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What is up with my DS?

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So my DS is almost 10 months old and he seems to be cycling through sleeping well during the night one week and the next week he wakes up screaming every hour. Do you wise folk have any idea what is going on? Is it developmental? I'm just ragged from waking up with him every hour. Sometimes he takes the breast and settles down and sometimes not. I really appreciate any ideas here.
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notes2.gif    My ten month old is doing the same thing. Last night she was up howling every hour. The only place she would sleep was on dad's chest, so they moved to the couch where he could lean on some pillows.

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Could be teething pain, could be developmental leaps-- is he working on walking or crawling or something like that?


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He may be working on walking. I dint think its his teeth because he isn't showing any other signs. Its getting to the point where every time he feeds at night he is biting me too. Arg! I guess there goes that lovely nursing him back to sleep.
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Idk mama but im feeling your pain! my ds is 8mo and is doing the same thing except not really going back to sleep, he tries but its like hes really restless...i think his might be teething tho

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we put DD down at 9:30 last night (tried earlier but she would have none of that). She woke at 12:30 and 4:30, that's it. The difference?  I slept in another room and left her in the big bed with papa. That's the third time over a period of a month or more I have bailed on DH to get some sleep and DD sleeps well too. We may make it a more frequent arrangement for sanity's sake. DH brought her to me and she nursed easily back to sleep both times, even tho she was really yowling when she woke up.

Good luck getting some sleep!

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