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I want to see a new belly pic, Julie!!!  energy.gif

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I gotta get DH to take one for me. The stupid camera we have, I can't take one and get my whole belly in the picture and it doesn't have one of those LCD screens to see where the picture is focused, so it takes like 5 tries of picture taking to get it right. irked.gif We need a USB charger for our good camera. Just waiting on next Monday to get here so I can buy one on Amazon.

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There's a new belly photo thread in the November 2011 DDC Social Group!  Switch over so we can keep it going there and not lose it when the forum closes!

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I feel really dumb...where is the November 2011 DDC Social Group?

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There is a link at the top of the DDC forum, but here it is as well: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/2/november-2011-ddc

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