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We would love a Beco!  There are so many reasons that babywearing is an amazing tool when caring for a baby.  I think one of the greatest things about babywearing is it promotes physical closeness and comfort throughout the day for the baby.  This can often be especially important in a breastfeeding family, where mom is the primary source of nourishment and comfort, because it can help spouses, grandparents, etc., a way to physically connect with and soothe the baby.

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We would love one of these carriers.



My husband loved to wear our son but he used the less recommended kind. This time he's looking into better carriers. He says his problems with most carriers are that they are limited in design. Not all men like cameo or the more traditional male prints. He likes softer designs with out it being pink or purple. Most carriers don't fit him. He's tall and very athletically built. So we either have to buy additional extenders or have to skip certain products. Advertising. Education through men friendly literature. Show real men using the products and show how they use them. Mine wore our son to do the dishes, walk the park, to shop, to watch football. He wore him during family events and playing lawn bowling. Those are the type of things we want to see.

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I would love to win a Beca Baby Carrier!! My husband has loved wearing both of my boys! He receives so much attention from the ladies in doing so:) Perfect time my dad and babe to bound!!

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I would love this carrier, and I bet my husband would be willing to carry our daughter in a more "boyish" print like these helicopters!  

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With a baby and a toddler, babywearing is our sanity saver! Sometimes, I have been known to wear both of them at the same time just to get some housework done and keep them in one place! Having a Beco has been on my "want" list for a while, I would sure love to win one! I think that dad's like seeing and hearing from other dads who wear their babies...and maybe not just pics of dads who look like GQ dudes, but REAL dads (just like most of us ladies would rather see a soft, curvy mommy body modeling a product instead of leggy models, kwim?)

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We would love a Beco carrier. I have been looking for a manly baby carrier for ever!! I love the print. I think to get men to wear babies more just tell them that only the real men wear babies :) Cool patterns too, camo, ships, planes, trucks or  skull and cross bones.


My husband loves to carry baby on walks but he will only wear the back carrier. 

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I would LOVE to win one of these. They are fabulous! My husband would wear one more if the baby didn't want me all the time :)


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i would love one of these carriers!


i think more men might wear them if their wives buy them for them! (maybe in more masculine colors...)

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I'd love one of these. My husband is deployed and hasn't met our baby boy yet. So this is a manly way to help with bonding. It's healthier than that old suggestion of daddy feeding a bottle or whatever. Didn't Brad Pitt babywear? Does that make it manly? http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/droolicious/archive/2009/01/27/star-baby-how-does-brad-pitt-schlep-knox.aspx
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Can I just say that I am a walking talking Beco advertisement? :D I tell everyone how awesome these carriers are. #1 must have baby/toddler item. Anyway, my husband has some great ideas for tweeking the design to make it a  little more man-friendly comfort wise. But I think the best way to get more dads baby wearing is just for them to see other dads with their little ones and actually able to do stuff! I think that's a huge selling point for dad's. And seriously, how much cooler does a Beco look than a ridiculous Baby Bjorn? Like poor Daddy's really going to be able to to much with a baby on his tummy and arms and legs flailing everywhere.

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I would love to win a beco!

I think making them in manly colors would help, and using more men in advertisements.
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I would love a Beco Baby Carrier!  My DH has worn our 2 girls on his back with our Ergo.  He loves how easy it is to put on and take off.  I do as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

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I would love to have one of these carriers! My husband is very involved in our son's life and takes care of him to the fullest! I believe letting him know that I need his help and that he is very important in our son's life encourages him to baby wear. joy.gif

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I would love to win one of these carriers. My sister in law has one and raves about it.  I think dads just want to look cool and the carriers should have designs that appeal to men.

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I'm looking for a carrier for my LO due April 16th and my friend swears by her Beco....I'd love one!  I agree that sports logos might be a big incentive for dads to babywear!  I like that it gives them an opportunity to bond.  Mommies get to bf and this would get dads involved more!

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I love it!


To get more men to babywear, show more photos with men and babies!  My hubby would always babywear my son, and now with my daughter, he is doing the same!

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So easy to use! Would love to have one! Baby wearing is the way to go!

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We (my husband and I) would love a Beco! I usually use a ring sling, but my husband is super intimidated by it. He loves to wear our little girl, and I think that this carrier would be perfect!

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I'd love one of these!!


I think guitar print one would win my husband over!!  He never likes wearing my "girly" carriers

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I would love one of these!

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