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Kaiser doctor/ND in Portland

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Hello- we are looking for a new ped for our 17 month old son. I would love to find a Kaiser doctor who is welcome to the idea of modified vac schedule, family bed, and/or "extended" breastfeeding. Our current guy is open only to the last one, and he has put up a fight about the other two :(  Kaiser generally isn't great- but we can't afford what our insurance won't cover.


My other thought is that our insurance will cover a ND who takes Kaiser- so does anyone know of any NDs who will??

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I have a great Ped at East Interstate.  Jennifer Bass has been quite respectful of my thoughts and feelings about vax, and breastfeeding although she is still quick to tell me about the research out there for vaccinations.  She respects what decisions I make.  I emailed her a request for a prescription for a flame retardant free mattress and she did not hesitate.  She has been readily available for questions and her staff has been great.


I have coverage for NDs as well however, for me, all "alternative" care including acupuncture, ND, massage, and chiropractic care is limited to $2000.00 and it runs out fast.  Do you have CHP?  That is the coverage that I have as part of my Kaiser plan.  they have a website that lists all alternative practitioners that take it...and a ton do.

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Thanks! We go to East Interstate, so she sounds perfect!! I don't know what CHP is, so I'm guessing that is not what I have? I have my insurance through the school district, and we get even less "alternative" coverage. Still grateful to get any though...


Thank you for the recommendation!!

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