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Vancouver(ish) Tribe: SPRINGing forward!

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Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

-Robin Williams


Welcome Lower Mainland Mamas! (and Mamas to Be) All local mamas are welcome here! Visitors are welcome to pop in too. We are brought together by our passion for conscious/thoughtful/attachment/respectful/wholistic/natural parenting, not always agreeing on the path but agreeing to respectfully discuss, share, and learn together. Feel free to join in the conversation and introduce yourself! This is our thread for chatting online, discussing issues relevant to the Lower Mainland, and arranging meetings in real life.


If you have issues and questions that are not specific to the Vancouver area, please start a new thread in the appropriate MDC forum (e.g. breastfeeding, discipline, health, etc.). You can also post a link to your topic in this thread if you are requesting input from your tribe members. This allows us to

  1. adhere to MDC guidelines;
  2. keep questions and responses organized; and
  3. reduce thread traffic and allow readers more control over which discussions they engage in.


Meet-ups are sporadic and include gatherings at parks, Science World, and people's homes. Anyone is welcome to suggest a gathering time/place. Meet-ups are either announced in the meet-up thread in the Canada Forum or here.


Remember that to get email notification of new posts in this thread, you can post to this thread to subscribe or you can use 'thread tools' and click 'subscribe'.


Please note that our Vancouver(ish) Tribe has other threads in the Canada Forum, including:

  • Vancouver(ish) Meet-up thread
  • Knitting Group Thread: look in the Canada forum
  • Vancouver(ish) Doctors for Children
  • Vancouver(ish) Dental Resources for Children
  • FAQ: Greater Vancouver Area Liveability and Affordability
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Yay new thread!  How is everyone doing?  


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Hello everyone!

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Thanks Lori!!

Welcome Spring!



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Just popping in to say "hi". I don't seem to be keeping up here very well, which is ridiculous, since it's slow...

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Thanks VancouverLori. Happy to be back in the threads to see how everyone is doing! Life is great and I can't believe my 8 year old (4 in my avatar pic) is shoulder height to me now. Yikes!

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My friend and I have been slowly starting to host a gentle discipline support and discussion group on campus at UBC. I've been meaning to mention it here for ages, since I'm sure it would suit some of you--better late than never, I guess!  We're having our monthly meeting tomorrow from 10:00-11:30 in the "Living Room" (a big playroom) of the Old Barn Community Centre on campus, 6308 Thunderbird Boulevard.  Just ask at the front desk for directions. We're currently working through the 10 principles of unconditional parenting listed in Alfie Kohn's book Unconditional Parenting, and we'll be discussing "Reconsider your Requests" this week. There's a Bean Around the World in the Old Barn and there are lots of toys for the kids to play with.  It's very very VERY casual.  There's street parking (metered, I think) nearby.  I've got short brown hair and will have either a blue BOB stroller, a lime green umbrella stroller, or a Kinderpack and a big cup of something caffeinated somewhere nearby (boisterous blonde toddler may or may not be nearby!).  PM me if you have questions or need more info.  We'd love to have you.

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yes time flies, Suzanne, I just ordered some of your wonderful pads for my eldest daughter, as I think her time is coming soon!!  oh the tears about anything and everything, that build into these major life disasters, questioning your purpose in life, your self-worth, your beauty, your position in the family, ANYTHING really, just to get those tears flowing... anyone have any advice for anything that will make this transition easier for her?  homeopathic remedies, naturopathic treatments or supplements, dietary suggestions.... is 11 too young for red wine and chocolate? ;-)  she is the biggest baby about pain, I foresee a lot of crampy, sleepless nights in our future... I myself had TERRIBLE cramps before having kids, and those 4 or 5 hours where your uterus is working really hard to expel everything always struck in the middle of the night -- I had to sleep sitting up once a month for years, so that gravity could do it's job... lucy will absolutely whine and cry through all of this though, so I suppose we will be forced to break out the OTC pain relief here and there, but if anyone has any natural remedies to prevent awful cramping, I'd love to hear them!


thanks lori, for starting a new thread!  I was just thinking the other day how facebook has altered this group to a fairly large degree... I rarely come on mdc anymore, outside of checking this thread and the adoption forum.  I suppose that's life, though, we've sort of moved on from most of the other forums here... though HEY!  I can share this with this group (yay!)... rosie has been somewhat in love with my boobies for a few months now, and if I'm shirtless around the newbies, I suddenly feel like they should really be offering me dollar bills, for all the adoration, but I let her hug and kiss them (I try to keep this activity away from Zach, because I'm less comfortable with the same behavior with him, and he has to have EVERYTHING rosie has -- I do let him put his face on my bare stomach, on my bare chest (he does love to bury his face in my chest, but he's less inclined to really take notice when my shirt is off... unless he saw rosie doing it, then he'd have to do it too) and try to get as much skin-to-skin contact with him as possible.  Rosie, however, just in the last few days, has been coming up to me when I'm sitting or laying down, wanting to climb up on me and saying "boobie?" and wanting me to pull them out so she can hug and kiss them, and today she actually opened her mouth to nurse for a second!  I just follow her lead with this -- I'm almost positive she hasn't nursed since she was a month old (or maybe never, we have no idea who had her prior to her being found around a month old) but it's such an instinctive thing, I'm blown away!  She ran up to me today with her arms up saying "boobie?" and it just cracked me up, such a flashback to raising my first two toddlers!  I don't think I'll induce lactation again, it's really hard on my body and who knows if she'd really actively nurse anyway, but I may see if I can get my hands on an SNS or lactaid (anyone have one they want to give/loan me?) and see if she goes for it.  If she DID, I might relactate at that point... she's 22 months exactly, so I don't know if I want to go through the whole relactation process, but it's so sweet that she wants that connection with me, and I'm into making it happen on whatever level works for her... and zach too, if he catches wind and wants to try, but it's sometimes strange to go along with the level of intimacy he craves -- just not sure exactly where the boundaries *should* be, and what might be inciting strange memories and associations for him.... silly to worry about, I know, but try to imagine nursing your friend's 4 year old for a moment... I nursed both of my first two kids until they were 4, but I don't want to instigate anything that will make him feel strange.  If he takes the lead, I'll go with it -- adopted kiddos often regress, and regression is a good thing, actually, I just don't really want to enter the realm of the two of them, who already fight over every resource (including me), fighting over nursing, just because the other one is doing it...


yay for spring coming!!!!



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just wanting to clarify -- not comparing zachary to "a friend's kid" just saying that I haven't already been parenting and nursing him since infancy or toddlerhood, so "boobie intimacy" feels a little different with him than it does with rosie...

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Tiff. - No clarification needed!  I totally knew what you meant!

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Just subbing...:)

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Hi all ...

Does anyone know about an outdoor family-friendly camping festival on the Sunshine Coast?  I seem to recall a couple of families going from this thread.  Does that ring a bell?


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Oh thank you so much for supporting Lunapads. I don't look at the orders, but if I knew, I would have popped in an extra "Teen Booklet" for Lucy. DM me with your mailing address and I'll send one to you. It has some sections in it where you could read it with Lucy to prepare her. She needs to feel like she isn't alone in her journey. The experience of her first period will be forever etched in her memory (think about it everyone, don't you have a story to tell?) and so preparing her in the most positive way possible sounds important to me. Otherwise, I have no tangible suggestions for the cramping and moodiness, because I can't speak from any personal experience. I wonder if your naturopath might have something to say about diet (ie: what foods to avoid just before and during one's moon time?)


Wow, your new babes sound so amazing and the facebook pics are so awesome. I look forward to hearing how the 'booby' adventure plays out.


I too have been sticking to Facebook, but I'm back on MDC to reconnect with the local tribe AND to support Mothering as a whole. They've been through so much hell lately (I had breakfast with Peggy O'Mara last month) and so making sure their online presence stays strong and grows is really important to me.


PS: my friend Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Designs is doing a giveaway of one of her new moon necklaces (which we now sell and I love... I have 2!) on Facebook. Enter and maybe you'll win one for Lucy as a gift for her first period?


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Starling - I think you're referring to the Bonfire Festival :)


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Genetically modified cows make human breast milk! Is this progressive or pathetic?


I just read this in the paper this morning. I'd be curious to know what everyone thought. Like most of you, I feel so fortunate to have had a successful breastfeeding experience and part of a supportive breastfeeding community. 


But what about all those who have difficulty, not to mention those in the developing world? Is this a positive movement or rather frightening.

China doesn't exactly have a good track record for being ethical (but I know that is a broad brush statement and have colleagues who do business with many ethical companies in China).



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Hey everyone! Even though I'm not a Vancouver mama anymore, I still like popping in and seeing how everybody is doing. 


Suzanne, so great to see you here again. I've been drooling over those New Moon necklaces and think I will drop some hints for a Mother's Day gift...!


Tiff, at age 6 Sasha is still nutso about my boobs, can't get enough of them, and definitely when he sees me topless he should be carrying dollar bills, lol. I myself struggle in moments to figure out where my boundaries are. He's such a tactile kid, loves nothing better than skin-to-skin contact (which may explain why he is always naked when at home!), and he still remembers nursing (I cut him off around 3.5 years old) so I know it's not lewd or anything, but there are times when I'm uncomfortable and I do limit his access to "the girls". OTOH i just love that he has such fond memories and associations with that part of me that nourished him for so many years. 


Starling you are likely thinking of the Bonfire Festival but last year it moved to Pemberton. Not sure if it's on this year or where it will be. Have to keep a lookout online for announcements.

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Thanks for pointing me towards Bonfire!  I was hoping it was still on the Sunshine Coast.  I know the piece of property that it's on near Birken now quite well (past it on *countless* ambulance runs up to Darcy and did a call at the place once).  A beautiful narrow part of the valley with a river along one side. There are delicious and evocative warm evening winds that blow through that valley in the summer. 

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Tiffani: I don't have any suggestions for cramps, as I've never had them very much. But, I had really, really severe mood issues when I was younger (think homicidal rages on a cyclical basis, among other things). At some point, mom put me on a Vitamin B complex, and the problems improved dramatically. I still had some mood issues, but they were very mild, and not even in the same league as what I'd experienced for a couple of years prior to that.

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If Lucy will drink herbal teas, getting in the habit of drinking rrl and other womanly herbs regularly would probably be helpful.  I used to drink green goddess tea but I would forget when I wasn't crampy and it works much better if you drink it all through the month.  I had horrible cramps as a teen and took midol and sometimes used a heat pad.  It was awful, I wish we had thought to try some herbs or supplements, my mom and I just thought it couldn't be helped.

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