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Min post count for giveaways

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I feel very stingy suggesting this but it seem possibly reasonable to have a minimum post count for the "exclusive" giveaways and contests. In the thread for the beco giveaway (which is awesome, btw) there are soooo many entries with 1 post to their name. It doesn't seem very "exclusive" at all. And there is nothing to stop members from signing up for more than one user name to get multiple entries. Perhaps the standard 50 post minimum that gains you access to other forums?
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I agree. Unfortunately we failed to consider this for the Beco contest and it wouldn't be right to alter the rules now that the contest has been launched. But I've asked our team to keep it in mind with future ones. And we have the ability to eliminate multiple registrant matching IP numbers so we'll be cautious there.  smile.gif

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We placed the 50 minimum posts requirement for our most recent Share the Love contest (and that has a $500 gift certificate grand prize!) but the participation in the contest was much lower this time around (we did one in Feb that got great participation). So I'm not sure that specific requirement is working to our advantage. Next time we may require something like a profile fully completed and see how that goes. 

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I'm not that invested in changing the contest rules, but just to be the devil's advocate...

The "share the love" contest is pretty different and requires a pretty high level of participation. I would say that type of contest could be more open to anyone and you would still get less participation.

The other contests (for the beco and the facebook contest) are nothing more than register and submit one post.

It's just a little disappointing that the "exclusive" contests and giveaways are really not going to be exclusive at all. Obviously there is going to be less participation if you require a minimum post count but it gives existing and active members a much better chance of winning -- which is what I like wink1.gif It seems that this forum is going to be a way to get more members, rather than a fun/exclusive way for existing members to win great stuff.
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So has it been decided to have no minimum other than to sign up for an account? I see in the most recent contest (luna pads) than the majority of entrants have only one post and no filled out account or anything. Just curious. I love winning stuff and it would be nice to have a better chance redface.gif
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Last I recall we were not going to require a minimum post count but would require a member meet other things, like a completed profile. And we decided that other giveaways for established MDC members be placed. We are doing that via the most active member and most active supporter/senior member giveaways. 

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