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The one Friend I told so far ask HOW ???? anyways I told her I bought sperm and the midwife did it now she is full of Q's she really wants to have babies with her partner I might send her over ! anyways IM feeling good just some food aversions no craveing but its early af WAS due today I think I will feel less uneasy when this week is over

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Happy Sunday evening~  Ate a lot of Thai green curry this evening, some of the best I've ever had. We went with some friends, a professor and his wife who grew up with missionary parents in Thailand and always has the inside scoop on where the best food is.  Mmmmm!! 



Lise~ Glad to see you back!!  Yes, it's getting very close for me for sure.  I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday, so it could be anywhere from tonight to a month from now. We shall see...




Gelly~ Your pup pic is so prosh!!!!!  I love it when they crash out like that.  BIG HUGS about the mean girls.  They're so awful, they can make life so difficult. I'm glad you have an awesome new ride, and they're just jellus bitches h8ing.  


Isa~ I'm sorry you can't hang your Dalek alphabet, so I'll enjoy this one extra for your. The chaise is magnificent.  It needs reupholstering, but is truly a joy.  Great for napping!    I hope your egg stays put until time.  Everything crossed for you xoxox



Sara~ HOORAY!!!!!  I'm glad your parents took the news well, and I'm glad your insems went so flawlessly.  I'm sure your parents will be celebrating again just a few weeks from now xoxoxo



AFM~ Tomorrow, April 4, is my late grandfather's birthday, so I'm totally fine with Aspidistra making it hers too. Just sayin'.



Luck and love to all!!

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Library you are officially pregnater then I have ever been DS came at 37weeks 6 days 

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Mumquest- greet.gif We are also at a year and a half and working on our IVF cycle as we speak. I know how you are feeling. It does get very hard and discouraging as the time does on. I sure hope you get your insurance coverage. thumb.gif

Sorry about the BFN. grouphug.gif

Lisedea- I moved you to waiting to O. Congrats on your three year anniversary.

SmilingSara- I moved you to the TWW. dust.gif

Another night of meds down. We go in on Tuesday am for the next u/s to see how the follicles are progressing. I will probably go down in dosage a little depending on what they see. baby.gif
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Welcome, mumquest! Sounds like you've been on this journey for far too long! I hope IVF does the trick for you.

Originally Posted by smilingsara View Post


Carmen: How are things with you guys?!


AFM: I have lots to say. PLEASE move me to TWW. I'm slowly counting the days... We insemed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When we went to insem last night, my cervix had dropped a bunch, closed and didn't want to be seen at all, so we called it good and decided I ovulated Saturday during the day (my mucus had also dried up by then) and that we hit it and covered with well with fridays insem. Oh I was a nervous mess about not hitting it and bothered Sara for DAYS about doing everything right and the plans for inseming. 


Fingers crossed for you! Sounds like you got the timing right!


We're doing well over here :) I'm at 7 or 8 dpo and hoping for at least a 10 or 11 day lp this cycle. I'd like to track for one more cycle and then we're good to go if my lp seems long enough! I'm getting super excited! Two moms in a group of mom/babies I get together with every 2 weeks are pregnant with their 2nd and it's all so exciting :) One is due in May and the other in August. Hard to believe they are so close to #2...the 5 of us met when our little ones were between 3 and 5 months :)


Going to check out the nursery photos now, Library :) And April 4th sounds like a fine day to be born! Have you decided on a name yet? (I read your post in the other thread..)

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Can- Sorry to hear that you got a BFN hug2.gif We hope things work out better next month.

Library- Very nice nursery! Little Aspidistra hearts.gif is going to love it. How are you feeling?

Sara- We were secretly lurking from the shadows sending you lots of fairy dust dust.giffor a successful insem. You definitely had us laughing hard twins.gif about the visit with your parents. We were so glad they took the news about Sara so well and were waiting to hear how they took the news that you were ttc. You haven't told them have you?headscratch.gif So approximately what day are you going to test on? Any symptoms? KMFX fingersx.gif


Max- Here's hoping you have lots of thread keepers luck! This is your month. Can you please move us to waiting to O. DP is getting ready for the joyous task of POAS.


Updates: AF  has gone for the month joy.gifand DP is waiting to O. Swimmers are ordered and should be delivered Friday. We had our fist appt. with the Doc on Saturday and an ultrasound was ordered for sometime next week. Feeling very tired lately and finding it hard to stay awake. DP says I am getting very meanFIREdevil.gifbut I still feel like myself. Granted I kept falling asleep sleeping.gifin between each one of her sentences on Saturday night. Eventually I told her " I just need to go to sleep"! sleepytime.gif Wasn't trying to be mean I was just tired.


dust.gifand goodvibes.gifto all!

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Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, but I promise I have been keeping up with all your posts on my iPhone. Just a few personals for now:

Grace - carrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifjumpers.gifjoy.gifsticky.gifjoy.gifjumpers.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif Big congrats to you!

Crystal - I'm so sorry for your loss. hug.gif Stay strong. At least you know you can get pregnant, and I'm sure it will happen again in no time. hug2.gif

Max - This is your month!! fingersx.gif

I will do more personals when I'm in my right mind, but for now just know that I'm thinking of you.

AFM, I was supposed to have my pre-operation appointment with my RE this past Friday, and my laparoscopic surgery to check if my tubes are open was scheduled for this coming Wednesday, but baby making has been put on hold...

Many of you know my father-in-law has been having heart trouble, and he went in for open heart surgery on Tuesday. He had a triple bypass, and the surgeon removed most of a tumor on his heart. Sue and I were up at Duke Medical (about 2.5 hrs from home) with her mom in the waiting room during the 6-hour surgery. We spoke with the surgeon afterward, and he said everything went well, though he was disappointed he could not remove the entire tumor. He had never seen anything like it before and sent it over to pathology to learn more. We saw Dad in the ICU a couple of hours after the surgery. He is 74 years old but a powerful man with a strong personality. It was hard for all of us (Sue and her mom, especially) to see him looking so small with all those tubes and machines around. They were keeping him unconscious but planned to wake him up and take him off the ventilator later that night. I guess they didn't attempt to do so until the next morning, but after the sedation wore off he wouldn't wake up. They sent him for a CT scan, and it showed he had suffered brain damage due to several small strokes, which probably occurred during surgery. The ICU doctor said the situation was "dire", but the surgeon said not to give up hope. Since then there has been very little change. He has a fever, his kidneys aren't working properly, and his heart is in what they call a-fib (irregular beating), which I've learned can cause more strokes. He has opened his eyes for a few minutes at a time over the past couple of days, but he just stares off into space. He does not respond to commands. A few family members have flown in from Texas and California. Sue and I have been alternating between staying at a hotel in Durham and coming home for a night or two.

My FIL moved to the States from Turkey in his late teens. He worked hard and ended up getting a PhD and was an economist for a major corporation for many years. He has so many connections, we sometimes refer to him as "the godfather". We fear with all the brain damage, even if he does wake up, he will never be the same. That has been the hardest part for Sue. That, and knowing he would never want to live this way. What we need right now is a miracle. Please send out positive thoughts, good vibes, and prayers.
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morning all!  yawn.  tired.  but thankfully not on-call any more.  :)


we had our cd10 follicle scan this morning.  left ovary has a 14mm follicle.  right ovary has 2 at 12mm and 11mm.  dp's lining is a healthy 9mm.  :)  we go back on thursday for another scan and potential trigger shot for an insem on friday.  given follicles grow 1-2mm per day, we should have at least 2 ready with a slight possibility that the 11mm will catch up.  yay!  dp has a call into her acupuncture dr to see how the appts should pan out for this week.  we are hopeful that we will be able to insem before our trip.



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amandamom, so sorry to hear about your fil.  you have good thoughts and prayers from dp and i, and many hugs.



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Amanda mom I'm so sorry send positive energy your way

Any US peeps want a couple smile face opk sticks and a digital pregancy test pm me you address and I will thrwo them in the mail
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Sara—it’s getting there, but I think I’ll be good to wait til tomorrow. It probably is TMI, but honestly, if you hadn’t asked I was going to tell anyway! smile.gif Glad your insems went well—it sounds like you nailed it! And that your parents are excited—wait til they find out that you’re having one, too!

Library—hopefully she’ll take the hint!

Max—fx that everything is perfect for you tomorrow!

Mami—Ha! It’s hard to be anything BUT mean when you’re falling asleep and someone keeps talking at you. smile.gif

AMom—I’m so, so sorry to hear about your FIL. I’ll be praying for your family and that he makes a good recovery.

AFM—just waiting for tonight to give myself the shot! We also have the ‘spooge pills’ all lined up in case we need them (won’t know about that til the 11th, though). I’m feeling a little of the ‘enlarged ovary’ stuff—this morning I stretched and felt something strange down there, so I turned to DP and asked if she’d ever strained an ovary. No, apparently, and don’t ask dumb questions before 7am if you want to keep your head attached. Of course we had a horrific wind storm last night that rattled the windows and forced us to sleep with our pups in bed (how they can take up so much space when they are so small is a mystery) so she wasn’t exactly in the best of moods to begin with. Looking forward to the insems tomorrow and getting this party started!
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Amandamom--I am so very sorry to hear about your FIL...know that I am thinking about you and the rest of your family and sending positive energy! hug.gif
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OPKs taken thanks all


isa good luck your soo close

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Amandamom- Sorry to hear about your FIL and we hope everything works out for the best. Sending you lots of positive energy vibes and hugs. grouphug.gif

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Hello ladies~



AMom~ Sending all my best thoughts in this tough time xoxoxoxoxo



Max~ So, so hoping your follies cooperate. You've waited long enough!!!


Indigo~ Your trip is almost here!!!  I hope the insem is just before, so you can be there to celebrate your bfp!!


Mami~ LOL about falling asleep at the end of every sentence!  Good luck catching the egg, this time around.  



Carmen~ Everything crossed for you. Full of symptoms yet? 



AFM~ I'm feeling fine, slightly bored, but the house has never been cleaner!!!  So far the curry hasn't worked, nor has Aspidistra taken the hint about sharing a fabulous birthday, but I guess it's only mid-afternoon.  I'm still in a name connundrum, though.  Our favorite name is suddenly very popular, and others on the short list have lost their luster and we just can't decide on anything. I'm trying not to think about it in hopes that I'll be inspired. We'll just have to see what she looks like, I guess!!  

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amandamom, I'm so sorry to hear about your father in law. It's so hard when things don't go the way you expect them to in situations like that. I hope everything works out for the best hug2.gif


great news, indigo! when do you hope to insem?? I (and others, I'm sure) hope you are able to keep us updated while you are away winky.gif


afm, I have lots of pre-af feelings today which is odd because I didn't have any last cycle. FF thinks I'm at 9 dpo today but it could be 8 dpo too. I want af to stay away until at least Wednesday so I can be more sure that I had at least a 10 day lp but it doesn't feel like that's going to happen. I'm glad I'm tracking my cycle for a few times before we actually start insem'ing because obviously my body isn't quite up to it yet. I really, really, really hope it's not DD nursing that is causing the short lp greensad.gif

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Library: Sara is a good name! May I suggest that?! NO actually I always hated having three other girls in my class/group/whatever with the same name as me. 


Gracie: Still feeling good?! 


Max: One more day to see all of your hard work pay off!


Carmen: Here's hoping AF stays away till at least wednesday! It seems like the inevitable, all telling her not/when to show up, yet she never listens to us. Well this time she sure better! 


Mami: I haven't to;ld them and will not tell them I'm trying, I'm just going to tell them when it happens that I'm pregnant. I plan to test on the 18th (but now I'm thinking before then because day 33 for me would be Saturday the 16th... so I dunno now). I started last month on the 15th, so I'm thinking if AF stays away till then, I'm in the clear! I'm REALLY nervous she wont stay away, but like I said, we think we got the timing right! No symptoms really. I'm hyper aware of my uteris right now, as I type I feel pinching low on my left side, but I think a lot of this is in my head. After the first insem, on Thursday, I felt a lot of buzzing and energy and drippyness. Nothing else really. 


AmandaMom: Words cannot express how that must feel. I'm so sorry about your FIL! My heart goes out to you and DP and your families. You guys are in my thoughts! Let me know if I can do anything for you ladies!


indigo: thumbsup.gif Its going to be great! Fingers crossed for you guys! 


Isa: Glad I didn't offen/cross the line! So tomorrow is the day then?! 


AFM: I'm thinking about a ticker. I dunno if I can figure it out. We shall see!


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Thanks for all the love! Just when I was starting to think I would be able to bounce back into the TTC madness, I get the results from my beta test from Friday, it went from 16 on Wednesdsay to 46 2 days later!!!! So, my body is not taking care of this on its own, and I was only 4w6d when I started bleeding. Anyone have any similarities they could share with me? I had more blood taken today so I'll have the results tomrrow or the next day hopefully. When I went to the OBGYN on Friday she warned me that probably nothing ever grew in my uterus but we would check just to be sure (ER said there was nothing wed) but there was a white patch with a black spot in it, it looked like a normal 5week ultrasound to me but the dr said that it was probably endo tissue or something but it did not look normal.

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Library--How popular? I say if it is still your favorite name, go for it anyway. I am not a 'trendy name' person at all (in fact, i already have a list of names that are not popular..and I am hoping won't be)...but if my mind was set on a name I might use it anyway!

Sara--46 million?? Awesome! Do they tell you the count? I really don't like the banks that don't let you know...seems weird to me. I was so afraid that the reason they made the donors "featured" was because they were duds. smile.gif Glad to know that isn't true! They have been great so far--a few emails and talked to a nice guy when I ordered. They still haven't sent me my order confimation...but I am just hoping they forgot. I guess I could call later this week just to make sure everything is okay.

Okay all....Mucinex and pineapple. How much and when? I am going to try BOTH this month (ordering the pineapple from off island tomorrow!)...along with fertility gemstones and crystals. Ha.
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Crystal: I just PMed you. I know this is a tough time. Hang in there! Our bodies are strange things and conception is even stranger. 


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