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I just had a baby two months ago and I'm having a really hard time losing the weight. With my first two, the weight just flew off and I was in prepregnancy jeans within three weeks, a month tops. So far I've only lost ten of the thirty pounds I gained during the pregnancy and despite cutting out sweets (my achilles heel, I could sit down and eat a pan of brownies in a day, no prob) and exercising regularly (which I wasn't doing during pregnancy...or since high school many years ago for that matter) I'm GAINING weight. I've gained four pounds in the past week. bawling.gif I have no idea what gives. My clothes aren't fitting any better so its not like I'm losing fat and gaining heavier muscle. I'm a good fifty pounds overweight. I needed to lose about thirty pounds before I got pregnant and I've got these twenty leftover postpartum pounds.


I'm ready to stop caring and give up. I'm so discouraged. Please help.

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HUGS mama! Be gentle with yourself-you just had a baby! I don't really have any advice-sounds like you are doing the right things. Are you drinking enough water?

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