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Hello from Houston

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I'm in the Humble area and looking for some like minded women to socialize with.  I am married with 2 daughters (7 and 4).  I currently work as a fourth grade teacher, and will be starting to try for baby number 3 in July. Peace.gif

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Hi Crkirby,

I live in the loop. I have a 10month old and am finding it hard to meet people as well.


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feel free to PM me for details, but there is an AP playgroup that meets inside the loop as well as out west (katy-ish) tuesdays...as well as other things in between!

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Hi, I live in Houston too, and while there are some fun-sounding groups out there, I can't find a way to meet other working mothers of small children (i.e., I can't take my 15-mth old to a group during the day, monday thru friday). Anyone know of things going on during the weekend? Its hard to meet other mamas! I live near memorial city.

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Hi! I just moved here from Santa Fe, NM (I live in Kingwood, NE) and I am having an incredibly hard time finding like-minded people to hang with too! In Santa Fe, EVERYONE I met cloth diapered, ate organic, was anti-vaccine, etc. so I feel really out of place. Also, I need some recommendations for a midwife, ped, family practice dr, etc. I have a 17 mo daughter and one on the way.

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welcome! pm me-- i can give you details on our AP playgroup--


we see dr. nellie grose-- google her....really like her-- she's not just for kids so we can all see her (have only been with the baby so far though)


for midwife-- are you doing a HB or want a BC birth?



rebiowa-- pm me for details on our AP group anyway-- on the list are a few WOHMs that you could connect with :)

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Hi, mamas! wave.gif

I'm in Sugar Land (southwest), so unfortunately not too near any of you. I know there's an active branch of Houston Babywearers up north as well as Central. I lead in Sugar Land. http://www.houstonbabywearers.org There had been some WOHM meetings, too. Join the yahoo group and ask - I'm sure if there's interest there will be more!

Makenzie, for a homebirth, I recommend Paula Davis. She's close to you in Porter. She's assisted at my 3 home births.
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There are lots of us around Kingwood, I promise! I work at Merry Go Round - we're a children's consignment store/natural parenting/Medela nursing center with two lactation counselors on staff. We have Smart Mommy meetings 4x/week - Tues, Wed, Fri from 9-11, Sat from 10:30-12:30. There's a great group of crunchy mamas at the meetings and working at the store. You ladies in Humble and KW should definitely stop by - bring the kiddos, there's a play area in the store and the kids all play during the meetings. It's wonderful, seriously.

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Glad I found this thread. will be moving to huntsville in a year or two. 

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