would baby wear more if he saw other men doing more.

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I would love a Beco!


I think continuing to introduce 'gender neutral' prints will help to get more men to babywear

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This is so great! My husband used a carrier sometimes with our daughter, I think he would've used it more if it was easier for him to figure out. :)

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My husband has worn our daughter since she was a newborn. When I explained all the benefits of babywearing, he was on board. I think it helps when men see other men babywearing. So, perhaps visibility and men in bw advertisements can help?

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I would love this carrier!

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Would love to win one to pass on to one of my lovely doula clients. I didn't have to do much convincing for my husband to wear our children. He loved holding them as much as I did!

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My husband loves wearing our daughter in our carrier, it gives them the closeness he missed while she was in utero. I would LOVE a Beco carrier- I have always wanted one.

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I would love a Beco!

I think that advertising could play a role  in more men babywearing.  Also - I think more support from us mamas when we see a babywearing daddy!  

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I would love too win this for DH! I think BW'ing in itself is the best advertising. People ask me everyday what I'm wearing and where I bought it!

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I would love one of these carriers. My husband LOVES helisopters too, so it would be perfect if it could be his carrier!

I my experience, my husband wants a carrier that is easy to use. We currently use the Ergo and it's fairly easy for him. He has some difficulty snapping the back, but he manages. He was uneasy with the Moby Wrap and had some difficulty wrapping up properly. He's never used the Maya Ring Sling. The one we use is light blue, so the color is neutral enough that I don't think it seems to "girly" to him (though, I don't think color would prevent him from using it).

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We need another one! 3 kids and 2 will still be in diapers.  I could carry the bigger one on my back and the new one on the bellY!  Just keep putting pics of dads carrying their babies and you'll win most dads over.  Or you can make a carrier that's more Macguyver-like with caribeeners and army colored designs n' such...

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I fell in love with baby-wearing when I traveled to Mexico in college, and saw the women there carrying their babies in scarves tied across their bodies. Thereafter I wore the babies I nannied and babysat for... loving the opportunity to develop a close and interactive relationship with them - as well as appreciating the ease with which I could get other things done! When my goddaughter was born almost 4 years ago and I was able to be with them on a nearly daily basis, someone wore her almost non-stop, and my appreciation for well designed carriers grew even further! I am now expecting my first child, and although we have a very limited budget, our baby will be worn from the beginning on through, and I would love to have the opportunity to use a Beco!


As for encouraging men to baby-wear... I think that the more positive male baby-wearing images that are out there, the more men who talk about the benefits of baby-wearing publicly and are encouraged to bond and interact with their infant children and understand how much communication takes place between the baby and the wearer... how much the child learns... how active the wearer/child pair can be with a good carrier.. all of those things can go a long way toward encouraging men to baby-wear!

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I would love one of these carriers. My husband would love to babywear but he was frustrated at the limited choices for "manly" carriers and the fact that most don't fit a "big & tall" man

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I think with such a stylish and comfortable carrier, my Husband would wear our Daughter all time time while working on the Farm. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I would love a beco baby carrier.

I think more dad's would baby wear if they knew about the soothing and bonding qualities of babywearing. It is very fulfilling for dad's to put baby to sleep all on their own.

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My husband is a baby wearer and I would love a carried.  Thanks for the referral Mothering Magazine through FaceBook!

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