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It would be great to win one of these carriers!  I think my husband would use a carrier if it didn't look girly and wasn't complicated to put on.  I have a moby wrap style carrier and my husband thinks it is too much fuss so simple to strap on= good in his eyes.

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I think this type would appeal to my husband.
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I have never used the Beco but would love one, have tried a few others but havent been very happy with them.

Men are function over fashion...if u had a mens line that we basic black with no bells or whistles on it...or maybe a camo print.

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I would LOVE a Beco Carrier.  My husband would actually be more comfortable wearing the baby because he's 6 ft 8 inches tall and has a really hard time finding a comfortable position to hold the baby.  I feel so bad for him, but I think the Beco Carrier is the answer!!!  

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Pick us! biggrinbounce.gif


To get more dad's to wear their babies, give them their very own carrier as a new baby/shower gift.  My partner was given a baby borjn before our lo was born.  It wasn't my first choice, but he loved it!  It was easy to use and he did use it often.  Now he eyes any new slings, or other carriers that I bring home to see what else he might like.  Having a variety of sizes and styles worked for us.  Even my dad has worn our LO, with the easy squeezy baby borjn.  I know it isn't the ideal carrier for babies, but I like to think of it kind of like a gateway drug.lol.gif  The becco could replace it for our families.


If we win the carrier it will be gifted to my brother-in law as a shower gift!  (My sister is expecting this August!!!)  joy.gif

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How about organizing some "Beer and Babywearing" classes for expecting fathers?  They could meet at local bars to sample the beers and try out some carriers. :)

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I actually do NEED a carrier. 

I've worn my son since infancy and my current carrier is falling apart- cracked buckle, lost snaps, etc.  I can't afford a new one, so please pick me as your winner!


My mate loves carrying our son as he goes about his life:  hiking in the woods, working in the garden, or even while cooking.  I think more men want to wear carriers when they realize:  it helps soothe the baby (which helps both parents), it's a great way to bond, they can meet other like minded parents (which helps them feel less alone), and that wearing your babe makes you physically stronger and more fit! 

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I'd love this for my new baby due this month!


I think men just need to see more men babywearing.  Get men to wear them on popular TV shows, in ads, etc. 

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I would love to win one of these! I think ease of use plays a big factor with my husband wearing our son- he prefers a carrier that is easy to get on and off. 

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Before this print came out I was already in love with it! Would love to try out a Beco!

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I would just stillheart.gif a beco!!! 


I think a way to get more dads to babywear is to offer more prints/styles that are appealing to a man's aesthetic (of course this varies, but generally speaking more plain geometric and solid color or subtle variations of tone). I also think that when the woman shows them how wonderful it is it goes a long way to help encourage the men.


Thanks for doing this... sure would love to be lucky!!!!

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We are expecting our second baby this week.  Have always wanted to try this carrier and think it would be great for my husband too.

Thank you

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I would love one of these carriers.

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I would love a Beco!

Make a line with sports teams so guys can feel cool repping there favorite team. Also, the easier to put on the better wink1.gif

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How wonderful! I would love to win one of these Beco Baby Carriers! My husband loves to babywear--it makes him feel close to our children, something that gives him the opportunity to create a special bond between him and the children in the first few years, especially when I share a close nursing relationship with the children.


When my husband babywears, we are often out and about, and he gets kudos from others, especially fathers (and elderly men!) who never thought of babywearing as an option for a man, but who walk away considering it a great idea. They do ask plenty of questions, especially, "What do you call that contraption and where can I get one??"


From a marketing standpoint, manly patterns and men modeling babywearing would perhaps encourage more men to babywear. Practically speaking, getting the word out through an "Advice for New Dads" publication would be an interesting option, especially in sections on bonding with and soothing infants or dealing with wily, wondering toddlers. The use of humor helps when it comes to men, both in ads and writing--a snappy catch-phrase or a funny image that all dads can relate to. Also, a call out for dads for personal experiences, photos, videos and artwork regarding their own personal babywearing experiences would increase involvement in men who are proud babywearers.

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We would love one of these carriers!  I've seen babywearing on papas quite frequently where I live, but I think more advertisements and photos of babywearing men would be a great way to encourage more. 

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I want a Beco so bad!  The only it takes for my hubs to wear our baby girl is a front facing carrier.....I know its against the babywearing rules but she loves to face outward when she is around our house.

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I would love to have one of these for my ds1 who is autistic and likes to be worn. He is outgrowing my babyhawk. :(

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I would love a Beco! It looks like it would actually comfortably hold my big baby!

I have talked about this with my husband before and his biggest requirement is for the carrier to be really plain (of course I like patterns!). He also prefers a back carry because it feels less awkward to him. Like he's just wearing a backpack, I guess.

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I would love one!

I think if men saw more men being featured in ads and pictures wearing babies there would be more of a willingness to do it.

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