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I would love to win a Beco baby carrier too!


Here is how you get guys to use one more often...Step one: The Beco has to be reversible so that both mom and dad can proudly display the design they prefer to show.


HOWEVER--this is the trick--Step 2: The designs need to be completely customizable. Men can upload words, drawings, photographic images, cartoons, designs, whatever floats their boat! 


If mom agrees, dads can even customize *both* sides, making it the 100% Cool Daddy Beco! 


Moms can choose her own customization for the reverse side of the Beco--or choose from one of your very lovely Beco designs instead!


Listen, the truth is that any guy who is confident enough to wear his baby in the first place, probably has no problem making a statement that's funny, bold, or unusual while he's at it!  And what better way to say it than on a baby's bottom!!! 




I hope you like this idea!



Melissa from Nutley NJ

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Both my husband and I would LOVE one of these carriers! I think more print options for men would be good! 

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Thanks for the contest - hope I win! I really like the idea of a reversible Beco so that there can be a "mommy" side and a "daddy" side

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I would love a "manly" beco carrier!

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I would DIE to win one of these!!!


I think the prevalence of soft structured carriers (that AREN'T the Baby Bjorn) is doing a lot for helping to encourage men to babywear. Most men I know balk at the idea of wraps but are okay with a Beco, Ergo, Pikkolo, etc. I think it just takes seeing a few dads out and about who are clearly comfortable wearing their babies to pique a man's interest in wearing his own!

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My husband would love one of these because he is not comfortable using the slings I usually wear. I think more p

ackaging and advertising specifically showing men babywearing would make it more acceptable.

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i think that the key to helping dads babywear is having a carrier that is comfortable for them.  we love the beco because it adjusts to fit mama and dad!


please enter me in the drawing for a beco!


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We love our trusty Beco. DS#1 practically lived in it. DH carried him in front and back doing all kinds of things from yardwork to hiking to traveling. It was great to be able to transfer him back and forth between us when needed too. Now with #2 due any day, we've been contemplating getting a second one. Definitely some masculine fabrics (prints, solid colors or phrases) might help and advertising showing versatile types of activities. It just makes the whole family that much more portable.


ps (I wrap too, but he doesn't like it. Too overwhelming.)

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How cool! I have no idea how to get men to baby wear though.


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I would love a new Beco!  My husband actually wore our first daugther all the time, he liked carrier that were easy in and out, in gender neutral colors. 

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Gosh! I would loooove one!

My husband occasionally wears our little one, but his main reason for wearing her is practicality. If he wants a bonding moment he just holds her. Also, he'll only use our black carriers. Something about girly flowers makes him shy away from the other ones. ;)

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We love our Beco Gemini, would love to try a Butterfly II as well!

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I just love them and the dads that use them!  I wish I had one!

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I would love one of these.  They are so nice


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We'd love one of these for our new little boy.  My DH is an avid babywearing Dad... I asked him what made hime babywear and he said "Chicks dig it".  (Jokingly of course!)


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would love to beco my next baby around when he/she arrives this May!


for dads, maybe a removable velcro/snap panel with sports team logos? that way you could still buy one beco, and just velcro on a more Manly Design as desired.


... or a beer holster.

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We would love a Beco! My husband is willing to baby wear one of our twins, but he's not a fan of my girly looking mei tai. Having boyish prints is definitely a step in the right direction to encourage dads to wear their little ones!

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I would love to win a new carrier. I have had the same carrier for 6 kids and have wanted to get a new one that is easier to use and that would be more comfortable. My b heaby is 5 months and I wear him a lot. I think my husband would wear kids more if the carrier was easier to put on/adjust  and was more comfortable that the one we have.He did wear our first a lot because I was working. Our carrier is denim and isn't ashamed to wear it.

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We'd LOVE to win a BECO Butterfly II carrier! we've been looking at these and think they'd be great for us!


BECO- I can think of 2 ways to help men use these: a) Men need to test these out and see how they work and how great babywearing is! I know this is hard to do but it will work. Once I showed my hubby how to use the bjorn over a year ago he enjoyed it and could put it on himself. It worked great when our daugther was little and we didn't know about the BECO Butterfly or gemini. b) Be sure and include designs that dad won't mind wearing. Most of your designs are great and I think men and women wouldn't have any problems wearing them. It would be great if each Beco came with 2 patterns on the outside so you could switch (maybe velcro down 1) and let each person choose which one they like.


Hope that helps!

We'd love to be chosen for this great giveaway! :)


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Perhaps have a reversible kind, if possible, where one side is a plain color or more "man" friendly or gender neutral colors and patterns, while the other side is more mom friendly? We had a mei tai type that was like this - though it was not really intended to be reversible - it worked great. I also think once you get the dad to use it when the baby is small, all the fears will dissipate and he'll be able to get the hang of it up until the kid doesn't like it! Maybe even take a class? Once he sees how easy it is and how comfortable it is - there's no turning back!
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