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Babywearing rocks! I would love a Beco carrier. My suggestion for getting more men to babywear: choose styles and colors that are subtle and won't make them feel like they're wearing a doily.



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I would love to win one of these carriers.

My husband loves babywearing because when he's at work all day, he feels like he misses out on everything.  When he wears our kids, it's that great father/son bonding time.

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I would love to add this to my babywearing stash! No babies yet but my hubby will sometimes wear the little guy I nanny for and people usually just melt when they see it so he's never had anything but positive reinforcement.


I think more men would babywear if they knew how freaking cute they were while doing it!

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I'd love to win one of these carriers, for my husband & I to use with our newborn son. 


I know for my husband, he'd be more likely to wear our baby if we had a simple, easy to use carrier.  He never wore our firstborn, because both the ring sling and wrap I had were too intimidating for him.  Something like the Beco could be the perfect Daddy-carrier in our house.

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I would love to win one of these carriers! Our second baby is due in July and we need a second carrier so that DH and I can each carry a kid (or I can carry one on teh front and one on the back). Babywearing dads are the best! I didn't have to do much to convince my husband--he loves to be the one to carry our daughter, but a masculine print on a babycarrier sure wouldn't hurt!

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My husband is a proud baby wearer. In fact we have a Beco and HE wants me to order another one so that one is his and his only :-) We'd love to win one!!!

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I would love to have a BECO BABY CARRIER!  I think that the more men out there who carry their kids, the more it will be seen as something that is "normal" and "wonderful".  My husband is certainly open to carrying our son but we don't have a carrier that he feels comfortable with.  Thanks for doing the contest!

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I think more pictures of dad's wearing babies would be a big help. Men seeing that its not "lame" or "dorky" or whatever they think of it. My husband loved wearing my daughter when she was younger, I even snagged a picture of it once!

I would love to win one of these, I only have a wrap style carrier and I've herd such good things about the Beco and would love to try it!

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Ooh..I'd love to have one of these for my soon-to-be-here (as in, any day now) little one! 

To encourage my husband to wear our last baby, I asked him which kind of carriers appealed to him and gave him lots of options to try on.  It took several different carriers before he found his match, but once he did, he wore our son around often.  So, give the guy options and let him try different carriers!  Also, I made sure he knew just how sexy I thought it was and I always compliment other men who wear their babies.  Other people commented as well, which boosted his fathering confidence.

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It struck me this morning that I'd wear my baby much more often if I had a carrier that was easy to get on and off. I have a homemade mei tai, which I love, but it doesn't seem worth the effort to get it on and off unless she's going to be in there for a good long time. I think that, with a carrier that was easier to put on, I'd have her in there more often, and therefore fussing less.


I asked DH what he thought, and he said the exact same thing - easy on/easy off. I guess there's a reason we're married!


I suspect that a design that takes into account common male weight distribution patterns (beer belly) would also help, and that neutral colors/patterns would be more appealing than a "male" pattern, especially as many people are looking for something that both parents will be willing to use when spending that much money on something.


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Heck yeah!! I would love one!

I think one key would be to make a carrier that actually fits an average guy...wider in the shoulders...
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What a GREAT giveaway! I love it and would LOVE one! My hubby will wear a carrier if it is easy. He gets frustrated if it is complicated or has more than a few steps.  The boyish pattern would be nice to encourage wearing.  I definately think my hubby would wear this!  :) 

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I would love to have a Beco baby carrier.  In addition to men being encouraged to wear their babies, I think we should also encourage female partners to wear their babies.  For the parent who is not breastfeeding, carrying the baby close to you is calming for you and the baby and builds strong bonds.  My wife and I do not have a baby yet, but I am encouraging her to embrace babywearing as a way to spend close time with the baby since I will be the one feeding the baby.  Partners want to feel included in nurturing the child when they are not the one enjoying the feeding times, and this is a great way to do that.

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I'd LOVE to win one of these carriers because I think my husband would actually use this baby carrier!  He doesn't like the wrap or sling but wants to use a carrier like this.  To appeal to more men, make the carriers adjustable to bigger men and in patterns, colors, etc to appeal to men.

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Would love to win one.

I think the more gender nuetral friendly a carrier is the more likely for men to wear.  But womem tend to like cute prints, so maybe find a way to make the panels interchangeable

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I'd love a Beco!  I think if you made an extension waist belt that would help more dads baby wear.  And make the fabric panels changeable so mama can have her cute and dad can have manly fabric!

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I would be so excited to get a Beco carrier!  I've had one on my wishlist for a while.


To get dads to wear you need more guy-friendly colors.  My DH doesn't like most prints, so solids would be great.  Or maybe some argyle?  Also, more pictures of men wearing babies, doing guy things.  Like playing rockband, at a baseball game, or hiking, but the men need to look "real" not like models!

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My husband and I would love a Beco Baby Carrier.  The way I encouraged my husband to wear our baby, Bear, in a carrier was to let him know that they can bond easier if he wore him!  From then on my husband would wear Bear on walks with our two dogs every evening!  It is the special bonding that they do together.  Now Bear, 10 mos, smiles ear to ear when my husband gets the dog leashes out!

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I would love to win one of these!!  I think getting as many pictures of men wearing babies out there as you can will help.  The more men see other men wearing babies the less stange it will seem.   Have a giveway and to enter you have to submit a picture of a dad wearing his baby.   My husband has worn all three of our babies and he loves it.  he is the one that told me to go enter the contest because he would like to wear this carrier :)

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I would LOVE to win one of these, I have been SO wanting to try one!!  We have a wrap, but this will be nice with #2 coming, so we can use the wrap for baby!!  My husband wears our baby and has from the very beginning.  I just made sure a bought a carrier that didn't look too girly!! :-)  He loves it and our little man loves dad carrying him!!

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