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I would love one of these! My hubby would look so adorable carrying our little one around.

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I would love to win a baby carrier!!!! Any dad who wears a baby carrier looks caring and kind, maybe other celebrity dads could wear a baby carrier like a rockstar and then other dads might not think it looks too nerdy.

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I would love to win. 


I think that men would be more likely to babywear if: 1- their wives left them with the kiddos for longer periods of time (Okay I am sort of kidding here) 2. The carriers were more neutral/manly  3. They figured out that their kiddo really likes it.  I know a dad who wears his baby all the time.  He is a stay at home dad and has learned to do it to survive.

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my husband's excuse for not baby wearing is that it's not comfortable for the baby since his chest is so hard....not sure what could be done about that.  Maybe a chest pad/baby safe pillow for men's chest?  Also manly colors/themes, not just baby boy colors/themes, something a man might wear as a backpack something he would WANT to wear 'cause it looks so cool.  Ofcourse, you could always advertise them as "chick magenets"  I swear, he gets hit on more at the grocery store when wearing our baby than when he was single and childless!

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I'd love to win a BECO!  I think one way to get more men engaged in babywearing for men to see it more frequently.  I can't tell you the number of comments (from men and women alike) we received when my DH and I were wearing both children while walking through the airport over spring break. It made traveling so effortless.

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baby wearing is COOL! and functional.  babies love to be near daddies too!!  love the 'mens wear' fabric print for the becco!!!  would also love to see a camo print!!fuzmalesling.gif

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I would love to win this carrier!  I think more men would carry babies is we included them in our pregnancies and births (care providers need to recognize that this is their baby, too) and trust that they can care perfectly for their babies.  Also we need to ask and allow them to carry our babes! 

I think more marketing should be geared toward men - so show men using the carriers....show pictures of women and men helping each other put the carriers on, etc..


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I would love to win one of these carriers!


All kids love piggy back rides from dad! I would encourage dads to use a Beco to safely carry their child around and have fun!

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It would be wonderful to win one of the Beco Baby Carriers!

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I like both the Eden and Espresso patterns/colors.    I think by offering more gender neutral options, the hubby's are more likely to use a carrier:)

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I would love a Beco!!!!  I know that my husband would wear our children more often if the adjustments were easier for him.  He needs really elementary step by step directions - not because he isn't smart, but because he gets very overwhelmed especially when involving his kids.  Also, LOVE the sports team idea!  If my husband had an OSU carrier, he would never put our children down!  :)

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This would be an awesome carrier to wear. I got my husband to babywear by buying him Dragon embroidery themed carriers, and skulls too ;-) 

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all it took was one time wearing the boy i take care of on his back and my husband was hooked on the whole idea of babywearing!  would love to win this comfy beco carrier! pretty please?! with cherries on top?! :) 

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I would like one of these! As for my dh, I would probably just have to tell him to do it lol.


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Yay!! I'd LOVE to win one of these!!!joy.gif
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I would love to win one of these carriers! My husband babywears all the time. I think it helps men want to babywear whenthey see other men doing it too!


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I'd love to win one! My husband loves to wear our LO. He feels good about having his own Moby, etc. instead of sharing mine. He had to have his own manly diaper bag, too.

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Believe it or not, this is my first "entry" on a baby/mommy website/blog - for anything, including our baby. But I've heard nothing but amazing things about your carriers and just had to enter the contest. My husband and I have been on the hunt for a baby carrier that works right for us - something lightweight, not flashy and comfortable for both our baby girl and us. Voila, my extended facebook family tells me Beco is it! So, in hopes of winning one for my hubby (he'd just LOVE the simplicity and masculinity of the Metro Black) I'm optimistically throwing my name in the hat.


My husband is a wonderful dad. He wants to share his love of the outdoors with our little girl and I think Beco is just the carrier to help him do it - without putting out his back. Our sugar sweet sunshine is a true daddy's girl and every time my husband is around, he swoops her up in his arms. He'd love something to keep her snug and safe near him on hikes and walks - but being a single income family in a small working class town makes the "splurges" like a Beco carrier unattainable for us. Recently, he literally carried our 10 month old around SeaWorld for an entire day just to see the smile on her face. But the next day, his back was a mess. But he said he'd do it again because he loved being able to interact with her through it all. As she continues to grow I can only hope that a Beco carrier could help this smitten daddy keep his little girl close as they continue to explore the world around us. Thanks for your consideration - I hope that soon I will be able to be a mommy that says to my friends "YES, Beco is the BEST baby carrier around! You just HAVE to try one!" :0)

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I would use this everywhere! Out shopping, to the park, fairs

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I'd love to win one of the Beco Carriers!! My husband loves wearing our dd - I know for him to wear her the carrier needs to be easy to use, be comfortable, and not too much of a girly pattern to the fabric. I would say those are the top 3 things most men look for in a carrier.

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