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VBAC done, baby here!

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I just wanted to pop on here and say that I had a great, all-natural VBAC on Friday, March 25th resulting in a 8lb 14oz boy called Kurt.  Labor was just under 12 hours first twinge to finish. We are very happy, he's a lot like his sister, only less patient (something I would not have believed possible!).  We're doing okay with breastfeeding, but he's had to be tested for jaundice and am waiting to hear if he needs another blood test.  The first was horrific so vibes for no jaundice please.


Good luck to any other Mamas still waiting.


Stelly & Kurt, 6 days old.

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Congratulations on your VBAC!!  He shares his special day with my oldest boy, who turned 14 this year!  Welcome Kurt!  I'll add my no jaundice vibes.  Can you put him in a sunny window?  

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Congrats on your VBAC!  I will be sending you no-jaundice vibes for Kurt!


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DDCC to say congrats! I am planning a VBA2C and LOVE to hear happy stories!!

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Yay!!!! Congrats Mama!  Welcome baby Kurt!

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Congratulations! Nurse nurse nurse to get that bilirubin out!

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Fantastic! I am thrilled for your new LO's arrival and for your VBAC.  I hope mine comes soon.

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Congratulations!  Our little one had some jaundice, but sunning near a window helped enough that we didn't need to do any additional phototherapy.  Hope you get good results back!

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