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SOOO jealous of your bump and how "all baby" you are. Damn skinny lady. lol

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13 Weeks13 Weeks


13w2d.. Feeling huge!

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I'll post as a rare 'fluffy' mama - there are so many skinny minies here!! I'm about 50 pounds overweight, but I haven't gained anything since becoming pregnant - in fact in total I've lost almost ten pounds.


Here's my 9 week shot, which is pretty much a 'before' because I hadn't changed at all - I had the little "pooch" before being pregnant, too redface.gif




And here's my shot from yesterday, 15w3d:



Seems to be growing a little?


Sorry about the undies and boob bottoms! ROTFLMAO.gif


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ROTFLMAO.gif  Your post cracked me up!  And yes, definitely baby bump going on!

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Thanks for posting that Luna.  I'm about 40 lbs overweight, so was feeling the "you're all so skinny" bit too.  I can see a bump unclothed, in the mirror, and things are definitely harder there, but I'm hoping to pop out a bit more soon.  Going to see family in about 5 weeks and they're going to be all hysterical and goofy.  Would be nice to have something to show for all of my hard work. :D

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No prob, Jen! Post yours! :)

How far along are you?

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Count me in to the fluffy category!  I have not posted any pictures of my bump because, while is it there for sure, it is also pushing out the layer of fat I had before :)  I look rediculously pregnant...but then, this is also my 3rd.

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Love the pics, Luna! And I have to say, I have the Target elephant underwear, too. Their my favorites.


I'm not sure if I count as fluffy yet (don't want to be one of those annoying women who says they're chubby when they're tiny!!), but I'm definitely not skinny. My pre-pregnancy weight was one pound from overweight- apparently BMI is *that* strict. I have taken exactly 0 pictures of my exposed belly. I'm with Ash- baby is pushing out my belly fat. I look really pregnant, but it is my third and part of it is my cushy tummy. :)

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Haha, yes!! I love those undies! They are so cute! I wish I would have bought two pairs, because I'm afraid they're going to wear out before I'm ready lol.gif


More of you 'fluffy mamas' need to post your pictures! If I can do it, you can do it grouphug.gif


And really - those pictures I posted are VERY forgiving and I look smaller than I really am. I wear a size 16 in pants, if that helps! 


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May15 (2).jpg


12 weeks with twins! Love seeing all the photos!


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10 weeks.jpg10 weeks, and now at 14 weeks:14 weeks.jpg

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Yay for baby bumps and cloth diapers!  thumb.gif

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junk 002.jpg


15 weeks. =D

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Heh.  Not yet for me.  I used to be a really big girl (about 300 lbs), so that whole belly area is pretty gnarly, even when I've been thin.  I've had all sort of trouble with an ankle injury and PCOS.  I dropped about 15 pounds, then found out I was PG.  Lost about 5 more, but I think 3-4 are back again now that I'm able to eat more and have stopped taking metformin. I'm really hoping to keep the weight gain to like 15-20 lbs. but the medicine was making a big difference it seems.  So, yeah...long story, but no belly pics for me just yet. :)

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13 weeks. No idea how much I've lost or gained, since my mw doesn't do weigh ins. 



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Haha, our mirror is tiny and high up so I had to stand on the toilet seat to get a pic. 15w5d. Thank you, diastasis and almost non existent abs! Thats not all or even mostly uterus :P lol

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13 weeks (well, 14 tomorrow).


13 weeks.jpg


And a front view


13 weeks2.jpg

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13 weeks today. I'm way bigger than I was at this point n my other pregnancies. This is what I looked like at weeks 16-20 with my other two.



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 I took new belly pictures tonight 16wks2dsays  http://dreamingofanunassistedbirth.blogspot.com/

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