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lise: on the paper work they send you, it says he was tested and neg for everything and then the date of the 'deposit' and the count of the vial. Did you get IUI or ICI?! They will send you the confirmation of payment and then another confirmation when they ship it with a tracking number. And they sent us 8 syringes, so don't bother purchasing any. If they don't send you enough, I'll send you whatever you need (we're swimming in them now, because we bought some and got more sent. haha!). 


oh and I was wrong. I just packed up the tank to send back our last vial and it was 43 mil in each one. Sorry I lied everyone. I feel my nose growing as we speak.


Crystal: Hang in there girl!


AFM: off to sent up sending our tank back. I'm feeling rather ill (very close to throwing up my yummy dinner). Sara says its maybe a good sign since I almost threw up after I inseminated her both times. We shall see if its good luck for me. I may also just be getting sick.... I know its REALLY early. 


Also, if I put in another temp like the one I got this morning, Fertility Friend says I did infact ovulate on saturday!! 

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AmandaMom- I am so sorry for your FIL ill health. I know how hard that is to go through. I am sending you good, healthy vibes. goodvibes.gif

Indigo- dust.gif Good luck with those growing follicles!

PrettyIsa- I sure hope you didn’t strain your ovary! winky.gif I know it’s hard to keep the pups out of the bed but if you can avoid it please do, they really do take up a lot of space. I regret we ever let our one year old in; she is constantly stealing my covers in the middle of the night.

Library- Maybe it’s time to start marching up and down the street?

Crystal- I’m so sorry there is confusion about what’s going on. I know how frustrating that can be. Please keep us posted!

Lisedea- Ok I missed this thing about mucinex, I’ve been taking it for my cold so maybe it will help? What is the deal? With pineapple it’s the first five days post ovulation and I just ate as much as I could manage (including core!) bigeyes.gif Fresh pineapple juice is good because it gets the goods from the core. It’s supposed to help with implantation but I don’t know if I’ve heard any proof.

SmilingSara- Yay for feeling sick, hope it’s a good sign for you! thumb.gif

Getting my first u/s tomorrow and looking forward to seeing some growing follies. DP made acorn squash with tropical fruit sautéed in brandy eat.gif
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Mami2mami- How are you doing and your partner doing? I know sometimes it can be hard to jump back in the saddle again. grouphug.gif
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sara I feel fine sense of smell is a LOT stronger then normal but other then that my beta was a little low 26 at 11dpo and so was my progestrone so Im takeing an oral bio itential progestone on top of the cream  we talk about doing it all through sense I had preterm labor last time its all weird sense in every other sense Im a healthy 23 yo Oh well will get the result of the second beta tommrow I think I will fee better after those double I have onley told one freind and the midwife so far

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Max - Yay for the u/s tomorrow!!! Let us know. dust.gif


Lisedea - I agree with Max on the pineapple. I 150% believe in it. I did pineapple in Nov & Dec, none in Jan...and it showed. At cd15, my lining was only a 2 in Jan. The other months, it ranged from 8-10. Feb my lining was 9, and this was also the month that I began my BFP journey. It may be a coincidence, but I'm a firm believer. I found that eating the pineapple killed my taste buds! In Feb, I mixed in pineapple juice and forced myself to eat more of the core. Wishing you luck!


Gracie - At 11dpo, my beta was only 21, so fingers crossed for a doubling time tomorrow.


AFM - I had my first u/s today, and saw 1 little bean resting all comfy in my uterus. My RE said everything looks great, and she has no worries. S/he implanted high in my uterus, which is excellent. I posted a pict of the u/s over on Q&P, if anyone wants to check it out. I have my OB appt on Thurs. Im still considering a midwife, but haven't found one just yet. I'll go in for the appt. on Thurs regardless. We weren't able to see a heartbeat today as I am only 5w3d, but it was still well worth it!


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Hello all--I've been lurking for the last few days and am finally ready to be back and catch up on some personals:

Amandamom--I am truly sorry to hear about your FIL. I know it is stressful and difficult and scary and I am sending lots of light and healing his way. grouphug.gif


indigo--kmfx that your dp will be ready to O by the time you leave!


Sara--I'm glad your parents did so well with the news! What a relief. And it sounds like your timing was spot on!


Isa--Sounds like you were gonna trigger tonight. Everything crossed that this is your cycle, my insem buddy!


Carmen--Hoping all that preggo baby goodness rubs off on you!


Crystal--I hope you're hanging in there and I'll continue to send you good vibes.


Lisedea--Hello, nice to meet you! I was wondering what the pineapple juice thing was all about...I know what I'll be drinking tomorrow!


Mami--I'll be sending lots of babydust to your DP!


2ez--Yeah! I was so excited that you posted a photo of the little bean. Hope you're feeling good and getting lots of rest after your long weekend! And whoa, a 3-hour drive for an ultrasound?! Oh mama, I hope you'll be able to find a good, local queer-friendly midwife!


Max--Threadkeepers luck to you this time!




Apologies for not hitting everyone in my personals, but babydust dust.gifto all who need it, and love and light to those who are struggling through this process.


AFM--I triggered on late on Saturday night and went in for my insem this morning. DP couldn't be with me because of work, but I felt her good vibes in the room with me. This was the first time I ever used a trigger shot and we are hoping that it corrects the short LP I've been having. That and actually achieving a good pregnancy. I won't be able to POAS until the 18th, so it'll be a long, long tww...









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2ez - woohoo!!!  congrats on that little bean! :)  so exciting.


graceie - fx for nice doubling numbers! :)


crystal - sorry for such confusion.  :(  please do keep us posted.  sending you more hugs.


sara, prettyisa and qmama - sending lots of go-sperm-go vibes to you both!!  hopefully we won't be too far behind y'all.  :)


afu - terrible t-storms and wind last night knocked out the power!  it was out until our normal wake-up time at 530am.  dp poas again this morning and even with the estrogen line being lighter still low fertility.  my guess is it will jump to high on thursday.  at least we are moving in the right direction, lol!  dp has an exam today, the first in a series to become a registered architect. 



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Smiling- In the ttc game we tend to rather believe we are delusional about every symptom in an attempt to keep our sanity. I think it is a good sign that you feel pinching because I felt something similar on my right side. We are definitely rooting for you and KMFX tightly.fingersx.gif


Maxk- We are great! It is really hard to jump right back in the saddle but I think that is the best way to go about it. DP and I are each others rock so as long as we can count on one another to get through the hard times of ttc we'll be just fine. I am having few symptoms and DP is gearing up for the great adventure of POAS. Swimmers will be arriving Friday and insem should be Sunday or Monday. We hope all goes well at your ultrasound and that soon you will have your BFP. blowkiss.gif


Qmama- Thanks for the dust. I know how agonizing the tww could be and my only advice is take it day by day. We had such a hard time making it through the tww last month that we started POAS 6 DPO.twins.gif Hopefully after the tww good news will be waiting for you. KMFXfingersx.gif


Library- Little Aspidistra will have a name soon. Don't stress about it to much. You have the right idea though in waiting to see her. I am sure you and DP will come up with a great name once you hold her. I am also sure it will be a name that will fit her perfectly. Can't wait to see her being that your time is coming quickly. thumbsup.gif

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For Mucinex users, don't forget the following. You don't want to have the opposite affect on your cervical mucous.


Buy the plain kind of Robitussun with no letters after it. The only active ingredient is guaifenesin, and it contains 100 mg per teaspoon. It is very important to avoid the versions that contain decongestants as those may dry up cervical mucus. Also, there is some conflicting information about whether dextromethorphan, the DM in some cough medicine names, may be linked to birth defects such as neural tube defects and cleft palate.


Best of luck.



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graceie, looking forward to hearing your next beta!! F/X for great doubling!


qmama, woohoo! Time will now start to drag unbearably :P


2EZ, congrats once again...I'm glad the u/s looked good :)


Afm, AF started this morning which I thought meant that I had a 9 or 10 day lp but it looks like it's an 8 or 9 day lp. My guess is 8. Bummer. I had a 32 day cycle this time which is normal for me so my cycles seem to be normalizing in that respect. I've never had a short lp so I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm quite sure it's DD nursing but again, I don't know what to do about it. *sigh* I guess nursing is causing my O to be delayed or something. We were planning on tracking one more cycle before trying anyway so I guess I'll wait and see. I'm getting a tad anxious.

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AmandaMom: I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL. I'll be thinking about him and you and Sue. hug.gif

Indigo: You're getting so close now! How exciting!

QMama: Good luck with the two week wait! I hope it ends with terrific news! fingersx.gif

Graceie: I hope you get beautifully doubling numbers tomorrow! fingersx.gif

Max: How did the u/s go? I want your DP to cook for me!

Smilingsara: It's so exciting that you're now in the TWW! fingersx.gif

Lisedea: I always did one pinapple cut into five pieces, and I ate one piece (including the core) each day from 1dpo to 5dpo. Good luck!

Crystal: I'm sorry that you're continuing to have to wait for definitive answers. That has to be frustrating. hug.gif

Isa: I hope your insems are going well! fingersx.gif

Carmen: I'm sorry that your LP was short this cycle. I hope it is long and beautiful next cycle so you'll feel confident about starting the insems!

Hi to everyone else! wave.gif
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Thank you, everyone, for your kind words, positive thoughts, and support. You can see why I had to postpone my own surgery. Sue and I were nervous enough about it as it was, not that anything similar to what happened to my FIL during surgery is at all likely to happen to me. I just can't even think of going under the knife at this point, and I wouldn't want to put Sue through that right now. So, as much as I hate to do it, baby making is being put on the back burner. I will continue to keep up with everyone, and I will post when I can.

Baby dust to all! dust.gif
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Library—what you want to do is start a big, new hobby that requires a lot of time, energy, and money. I suggest something like weaving or playing the pipe organ. Once you get a couple days and a few grand invested that kid’ll come along right away! I’m sorry the names aren’t sticking the way you’d hoped—probably when you see her you’ll know what the right one is!

Carmen—I’m sorry your cycle is so up in the air. Hopefully it’ll be more regular soon!

Sara—FX!! smile.gif Did you ever go by any nicknames? I find that I have a lot of friends named Sara(h) and that the things we called them when we were teenagers seem silly now. I’m trying to work on a solution, but it’s getting worse since they’re getting married and changing their names, so every conversation has to have a side chat about which one you’re referring to.

Crystal—I wish I had a story to share—it sounds like a nightmare. I hope you have answers soon. hug2.gif

Max—they’re ONLY allowed in bed when there’s a big storm, because one of them is terrified and would just cry all night (or worse, start trying to ‘jump’ into bed. He’s a dachshund so he can’t jump that high and while the leap-whap-thud of him trying is funny the first time, we don’t actually want to encourage it). How did your u/s go?

2EZ—what a cute little bean! Congrats on your u/s—totally worth the drive for that!

Qmama—any symptoms yet? wink1.gif Me, either. But we’re both in it for the long haul—the 18th is gonna be a good day, I hope!

Indigo—good luck to your DP! I always thought architecture would be the coolest job…

Mami—wow, that’s soon! Glad you won’t have to wait much longer!

AMom—I’ve been thinking about you since yesterday. I totally understand your reasons for waiting until things improve before adding more stress on the pile. Sending lots of healing and hugs your way. hug2.gif

AFM—Hamster shot went well last night once I got over the fear. Things were going well until this morning when the nurse told us that the swim-team had a low count—about 9.3 million. We did the IUI anyway (of course) and I’m hoping that between that and tomorrow one will do its job. I called the guy at Northwest and he was kind of a jerk (‘9 million! Anyone would be happy with that! Your dr is just trying to get more money out of you so is getting you worked up over nothing!’) Um, no, dude. Your company is the one that guarantees at least 10 million—all my dr did was tell me what the count was. I got worked up all on my own. We’re disappointed, but if it works this part doesn’t matter, and if it doesn’t, at least we’ll get a refund as a consolation prize. Pineapple tonight! I also cut it into 5 pieces, and mostly eat it because it’s a nice excuse. eat.gif
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PrettyIsa & qmama42- dust.gif

The u/s went great. Five follies on each side, one side looks more promising than the other but RE is having me stay on my meds for two more days. Hopefully they will all grow bigger. I hope for a total of ten but realistically it might be five. I did an extra acupuncture treatment today and visualized all the follicles getting really big. Now I am off to treat myself to a massage. Tuesdays are my day off! thumb.gif
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Thanks all for the baby name tips.  The name we like isn't TOO trendy, but it's started to show up on name boards and friends of friends etc and it just makes me frown a bit, I have to say. We'll just keep a list and see what she looks like. I don't think we can do anything else.



I'm very listless and tired today, so I've been lying on the couch.  I'm too lazy for personals but I wanted to check on everyone and see how it's all going.  Much luck and love~ we're all ready for more BFPS!!!

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Well...I have decided not to do the Mucinex thing because besides what Krista said about the possible link to birth defects, I also read that it might delay ovulation...I am having enough trouble keeping track of my ovulating now...so my own CM will have to do. smile.gif Pineapple, however, is ordered and will be here this weekend! I ordered two though...so I might be eating more than I need! smile.gif When I was little my mom always gave us the core as a treat when she cut up pineapple (I have no idea why it appealed to me so much then...) so I will have no problem eating it!

Sara--We are doing ICI..which will be interesting because we always received IUI from Midwest. I am interested to see the difference! We have extra syringes also...before we knew they came with the sperm, we ordered a bunch. Did you do IUI or ICI?

Isa--I would totally throw a fit about the 9 million--might as well get a refund if you aren't pregnant! I read on BabyCenter that there were quite a few with low counts...and since NW doesn't tell you what the counts are in the paperwork, I decided to avoid them because I wouldn't have a way of knowing since we do it at home. I kinda think that since so many people switched over from MW that were used to good counts that they have been getting a lot of these phone calls if they are below 10mil....probably why he was so grumpy about it. smile.gif

Qmama--Nice to meet you as well! smile.gif Sending baby dust!

EZ--Happy to hear that things are going so well!

Grace--FX for great numbers tomorrow!!!

Max--Your dinner last night sounds like it was fantastic! I love acorn squash...I think we are going to try to grow it in our garden this summer. We tried a couple of summers ago but they all got fruit rot. greensad.gif Sad.

Carmen--I wouldn't worry to much! You just started having AF again, right? Your body is probably just beginning to figure it all out again--and if you are tracking another cycle before trying, it will give your body even more time to get back to "normal". I really hope your next LP will be longer so you are more relaxed about the next cycle!
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Mumquest:  Welcome!  I hope the board brings good luck to you and vice versa.


Lise:  I think there's a definite chance we'll be insem buddies!  My cycle is a bit variable, but I'm expecting to insem anywhere between the 14th and the 17th.  That means we'll both be in the heinous TWW together...we can commisserate :)


Sara:  I know just what you mean about having the whole lesbian conception discussion with parents.  DP and I have fielded MANY questions from both her parents and my dad throughout this whole process.  I never thought I'd get comfortable discussing sperm and fertility with my FATHER, but I have.  It's funny and endearing all at the same time.
AMom:  Really sorry to hear about your FIL.  Sending good thoughts that way.
2ez:  Yay for seeing the little bean!  How exciting :)
Max:  Sounds like you have some nice follies growing.  FX that you have beautiful ones at just the right size in a few days!
To everyone else, hi and baby dust!
AFM, this is CD8 and my second to last day of Clomid.  I haven't really felt any side effects aside from a bit of bloating and a headache, so that's nice.  We'll probably go to the RE for an u/s on CD14 to see how things are progressing, depending on what my CM is doing. 
We had a bit of a scare yesterday when we thought DP's dad might be in town (and staying with us) when we do our at-home insems this cycle, but luckily that's not going to happen (awkward...).  Other than that, I've been faithfully going to acupuncture twice a week to warm up those ovaries and for some much needed relaxation.  Based on this thread, I plan to add a lot of pineapple to my diet post-ovulation!
I hope this is the month for us all! 
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Carmen - I didn't carry our first and my cycles still went crazy from lack of sleep, distrupted sleep, etc...

Night weaning helped a lot - my cycles started to regulate after that because of more continuous sleep. Is sleep an issue for you? I mean you might not have to night wean, but co-sleeping or other ways to get as solid a sleep as possible might be helpful with cycle length - not sure. It sounds like nursing is important to you - there are likely many other things to try that will have a positive impact on your cycle while you continue breastfeeding :) Best of luck in figuring it all out. I think there was some stuff in the Brill book around breastfeeding and TTC? not sure...


Library - thinking of you! how is that baby's position? It took us a day to give our DD her first name and 3-4 days for her middle name :) You have as much time as you need :) Also - our DD's name was getting popular too - we added a unique ending. That made the difference for us. I don' tknow if it's possible with your name choice, but might be something you can get creative with.


Max - awesome about the follies!


AFM - waiting for AF so we can call the clinic and get things rolling!!!


Hope all are well!


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thanks everyone for the Fingers Crossed and all of the baby dust and good wishes! I'm making up more things in my head today. Like My boobs being sore and I'm feeling more cramping but I think its really just in my head. Its going to be a long 10 more days...


Isa: for about 9 years I went by my last name and nothing else. Its long (9 letters) but everyone called me by it. It was just easier because there were SO MANY sara's around. Now I go by Brock down here because there are two other Sara(h)s and I kinda like it. Brock's my middle name. As for the 9 million, that made me yell 'what' out loud! Thats crappy they even sent you that and then to go and be a jerk is not cool at all! I'm sorry girl. It'll still work out and when it does, I'd still demand a refund! 


Library: Come on little Aspi!


mami: My fingers are crossed for you guys too!


escher: It is super exciting! I just want the wait to be done though! 


Lise: We got IUIs sent to us. We did the first night as ICI and the other two as IUIs in my cervix. The ICIs aren't washed so there is more drippyness and more nutrients still. I didn't like how drippy I felt after the ICI but its all worth it! 


Kelly: The discussion was rather amusing. I enjoyed it! We told him its not dinner table talk but told them later basically (the pg rated version) how it works. 


Best of luck to everyone! Thinking of you all and lots of baby dust to you!

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Thanks for the encouragement!


Yes, nursing DD still is very important to me. I feel sort of weird about "hoping" her nursing doesn't affect our ttc...like I'm "punishing" her for a child that doesn't even exist yet. Mama guilt ;) We have bed shared since birth but yes, we have had big sleep issues since about 7 months (whole other thread on that lol) but it is actually getting better now that we've figured out some food allergies. I know that she isn't ready for nightweaning yet (I've sort of tried but not really). Maybe around 18 months we'll look at that again.


I will check out the brill book for info re: nursing and ttc. Thanks for the suggestion!

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