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De-cluttering DVDs

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We don't have a ton, but I don't honestly know why we have them at all. We watch everything on Netflix and haven't touched a movie we own outside of kids DVDs for ages. DH is still not into getting rid of them, but he's okay with ripping them all to the computer and then getting rid of them. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there any downsides? We're not trying to make money here, just not keep the physical DVDs. 

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I don't have any advice - we have the same prblem, along with music cd's.  wE have talked about putting everything on the computer, but what if something happens to the computer?  Even with the back up drive?  I wonder if there is a place to store them out on the web inexpensively?  I agree, though, they take up way too much room.

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We've already done the same thing with our CDs. Even with those he still keeps a lot of them though. I'm not entirely sure why. 


As for what if something happens, just get an external hard drive and back it up. Anything that would happen to both of the harddrives (e.g. a house fire) would destroy the CDs themselves too. 

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With music CD's we put them in one of those books that holds like 400 cd's. We put the paper album cover next to each one, and alphabetized it, leaving room for growth.  Then got rid of the jewel cases.  I like to keep cd's since you can listen over and over.  (However, now with ipods we hardly use the discs).


We have lots of movies that we should get rid of.  I would think they would take up too much space on the computer, though.  Maybe you could make an agreement with your DH to get rid of half of them.  Then in a year, get rid of any that you haven't watched in that time.


Good luck!

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Actually since we have a large external hard drive, I think that we'd be fine storage-wise. DH is also okay with getting rid of them if we put them onto the computer first. I just don't know if people have had any issues that I can't think of with storing them that way. 

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