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Queer Conceptions: April 2011 - Keep the BFP's rollin' in!

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Let me know if anyone needs to be moved! This is going to be a great month!

whistling.gifWaiting to O
* Qmama42
* FiveGrandBaby- IVF transfer
* CrystalPerez
* Nosreves
* cnmk14
* Maybeababy
* Onemommyonemama
* Gellybeangrl BFPChart2.gif
* Smilingsara BFPChart2.gif

fingersx.gifWaiting to Know... Braving the 2WW
* Cananny
* KellySF
* Mami2mami
* Go_Vegan
* KgulbransenBFPChart2.gif
* Prettyisa BFPChart2.gif
* Lisedea  BFPChart2.gif

baby.gifWorking on IVF
* Alphahen & DP
* Mumquest

af.gif  Waiting for AF

om.gifTaking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready 
* MaxK
* Aljm41910
* Happycalm
* IrishBabies
* Carmen358 BFPChart2.gif
* AmandaMom BFPChart2.gif
* RainbowValleyMama
* Glados
* SwtRainbowBrite
* DesertSunset (August 2011)
* KSDoulaMama (May/June 2011)
* Serepartera (February 2011)
* Miss Scarlett BFPChart2.gif
* MrsPP
* Milletpuff
* ChiquitayyBFPChart2.gif chart1.gif
* Lyndzies
* DesertSunsets

2011 Graduates!
April   * want2bmumx2 carrot.gif * Indigoscot & DP carrot.gif
March   * Graceie  broc1.gif* Seraf BFPChart2.gif   broc1.gif* 2ezforyou broc1.gif *Mommy55 broc1.gif 
February * Escher12  BFPChart2.gif  joy.gif  *SharriKitColorado  BFPChart2.gif joy.gif * DAWNMP1  joy.gif
January    * Starling&diesel joy.gif



2010 Graduates!

November * Mizyellow 7/25/11 * AmyPDX 7/30/11 * AmandaHope 8/3/11 * Cejae 7/4/11

September * Solejean 5/19/11 * Painefaria 6/5/11

August * Bttrflygypsy 4/10/11 * 2happymamas 4/15/11 * LibraryLady 4/15/11

July * Beastie 3/21/11 * Gumshoegirl007 4/2/11 * Wehrli 4/1/11

June * Coco & DP 2/14/11

May * Burg 2/4/11 * Korey 2/1/11

April * Calimeow * Mtnlisa * Kimlyn32

February * Mistral * Quasar & smartycat * Monarchgrrl * Erthe_mama & DP

January * Lyndzies * FtMpapa

2009 Graduates!

December* Osker * Megan sacha * Mkpgoddess

October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * Megincl & Ktcl

September * Elismum1908 * KSDoulaMama * Pleasantlyfurious

August * Chicagoml * Wishin'&hopin'

July * Hbog

May * Indigoscot's dp

April * Kelmendi * KJM * Whoabethy * Carmen

March * Scalpel * Katwomyn4

February * Deny_zoo29

January * Jodybird511

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Look at this shiny new thread! coolshine.gif

I'm sending wishes for lots of BFPS this month, ESPECIALLY for threadkeeper Max! dust.gif

April seems like such a perfect time to conceive a baby. With so much new growth outside, it seems like exactly the right time for new growth inside. flower.gif

Good luck to everyone! fingersx.gif
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THread keeper luck MAX goodvibes.gifmakebabe.gifenergy.gif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got my period late yesterday and went in today for my baseline ultrasound, all is clear to start my medications this cycle. Tonight will be my first round of shots, oh how I miss thee.
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Gracie- 10DPO is too early, keep your chin up!

Lyndzies- Welcome back~! I noticed you had your first BFP January 2010, that is just the time I started on this board and I remember you and FTMPapa getting your positives! How exciting to have you back.
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Max - I Just got your message. Glad to see it worked out for you! Good luck this month with your shots and IVF. Remember, thread keepers luck! biggrinbounce.gif


And let's keep the BFP's coming......

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wow, Max, you're really on the ball! it just became April here in France an hour ago. thanks for taking over, and could you please move me to the 2ww (aka "14 days of noticing every single teeny tiny frakking symptom my body has") section?


so...the kidney stone pains seemed to have passed, but now i'm having cramps...


lots and lots of baby dust coming everyone's way this month! here's hoping for bunches of holiday/new years babies!


ps can anyone help me with a technical problem on the forum?  when i try to copy and paste into the forum using firefox, i lose all the formatting (everything runs together into one paragraph).  if i try typing into the page itself, hitting "enter" does not give me a line break.  i'm using IE (which i HATE) to send this post, but i'd really like to go back to firefox.  if nothing else, can someone tell me which program the forum uses for text input? merci!


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Noreves- I use Firefox. Try going into your profile and click on Edit Account Details. Select Preferred Editor Type: BB Code Editor. i get a return carriage when I hit my enter key. But you also see all of the HTML tags. Let me know if that works for you.
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Tww sucks solo much I mean you know only a few days left testing again in the am I'm hateing that I feel nothing nothing no af signs no preg signs driving myself nuts NOT feeling anything this month ! Bit I know the timing was right everything was lined up timing wise ok back to work
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thanks for the shiny new thread maxk, i hope it brings you great threadkeeper's luck.  :) 


afu - poor, poor sil!!  at 930pm bst they told her she would have to wait until tomorrow for her c-section!  and this after she had been fasting since midnight.  ugh.  fx that she does actually have the baby tomorrow even with the not-so-desirable april 1 birthday.  in other news, my mum has been hospitalized again.  they think she still has remnants of the pneumonia she had earlier in the year (she has copd).  another downside of the nhs - sending you home early to free up a bed.  <sigh>  i will be calling to talk to her in the morning to see how she's doing.  good thoughts and prayers would really be appreciated.


dp had her 4th dose of clomid today.  :)



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Whoa, Indigo!  That's a lot of family stuff going on at once.  Your poor SIL!  Why did they push the C-section back?  She must be starving.  And your poor mum, I hope she does okay.  Sending good thoughts your direction.  


Graceie and nosreves, fingers crossed for good news this month!  


April is YOUR month, Max!  Can't wait for you to announce your long-awaited pregnancy.  Fingers crossed.  :)  


AFU, we're still screwing around with the stupid a$$ insurance company.  They're pretty far from helpful, but I suppose that's just how insurance companies are...  Some days, I think about just saying, "Screw it!" and not doing the DNA test at all.  Then, other days I think it would be insane to do that.  Who knows.  

I'm feeling a bit better today about finding our horse a new home, I've been talking with a woman who might be a good fit and I hope it works out with her.  She's going to come see Rose this weekend.  Below is a photo of me and Rose, thanks for allowing me to complain on here... I guess I'm just feeling a little nostalgic.






I do have a question about donors, and maybe it will be an offensive question for some people, although that is certainly not my intention.  We've found several donors who we like very much, only to find out in the essay portions of their profiles, they consider themselves to be "very Christian".  I have no problems with Christians, as a rule, but I've noticed that a lot of people like to use Christianity and the Bible as the reasons for their hatred, bigotry, and homophobia.  My fear is that if we choose a "very Christian" donor, maybe he will reject and belittle our children when they one day try to contact him.  It is very important to us to use an ID release donor so our kids have the opportunity to know their biological father, and I'm just not sure if my fear is reasonable or if I'm making too much out of nothing.  Did anyone else have these concerns?  What are your thoughts?



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I'm back out of the shadows for a minute...no time for personals today but I'm gonna try for tomorrow. I have an appointment with my RE tomorrow afternoon for a u/s and to go over my bloodwork results (FSH, prolactin, estradiol, AMH, TSH, etc.). Will update on things then.  In the mean time, thanks for the shiny new thread and I'm kmfx for lots of blossoming bellies this spring!dust.gif

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hey Max :) Can I be moved to waiting to O? won't be until the end of the month - easter time. I can't believe it is time to get started.


I thought we'd have our toddler 'sleeping through the night' by now - oh well. ;)


Baby dust to all - and gracie fingers crossed!!!

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oh yeah: desert - we also have an open id donor and tried to find one that seemed progressive and awesome, well as much as you can tell from the long profile at least. Its tough. Tho picking 'very' Christian over plain ol regular Christian would give me the homophobic kinda worries too.

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Happy shiny new thread....


DP and I are in the 2ww.. it is going by extra slow this time.. we made a deal that we can not test untill 2 weeks exactly.. so that will be Saturday!


Lots of baby dust in April



The bay area had some of the MOST amazing weather today.. the children my DP and I nanny for spent the day at the beach .. loving it.. We can not wait until we have our own little one to explore with!


Max happy happy IVF. thread keepers LUCK!!!!!!

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MaxK, Can you move me to "Waiting to be ready"?


I went to the er yesterday and my beta was only 16, so low that my urine was negative. This was my first pregnancy so I'm not sure how long it will take to to be ready to try again. I would really like to try again soon but we'll see I have a dr appointment tomorrow.




dust.gif TO ALL!

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Hi Everyone,

Still in the 2ww here.. due for AF tomorrow and i've been having cramps.. my best friend keeps trying to convince me that you can still get period cramps and still be pregnant. I'm not convinced so my DP and I have started planning for insemination again in the middle of april.. everyone is so supportive and it's funny how many people around us are following our progress. sometimes i think my mates and family want the baby more than we do. hahah we've already been told that when the baby is eventually born that we will never see it because everyone will be babysitting... lol feels  good to have so much support but would be so nice to tell everyone the good news when it finally happens..

well back to the drawing board. still a tiny bit hopeful that AF won't arrive tomorrow.

it's beautiful autumn here. the weather is still holding out. off to the markets tomorrow to find some bargains for our backyard.. the mother in law is wanting to re-do the whole garden.

wishing everyone luck this month..

xo and babydust to all

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Oh hugs crystal greensad.gif

Ladies I have a line a real line this time ! I woke up at 3 am to use first morning urine and a line a line its very light but there no question ! I emailed the midwife and will call for a blood test in the am
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congrats graceie!!  that is amazing news!!!!  let us know how things progress.  :) :) :)



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merci bien, for the suggestion max.  it seemed to work at first, but it turns out that it's a problem related to the new Firefox.  i found a temporary fix for it over in the Questions and Suggestions section.  good luck with all the meds!

crystal:  i'm so very sorry.  sending you hugs and strength.

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