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Intense BH contractions... anyone else??

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This afternoon I had a period of about 2-3 hrs of what seemed like very intense BH contractions.  This is my 3rd pregnancy so maybe they are just more intense.  They just seemed sort of painful/crampy along with the typical BH profile. I've been plenty hydrated so not sure what the trigger was. No pattern or increase but they were happening over a long period of time.  I should of just stopped what I was doing, drank a huge glass of water and rested but I had to clean kitchen, make dinner and then run DD2 to the pedi as she's been with a bad cold for about 2 weeks and despite everything homeopathic that I've tried- I knew the complaints of her ears hurting and the still yucky nose was bad news.  She'll be fine but has a sinus infection and dbl ear infection. 


... anyways.... I was reading online and can't tell if this was "false labor" or just BH ctx that are more intense with the 3rd vs the 1st pregnancy.  I hate to be an alarmist and start running over to the Dr's office.  FWIW, I'll be 35 weeks on Sunday and never had any pre-term issues with DD1 or DD2.

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This is my second pregnancy, and on Sunday at my baby shower, I was having intense crampy BH all day long. I kept trying to drink more water, and I was sitting most of the time, which helped, but they still didn't go away completely. The next day I was fine, so I guess it was just a day of intense BH! I'm 35 weeks, so early labor at this point wouldn't be good! I'd just keep an eye on it.

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Me too -- I actually just figured it out (this is my first pregnancy). I'm almost 34 weeks.


It's like a strong squeezing feeling -- not painful, but not painless either. Sort-of like period cramps, but higher up and different. I can feel the tightening on the surface of my skin. Seems to happen mostly in the evening, and sometimes it's REALLY uncomfortable.


I'm trying not to obsess about it, and just believe what my books and OB are telling me -- that it's my body getting ready.


6 weeks, I can hardly wait!!

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I had hardly been noticing any, but just within the last week mine have been stronger and more crampy down low instead of the all over tightening. I'm 35 1/2wks.
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I just had BH kick in around the 34 week mark.  So far there was one day where there were a few that felt crampy, and lots more that were just really squeezy and took my breath away.  Defintiely was hydration related for me that day, I think.  Since then, they are just the occasional thing, thank goodness.  Amazing how 3ish short weeks can pass and you go from "go away BH" to "please let this be labour!" :P  We are in the home stretch for sure!

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Yup, this is my second and my BH's are much stronger.  I read that this was the case with subsequent pregnancies and that it's usually a good sign that your body is just preparing for birth. 

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OK, great to hear that others are experiencing a ramp up in BHs as well.  I don't remember the down low crampy feeling so much with my previous pregnancies but it could just be that after 3.5 yrs I've forgotten or this being my 3rd pregnancy it's a little more intense.  I'm laying off the RRL tea today as I know that can aggravate them.  I don't mind my body preparing for labor (or maybe I do as my to-do list is so darn long) so long as baby doesn't arrive early.  I need all the time I can get and want this one to cook until fully ready.

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I haven't had any, but this is my first and I'm not drinking any RRL tea or doing EPO or anything like that yet. Just curious for those of you who have been experiencing them, are you doing any uterine tonics?

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I've had some RRL, but not that much. I'm not taking any other uterine tonics either.
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Having tons of BH - getting crampy/feeling more in my cervix since about 31 weeks or so (35 w 4 d now). Also had tons w/ last two pregnancies. Didn't ever do much to make me have short labors, though, unfortunately!  Seems like  maybe more this time, but this is #3 and it's been 7 years since I was last pregnant, so I don't trust my memory.


Drinking RRL tea - trying a cup daily, not remembering every day.

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Oh - and I've had a couple batches of 3 hrs or so intense BH that seem to coincide with this baby doing something wild positionally.

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I have had periods of intense BHs for at least a month now.  They get bad when I am exercising or when I am exhausted.  Only lying down, baths and lots of tea (RRL/uterine tonic) seem to help in the least.  Both MW and OB are unconcerned and DH seems to remember me complaining about this last pg around the same time.  I am 33w.


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I must be one of the lucky few. I've only had very mild, low menstrual like cramping and I only get 1-2 a day.

Hope you ladies feel better!


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I get them when I overexert myself or am dehydrated. Usually resting and drinking water helps. They can be really strong though, where I have to stop and actually concentrate on relaxing and breathing. They don't hurt so much as they are just really uncomfortable. I have been also getting mild menstrual like cramps, also associated with an overabundance of movement. 

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YES!!!! This is only my first pregnancy, and I've been having them since probably 20ish weeks? They started off as very occasional and have increased quite a bit up until now. I definitely pass the number they tell you to go in for. I've been checked a few times and did that swab thingy that tells you if you will go into labor in the next two weeks, and everything's been a-okay. No one told me this, but I'm assuming I have an irritable uterus. Nothing seems to help it, either. I can drink and lay on my left side all day and still get them, so I just go about my business and try to ignore them now. They are definitely getting more intense in the past week or so. Like, where I feel tight in my chest and like my heart is pounding in my neck. Very rarely do they actually hurt, though, and they're still quite irregular and only lasting 30-40 seconds. I'm also able to sleep through them, so they can't be too bad. I think the baby's movement aggravates them, as they seem to happen more when he is very active.

I know it doesn't always work this way, but I'm hoping that all this work my uterus is doing now will mean less work during active labor!
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Originally Posted by reelgeek View Post

I haven't had any, but this is my first and I'm not drinking any RRL tea or doing EPO or anything like that yet. Just curious for those of you who have been experiencing them, are you doing any uterine tonics?

I never had any with my first either.  Had some with my 2nd, but not until 35 weeks, the 3rd pregnancy around 30 weeks and this one they started around 20 weeks.  And yes, mine seems to be worse at times...but for me it usually has to do with either hydration, needing to pee(a full bladder makes them stronger for me), or needing to eat more.

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they have DEFINITELY increased for me this time around, and especially in the last few weeks. PAIN. FUL.
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Been having them off and on since week 20. They started getting really bad at week 28 and have just gotten stronger and stronger. Now at week 33 I get over twenty in an hour. Two weeks ago I started having the ' feels like the beginning of a killer period ' type cramps...and they were very regular. They don't go away with water or rest either. :(  Still, I prefer those to the painless ones that squeeze you until it feels like your lungs are gonna pop! This is my first baby so I'm guessing we are having warm-up practice?

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I have been having very strong BH's and they happen whenever I move...walking, getting up...any movement. 


Then a few of days ago, I lost a big chuck of my mucus plug and had blood in my urine...turns out I have a UTI, without symptoms and it has been causing my contractions. Thank goodness it wasn't all of my plug, I am still closed, but now that I have been on antibiotics for a couple of days, the contractions are much, much less intense!



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just wanted to mention, I remember feeling BH contractions early early this time..like before I was even showing. It was a weird sensation feeling tightening without really being able to feel my uterus yet. Probably around 12 weeks? Strange? I don't know.

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