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Crystal: there are probably natural estrogen products out there (just like there are progesterone creams) but getting it to the "source" (uterus) as directly as you can is critical. And the best way to do this is via vaginal suppositories. But you may not even have a thin lining. You'd need to do an ultrasound a couple of days prior to when you think you will O to find out.

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lise: I totally missed your post at the top of the page and have NO idea how! Yes, our password isn't working either. Its off to paying for it again, I guess. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted! I sure do hope Mr. March works out for me, sorry he isn't for you (so not cool). If not, heres to finding new crush worthy guys! I'm SO sorry about AF possibly coming (maybe she's just tricking you) and feel free to ask us anything you need to know about home IUI's, we'd be happy to help. I feel like Sara has taught me so much about them, but if I don't know the answer, she will, she's oh so good at this stuff (and lots of other stuff too)! I hope this KD works out well if the bank doesn't! 


Max: I'd love to be the thread keeper. I've never dont it before, but Sara has and she said she's help me (I was gonna make her even if she wasn't so kind to volunteer). What do I need from you girl?! Here's hoping your TTC Journey continues soon!


carmen: oh I'm a waiting for sure. (see below for the story) sorry your cycle is driving you batty! 


indigo: so whats the word?! great beta numbers I'm sure! 


isa: this is it! 


Escher: thanks!


AFM: OPK's came in the mail last night and I tested pos. But the clear blue digital line wasn't nearly as dark as the test line, so we decided to wait. I tested again (at 5am) this morning and it was positive so we decided to go a head and insem. Well my cervix was pointed weirdly, and not much mucus, but since the vial was already thawed we had no choice but to use it. So we did it ICI. Well this afternoon I went to the bathroom to find more blood (which means my body is getting ready o apparently). So we're going to buy other tests tomorrow at the store to see what they say in comparison to the clear blue ones. No mucus yet, so its for surely not time. Just waiting for it to be time to use the other vial (thankfully we have 2 this month). 

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Sorry for the delay in updating y'all - the nurse called while we were on our way to ds2's 15 month checkup.

Fabulous news - beta #2 is 904!!! That's a doubling time of a little over 39hrs! We have our third and final beta on Tuesday next week. joy.gif

Thanks for all the fx and well wishes!

Isa I agree with krista about your lining being too thin. The clomid may be causing that.

Sara fx that your next insemination goes better! smile.gif

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SmilingSara- I sent you a PM about the threadkeeping, just try it sometime tomorrow and have wonderful threadkeeping luck! dust.gif

Indigo - Great news for you and DP! joy.gif

Isa- Femara is an alternative to Clomid you may want to look into. It doesn't reduce the lining of the uterus like Clomid.

AFM- Dp is out of town and going to ask a gay friend of ours in San Diego if he would agree to be our fresh sperm donor. We're keeping fingers crossed that this can work out. Meanwhile we have scheduled appointments to speak to two different adoption agencies.
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Smiingsara: do you always insem so close to a positive OPK? Or do you figure that a semi-line equals an "almost positive" and you start counting 24-48 hours from there?

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Lesbidoula: I had a positive yesterday around maybe 4pm and a much darker one today. I haven't really a clue about my cycle, neither does my doctor, and it confuses the hell out of me. I'm thinking I'll try vitex next month, because I have a fairly short lp. And keep temping and yeah. One more shot this month. Gonna wait till I'm done bleeding and for better cm to come. Any suggestions?!

Wahoooo! Indigo! Congrats! Veggies coming soon (on my iPhone and they don't work on here for some lame reason).

Max: thanks and thanks! Good luck!!!!
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Carmen—that’s just nuts! I wish it would be nice for you—maybe it’s waiting until next time and then it will be perfect!

Lise—just for the last cycle and this one. Last cycle was a surprise—we thought it was going to be monitoring, but they let us do the insems. I hope things work out with your KD!

Krista—Got the estrace—5 pills. Should I start it right away? It seems like that makes the most sense…

Crystal—your poor DP! Congrats on the promotion, though! And I thought your KD coming it was very sweet—he must have been so nervous!

Sara—here’s hoping the little guys are just right up there waiting for it when it comes! And yes, I think having more than one vial is just good in general for situations like that!

Max—thanks for the advice—I think we’re going to be heading in that direction for the next time if this one doesn’t work. I guess I’ll see how I react to the estrace, but I’ve read that it doesn’t work on everyone, so maybe a different drug is the way to go. Good luck this weekend!

PSA—it’s probably too late for most of you, but if anyone has time, there’s a live streaming of this documentary about donor siblings that you can watch tonight:

DP and I really enjoyed it—the relationship between the siblings was so very sweet, and it was interesting to see the donor (even if he was, as one of the kids put it, eccentric). It made me pretty excited about the future—I’m so glad that others have done this before us so we can see examples of how the process goes when donor families try to work out their relationships to each other.

Alright, back to Wills and Kate. Oo! Elton John! Between that and the hats it’s got to be good, right?
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SmilingSara: What do you mean that you don't have a clue about your cycle? Do you go in for an ultrasound right before you think you might be ovluating to check on your follie size and lining? If not, are you solely depending on OPKs to inseminate? OPKs indicate your LH surge which means you will ovulate12-24 hours AFTER you get the positive. If you keep testing every 12 hours (once mid morning around 10am and once in the early evening) you will "catch" that surge. It sounds to me like you caught your surge and you're ovulation was probably going to be today or tomorrow.


This is why I asking when you inseminate because if you're inseminating right as you get the OPK, you're inseminating too early, especially if you're using frozen sperm. If you're using frozen sperm, your timing has to be even more impeccable.


What's your LP? A lot of doctors argue as to whether a short LP equals a luteal phase defect but most doctors will prescribe progesterone suppostories to take the first day of your ovulation day to help support a pregnancy and lengthen the LP. I'm at 11 days. That's borderline. Anything shorter than that definitely needs progesterone.  


Vitex and B Complex are the most recommended vitamins to help lengthen and regulate the cycle. B Complex lengthens luteal phase and Vitex makes it more "regular" (the whole cycle, that is). I've taken both for a long, long time.


PrettyIsa: whoo hoo for the Estrace. But you mean to tell me your doctor gave you no instructions? Is you prescription 2mg, twice daily up the wahoo? Yes, start taking it now. Fluff up that lining!

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Indigo and Want2be--It's never too late for a veggie parade! Congrats to you and your dp's!! Stick babies, stick!






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Great news, indigo joy.gif


Good luck with the next insem, sara!


Afm: After my temp went back down this morning I also had tons more ewcm today. I wasn't able to do an opk test at the right time so I dunno what's going on. I'm guessing I jumped the gun a bit thinking I O'd because my temp went up. I want to use the cbfm next cycle but it just seems crazy to me with such a delayed O to be wasting so many sticks when I already know I don't O on cd14! Does anyone know if it will work if I just don't give it any test sticks until I want to?


I had lunch with a co-worker today...can't believe I'm heading back to work in about 2 months....

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carmen, the main issue with the cbem is that it does take a couple of cycles to figure out your hormones.  for both dp and i the first time we used it we started on cd6 and of course neither of us ovulated on cd14 like that mysterious "average" woman.  so that first cycle we wasted a sh*tload of sticks.  the second cycle it moved the first pee stick to cd9.  unfortunately if you skip sticks, especially on the first 2 cycles it won't be able to gauge your hormones properly.  :( 


isa, i would call your doctor's office back and get the protocol for taking the estrace.  i agree that you should start taking it now.  :)  there's time to get your lining plenty fluffy and triple-striped before implantation.  fwiw, on dp's first bfp cycle her lining was 8mm at the last check before the trigger was applied.  this time it was an incredible 15mm.  yet we used the exact same protocol. 



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I remember her saying to take it at night, but nothing about twice a day and I can't remember what day she said to start on (she was giving me lots of info and it wasn't my usual nurse). My main complaint about using this RE is that they are only open monday-friday, and close at 4pm and you can't call them directly--you can call and leave a message, but not anything else. And of course my cycles have lined up to be over weekends both times, so I'm always stuck wondering what the hell is going on. I definitely miss my regular doctor with the nurses on call 24-7 and willing to come in on weekends to do things if needed. Plus when I got the scrip it was only 5 pills. I'm thinking that I'll just use them from now until Monday when I go in for the first insem and if they wanted me to be doing something different they can write me a scrip for more. -sigh- Now I don't know if it would be better to double up and hope they give me more, or stretch it out since it seems like that's what I was prescribed...
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Sara, thanks for taking the new thread. Hopefully you'll get the luck like seraf and 2ez! Can you move me to the TWW?


Hope your dinner went well, nosreves. Sometimes focusing on the baby makes everything better.


So sorry about the bfn, lisedea.


Crystal, glad you'll be back trying again soon!


AFM I had my IUI yesterday afternoon. I felt really good about it so hopefully at least one of my two follies will be ready! We had a good chat with the RE and she suggested that if this time doesn't take, that I move to injectables. So we already have an appointment scheduled where I'll either be getting a beta or discussing the next step. I'm keeping everything crossed for the beta. I woke up feeling rather down this morning. It is getting harder for me to sustain any kind of excitement about ttc. I have moments of optimism, and then other times, not so much. For now, I'm gonna focus on getting out with dp and dd on this beautiful sunny day and trying to avoid the rather intrusive baby thoughts. Happy Saturday to all!

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I am new on here but thought it would be perfect if I had questions or suggestions. My DP and I want to have a baby so a friend of ours told us about freespermdonorregistry.com and it looks legit and all but NO DONORS are in new mexico. So we would have to have it shipped. There also are NO sperm banks out here either.. What do you all feel about shipped sperm? Does it work? How many times did it take? Please let me know what you feel about it and what you suggest.


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