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Anyone done the Insanity videos?

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What did you like abou them?  What didn't you like about them?  Would it be a good way to cross train while running?

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Today is the end of my first week doing the program.  I have lost 3lbs and gone down a pants size. Crazy!  I am also a runner but have committed to the 60 day program outlined without extra running. Honestly, I doubt I would even be able to.  The workouts are short (40 minutes or so for the 1st month) and  intense but doable. Your heart rate is kept at 85-90% for long intervals ( a couple of minutes) and then you rest for 30 seconds to bring the heart rate down.  I am able to push through and keep up with the people on the video and can do more than 5 push-ups at a time now! 


I am interested to see how my 10k time is for a race I run on Summer Solstice...I feel like I will have much more stamina and speed.


The set also comes with a meal plan...I don't really follow it as I am veg, but I do try to eat the 5 small meals a day (300-400 cals) as recommended.

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I've been doing Insanity since August of 2009, and I'm still loving it!! I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

I started off doing a full round (following the schedule), but adding in 2 days a week of running to keep up my running shape. It took me a little over 70 days to finish the round that way, but I really needed to keep running.

Ever since then, I pick-and-choose which video I'm in the mood for as a cross-training tool for my running. I think it's great and has definitely made me a stronger runner. My core is the best it's ever been, and I honestly don't ever do the actual abs dvds that came with the program. The other videos alone work the abs sufficiently.

I'm always recommending Insanity to other runners. It's such a good way to strengthen your whole body. And I love to do either of the Recovery dvds the day after a long run.

I love that you can do these DVDs anywhere, too. (I even did them in the campground bathroom over the winter a few times!)

The workout is no joke. Even if you're fit, you will find them pretty challenging. I still can't do all the push-ups!

There's a new set coming out soon called Insanity- The Asylum. It's supposed to be even harder!! I can't wait to try that out, too.

Good luck with it! I think you'll find it worth the money and good for those days when you need a day off from running.

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Sounds like it's definitely something I need to look in to getting!   Everything both of you have said is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for!  Thanks.  Anyone else use the program?

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I am just into my second month of Insanity and I LOVE it!  I lost 2 inches off my waist within the first 3 weeks.  All of my smaller pants are fitting again as well!  I actually already ordered Insanity Asylum and plan to start that when I am done. 

I feel like an addict!  It all started with p90x in December and i was hooked!

I also have been following the diet.  I am mostly a vegan, but just eat 5 smaller 3-400 calories per day and it is working!


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I did the whole thing last year after first doing a month of 30 day shred.  I was much tighter but didn't lose anything, I'm not sure why because I do have lots to lose!  It was a fantastic program, I loved doing it!  I would not have been able to do it and run at the same time though, I think unless you modify it with specific days just for running and stretch out the length of the program it is better just to do it on its own.

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