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One more thought on this, I know I've said a lot already but knowing I'm having a girl now is making me love my son even more for some reason.  It's really bothering me when people say "you're going to have the perfect family".  Yes, I wanted a girl, I wanted one of each, but if I'd had two girls or two boys, or if I'd only ever just had my son I'd still think of that as the "perfect family", before I even became pregnant with this one I felt I had the perfect family.  Why is it classified by having one of each gender? 

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Originally Posted by Smurfy View Post

It's really bothering me when people say "you're going to have the perfect family".  


Why is it classified by having one of each gender? 

It is so annoying.  What is also annoying is that IF you have "one of each" people ASSume you are done having kids.  The same goes if you have all of one sex.  If you have 2 boys they ASSume that you'll try again for the magical girl.  It works both ways and I am sure it is bothersome no matter what people ASSume!  I think people figured we were done as we do have a boy and girl. My perfect family always had 3 kids in it.  Sex of those kids never played into the math.


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I can SO relate to many of the posts here. I have two girls who are the light of my life. Of the 10 couples we know with 3 kids, 9 have 3 of the same sex. I was certain we'd have a 3rd girl and that would have been awesome/perfect. I have no desire/longing to "experience the opposite". I am not curious about it. In fact, I'm a little adverse to it. I just know & love what I have ..... BUT, I found out last week it's a boy. I wept bitterly - like a dream was shattered AND I ALREADY HAVE the sisters I wanted so much (I am one of two girls, my sister is my best friend; we are super close to my mom, etc.). I am trying to focus on the positives - it is a wanted baby, it is healthy, it is OUR baby, etc. I just CAN'T BELIEVE it's a boy!! I know I'll fall in love once the baby is born & I'll feel awful & embarrassed I ever had (and shared!) these feelings, but I just so wanted another girl! I could see it so easily & that is just what I thought our family would be..... My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy & have lost sight of what's truly important, so while he wants me to share how I'm feeling, he also gets frustrated. (he would have been thrilled with a girl too). So it's good to know there are some others who are also feeling some similar things.

Oh, one more thing- to make matters worse, we are not in agreement about circ'ing & that is RRALLY something I wish we didn't have to deal with....
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Because we want our babies to be reflections of ourselves and we are girls so we often want girls. The men often want boys. 


I had some tears when my first was boy. Then a lot of tears when the 2nd was a boy, accepting when the 3rd was a boy, a little miffed when the 4th was a boy, frustrated on the 5th, shocked on the 6th....are you getting the idea? LOL


In reality, I think my boys are more girly than my girl? Sometimes, I have had my moments. But at this point, it does not matter a ton anymore. My boys are so sweet and loving toward me compared to my daughter. My daughter is 15 and a door slammer when she has...once a month. She has some personality traits like me, but, she has completely different interests. 


(((hugs)))) it is ok to feel however you feel. Maybe the next will be a girl and then you will have both? I think everyone should experienced both. I never wanted to have boys, but now that I do, they are amazing! Not at all what I expected.

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I was so sad when I found out I was expecting a boy (our first child). I had just always known I would be a mother of girls. I was worried about having to deal with bugs and snakes and gross boy things, ER trips (cause all boys are rowdy and break bones right?), and I can't play a sport to save my life. I had NO IDEA what I was going to do. I wanted a little girl that would grow up to have a great relationship with me. My husband listened to all my concerns and then laughed and reminded me that HE was a boy who loved his mom, loved (and loves) to cook, and do crafts. He is sweet and empathetic and one of the most genuine people I know (and has never broken a bone in his life:)


I on the other hand, do not have a good relationship with my mother, and as a child I was a complete tomboy who fit the stereotype for most boys. My mom would send me to school with curls in a pink dress and tights and I'd come home with ripped and muddy clothing because I'd been playing football with the boys (sometime right around highschool I did get more "girly" :)


My husband is a manly guy, he works in construction, has never met a vehicle/tractor he can't drive, can work on cars... but also helps me knit Christmas gifts, cooks most of our food, and is better at sewing than I am. He came from a family of 2 boys and 2 girls and he is the one who would do crafts with his mom.


After having DS who was such a sweet, calm, easy baby (now a gentle and easy toddler), all I wanted was to have another boy... which I am! If we never end up having a daughter, I think I'll be okay with it... which I never would have thought if you'd have asked me 5 years ago.

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i've only read a few of the replies, but i have to chime in here...

i have a girl (6) and a boy (3).  they are both extremely lovey and snuggly and wonderful.  but there is just something about a boy.  ugh!!  he is just the cutest thing ever.  he still climbs into my bed every night and just wraps his arms around me.  there is nothing like it.  i agree with the posters who said he will be a mama's boy-i LOVE that (eventhough it's not so fun being married to one, sometimes!!).  we don't know what we're having this time around, but i would really like my daughter to have a sister, since i never did.  and though it would be nice for my som to have a brother to wrestle with instead of his sister, i like that he is my one and only little man.  we'll see what i'm saying next month :)

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