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I would love to win one of these Beco carriers! My hubby would rock one for sure! I think one of the best ways to get more men to use carriers is to have current male carriers encourage it. Men will follow men! If men see other men doing it, then their natural "manly" instinct may not flare up and say that baby carrying is not manly! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

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We are expecting baby # 3 and I would love to have a Becco!  I think as everyone else mentioned - have more masculine patterns would make it more appealing for men to baby wear

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We'd love to win a new Beco!!

It was easy to convince my husband to babywear more - in the beginning, every time I talked him into it I'd tell him how sexy he looked love.gif That did it! Now we share a Beco in a wonderfully girly print!

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I'd tell my hubby that if he wore our soon-to-be born daughter (due April 12th) around in one of these, then I'd have more time to get my figure looking as good as the model in this picture! ROTFLMAO.gif

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These carriers are great!   we used the ergo with #1 & #2, but my husband was never comfortable because the strap adjustment wasn't long enough for his body.  The carrier never sat quite right.  I think having the straps more adjustable for a mans body and also some neutral, earth tones would really help inspire dads.  As #3 is due in May, this could be a great new carrier to try.    Thanks!

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I would love one! I think my husband would actually use it, too.


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My husband and I would LOVE a Beco carrier!  We share the "baby" (28 lb toddler) wearing duties around here :) Thank you!!

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I would love to win one of these carriers. I have heard a lot of great things about Beco. My DH doesn't wear our son because he hates how long and difficult it takes to just put on the regular carrier. He also complains that it is uncomfortable and hurts his back. I think he would love this and would be more willing to wear him because of how easy it is to put on and take off and also because he can carrier him on his back.

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I would love a Beco!!! My husband is a big guy and would wear our little one if our current carrier straps fit him.

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I would be very happy to be a winner of a Beco carrier!

Changing social acceptability in our society is as simple as normalizing the change we want to see. So just like breastfeeding, where the more we do it in public, and show pictures in ads, magazines, tv, or have celebrities endorse it, the more it becomes socially acceptable.  In the same vein, by showing men babywearing we will making it normal for men to babywear.  I think an especially great way to do this would be to advertise with celebrities - have famous manly men carrying their babies in Beco carriers!

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I would LOVE one!  My hubby has been known to wear both our babies quite often.  He even wore our son with a purple moby wrap once and didn't seem to mind at all when his friends were teasing him.  I LOVE that he's not afraid to babywear!

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I agree with the suggestion of picturing more dads babywearing in advertising. I've never tried a Beco, but would love to have one and share it with my babywearing group.

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I would love to try a Beco. Dads need to know if it is fast and easy to put on. My husband doesn't want to spend 15 min adjusting straps. Perhaps a marker for where to adjust straps back to fit dad after mom wears it?

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would love to win a beco carrier. Not sure other than word of mouth how awesome baby carrying

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I would love to have a Butterfly II. 


I think having more "masculine-looking" baby carriers makes men more likely to use them, for sure. (Boy-type colors, no flowy fabric, etc.) 


Also culture / contact... being exposed to pictures of men babywearing, seeing other men wearing babies.

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I would love this carrier! My husband often wears our 2 year old, and I wear our 2 month old. I've never even had to ask him to do it. He loves it!

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I'd love to win a Beco!


I think that a carrier like that -- structured and easy to use--might make babywearing appeal to my DH more than our other carriers do.  He seems deeply intimidated by the Moby and the mei tai.

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I would love to win one!

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Men need to see other men wearing their babies and say that it is easy to do and speak of the rewards that come from babywearing!  Also, saying of how it will get them closer to their babies and to work on getting into shape by wearing a few extra pounds will probably help!  Maybe some more masculine patterns would help also!  :)  My partner loves to wear our little girl out in public, he is a very proud father and babywearer!!  :)  When people ask about our carrier, we always take a few minutes to educate them on the benefits.  They almost always ask where they can find them to go check them out for themselves.  Winning a beco that my partner could pick out himself would be a great prize!   Wear your babies with pride hippie.gif

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My son would look great in that carrier being worn by his dad


DH would be more likely to babywear if the prints weren't so girly. He is concerned even with the not so girly ones that he refuses. Also the less straps the better if all he had to do was clip and go it would be better.

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