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Another ear infection....help!

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My 6 year old daughter has never had an ear infection until 5 weeks ago.She has had 2 since then and just started complaining tonight that her ear hurts.I do not want her on antibiotics again,any suggestions?


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I had a similar situation with my DD recently. She was 6 in January. She had three ear infections from September to February--and had only ever had two that I knew of before that. She had her first round of antibiotics ever with the first ear infection in September. She went from running around, seemingly with no pain to being in some pretty bad pain. Took her to the pedi and was told it was about to rupture. Usually I would use homeopathy (prescribed by a homeopathic doctor), but the "close to rupturing" kind of freaked me out. I believe that giving her those antibiotics set her up for the two ear infections that followed closely afterwards. So, for those two I went back to working with my homeopath. I do not know enough about homeopathy to give the remedies on my own and know that there are many remedies for ear infections that are different based on symptoms. So...I guess I'm not really much help, but wanted to let you know we made it through without the antibiotics in the subsequent rounds. In the past I have also used a bit of warmed up olive oil with some sliced garlic infused into it--a couple drops in the ear and massage around (so long as the ear has not ruptured). Best of luck.

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