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Okay, here are my first pics. I'm finally feeling like I look a little more pregnant than fat. 


13 weeks 2 days, today!




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Yup, I'm pretty sure that I can see a difference.  :)   This thread is making me feel better too.  In my last DDC I swear that I was the only one that was showing in the first trimester.  Now I feel a lot more normal for needing maternity jeans by week 10! 

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I have the opposite problem from Ashley-- I keep feeling like there isn't enough of a difference! But I'm also in the unique position of being a bigger girl who, in addition, carries all my weight in my belly, so I look pretty pregnant to start with. Here are my two belly shots (and keep in mind that the first is essentially a before shot, I was just a touch bloated but that's basically what I look like anyways):


first two shots.jpg


You can ignore my dorkiness. Or not. lol.


I think I definitely look a bit more "inflated" now than I did then, and it's hard to see exactly how much change there's been because I had so much there to start with, but... I look bigger, right? I mean, I've got two in there. I better. lol.



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i posted a new belly picture from today http://dreamingofanunassistedbirth.blogspot.com/2011/05/turkeys-12week6day-belly-picture.html     since i found out i was pregnant and then at my first real appointment on april 21st i've only gained 1lb.


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Picture 18.jpgThis is 11 weeks. Taken today. I feel really large now too. And my uterus seemed to have gone through a growth spurt. It feels almost twice the size as last week and is an inch below my belly button.

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Here I am a few days ago at 9 weeks 6 days pregnant with twins. I have not weighed myself lately but I don't think I gained any weight yet.


4-30 9 weeks 6 days.JPG

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Just curious.......wouldn't you be like 12 weeks 5 days if you were due 11/11?

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I should change my ziggy to say sometime Nov 2011. My official due date is Nov 27 11. I am 10 weeks 3 days today. With my DS I had already gained 5 lbs by now but this pregnancy I have been so nauseous and so very tired..Starting to feel better the last few days. :)

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I figured your siggy needed updating. lol I'm 11 weeks 2days and feeling alot better lately. Not so sick unless I need to eat, but still really tired. With my DD, I had already gained 10 lbs, so I was bigger last time around, and this time, I've only gained 3 lbs thus far. I'm really glad I'm gaining more slowly this time. I gained 70 lbs last time around and DONT want to do that again. haha

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Baby 002.jpg

12 weeks, 5 days!

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This was last week at 10 weeks. I need to take one for this week. I really need to remember to put a bra on for these. lol



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Oh stop it! You're fine! Look at your cute bump! hehe You know what pregnancy reminds me of? That song from the Black Eyed Peas Lady Lumps. "Tryin to touch my hump hump, lookin at my lump lump." LOL And the baby is in there singing " I've got her spendin', spendin all ya money on me and all ya time on me." Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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Ok, no more self-deprecating....anyway, here's 11 weeks and a couple days.


11 weeks.jpg



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15 weeks 2.jpg

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11 weeks. All of the bloat is gone now and I barely have a belly! The baby is the size of a lime this week :)



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I look so huge compared to last week. Of course, I had just eaten breakfast and I feel really big after eating. mehPicture 19.jpg

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Okay, the bloating has gone away (well, at least in the morning it has...) so time to start taking pics!




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I was pretty bloaty last week as well. I look alot smaller this week, I think. lol Picture 30.jpg Wish I was as small as some of you ladies. WAAHH!mecry.gif

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You all look great!  Ashley, I love how you took your picture with the lime in your hand!  Are you going to use the corresponding fruit for your weekly pic?  I think that is awesome and hilarious!

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12 weeks!

12 weeks.jpg

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