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I would love to win!!


My husband doesn't mind babywearing, but I think he prefers patterns that aren't too feminine!

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I would like one of these carriers. Make it simple to use and in a neutral color and more men will use it.

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Would love a new carrier, and Beco has such great designs. More attention to celebrity dads who are babywearers may attract new dads to the practice. I have seen photos on blogs of Brad Pitt and others doing it, so why shouldn't all men?

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We would enjoy one of these.  With our first DS we had another carrier brand that we both used and I'm looking forward to baby #2 to have the same experience.

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I would love one of these. To encourage more men to wear their babies you have to show more men wearing their babies. My husband won't baby wear because he feels it will emasculate him. Once it's shown that real men wear their babies I think more men will feel it's socially acceptable and do it.

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I would love this carrier! I think explaining the benefits of baby wearing encourages daddies to use them! By making the style simple and making it easy to use, daddies will love them as much as mommies do! I breastfeed my babies to sleep so it is sometimes hard for my husband to get them down for a nap when I am not home. When I explained how fast they fall asleep when they are being worn, he was sold! Now he is a baby-wearing lover too...and our girls are happy babies!
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Would absolutely love one of these carriers. I think keeping neutral color options for carriers and making sure they adjust for a larger frame are what will make more men wear their babies. My hubby will babywear no problem and he doesn't care what color it is but he's more atypical. :)

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I think more Daddies would wear their babies if they knew about the Beco construction and style.  Carriers don't have to be girly, and there are plenty of manly choices from Beco!  If I won one of these carriers, I'd give it to my sis who is having her 3rd babe in August! So much fun!

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I'd love one. My partner likes that our baby is often happier in the carrier and falls asleep easily compared to giving expressed breastmilk, rocking, or just holding.

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I would love one of these. I think to get more men to babywear, we need to encourage simplicity.  I am guilty of this myself, often switching between different types of carriers and I've found that wraps intimidate my husband, and so do mei tais.  He was something, simple and easy, and is really interested in only learning one carry, and not a variety like I am.

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Awesome! I'd love one. And I definitely think that more masculine carriers would encourage dads to baby wear more often.
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Ladies love a baby-carrying dad!

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I would love to win one of these carriers!  I am a full-time student who is going to be on the job hunt this Fall, and plan to wear my daughter as much as humanly possible while I am around to help forge a stronger bond.  My husband is kind of wary of wearing her in PUBLIC (tough guy thing I guess), but has agreed to do so at home because I kind of made a fuss about how important it was.  In public, the carrier is going to have to be a neutral color, and advertising is going to have to become more mainstream to open them up to the idea. 


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I'd love a Becco, I wanted one a few years ago but at the time didn't have the money.  We still carry our youngest when we go out and hope to have another baby in the next year.


I think simplicity and neutral colors are always good. My husband has worn all of our children in various carriers and never really cared to much what they look like but he does like something that is easy to use.

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Winning one of these Super cute and eco-conscious carriers would be a dream! 


To get a man to wear one....well my husband wore our first baby, we had a carrier in black.  But he would rock a brown non-flowery print too.


Thanks =)

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I would love a beco carrier! I think men would like neutral colored carriers or sport themed carriers. 

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my husband loves to wear our little guy! we would love a becco!! he currently wears a pink wrap. he wasn't too keen on it at first but after trying it a few times, and seeing how quickly it soothed our son convinced him that baby wearing is great. he loves the special bond he and ds share as a result of this. he says he would love a non-pink becco in the future. his suggestion is to make it gender neutral shades as well. in his words "if it helps your kid go to sleep, why wouldn't you baby wear". 



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I would love to have one of these carriers for my son. My husband and I are expecting his arrival around May 6th.

I think you could get more fathers to wear baby carriers if they knew how it helped their child's emotional, mental & physical development, made them happier, cry less, gave them a sense of security, and helped them to bond with their child.


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I want to win a BECO carrier! I love the designs and how easy and comfortable it looks. The only thing I could say about men wearing them more would be more "manly" designs. 

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I would love a Beco for my tall one year old!  And my husband has been a proud babywearer since the beginning--anything that makes our son happy & keeps him safe is cool with DH! =)

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