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I tested again today (11dpo), and I think the line was darker. Still not sure I'm not imagining things. I posted the image on BSL, and here's the direct link to the file (I think):


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SweetBee - the line looks like its getting darker so hopefully tomorrow you'll have a solid line. Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you!



I got my period today!! I've never been so excited to get my period! I start Clomid on CD3 on Satuday which also the day of my first Acupuncture appointment! I'm feeling super positive and hopeful.

Although nervous that I'll be an emotional wreck at work! I'm an Administrative Assistant and I'm supporting my boss' boss because his admin is out of town. Not the best time to be starting medication that could possibly make me crazy! Acupuncture is supposed to help with the symptoms though...


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Sweet.Bee: I just wanna say that's how light my bfp's were when i tested at 10dpo so YAY!! Congrats!! Sending out sticky vibes to you!!!  And a long healthy pregnancy!!!


TO EVERYONE HERE:  I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has sent out thoughts and wishes to my family and community!  We are all pulling together to get things cleaned back up but i know that it's going to take a little while to get things back the way they were.  Ok, well things will never be the same way they would be but we'll be okay...and i'm not really sure what needs to be sent down here.  But i'm sure any help is appreciated.  I know that bottled water, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and stuff like that is needed.



I am on cd12 and my last cycle was just crazy!!! It was only 18 days long!!! I'm praying that this one holds out because i'm trying to get regulated before we actively start ttc in September.  OH>>>>also our house is ALMOST finished!  I'm so excited.  We have running water and all of the fixtures are in..so not much longer!

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Hello, ladies.  Sorry I have not posted in a while, but, I took a break from a few TTC boards.  Anyway, I wanted to ask to moved to the graduates list. 



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So, today is 13dpo and today's test was a bit darker. I'm feeling excited and anxious and a million other things!


nisha, congratulations! I'm just about a week behind you, due on the 15th of January.

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Nisha: I've got you moved and CONGRATS!!!!


Sweet.bee:  Are you ready to be moved also?

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Originally Posted by brichole1214 View Post


Sweet.bee:  Are you ready to be moved also?

I'm still anxious, but I think I'm ready to be moved. Thanks!

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Congrats Sweet.Bee!!!!!


AFM, I'm now 3DPO smile.gif, according to FF I Od on CD22. I'm a little bummed because last cycle I Od on CD18 and I was really hoping the Maca would help shorten or regulate my cycles. If I have a 13-day LP like last time my cycle would be 31 days - still shorter than my average I guess. Anyway, I'm just grateful I'm Oing at all, I was really worried once I got the PCOS diagnosis that I wouldn't be...


Good luck everyone!

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Good luck to you, tanty!!


Sorry I've been pretty absent... I'm pretty active on the Bitter Sushi Ladies thread, and I sometimes forget what I've posted where! I'm about 8-9 DPO today, though, and I'll be testing tomorrow morning, though I won't really trust a faint + due to the hCG trigger. I do have a beta scheduled for next Friday, though! And I did a progesterone test around 7 DPO that came back as 19, which from what I understand is definitely a good number.

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Kaydove:  I'm so happy that AF showed up so you can start your medicated cycle!!!  G/L and i hope that the change in hormonal levels with the medication doesn't affect you too bad!!!


tantylynn:  G/L i hope that you were able to catch your eggie this month!!! And at least you're cycles are a bit shorter than they use to be and maybe this last one was the last one you'll have in a WHILE!!!


sweet.bee: I've got you moved to the graduates area :)  Please try to pop in and keep us updated when you have time!!! I'm so excited for you!


monkeyscience: G/L i hope that this was your month as well!!!  By the time i was 8 dpo with my trigger shot the trigger was COMPLETELY out of my system...then two days later i got by BFP on a FRER and the day after that i got a "PREGNANT" on a digi!!   Please keep us up dated on your beta for friday!



I'm about to put up the May thread!!  It's been a really long week at work so i'm a little behind lol.  So come on over once it's up and let's have a great May!!! 

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I am so jealous that I have missed such a beautiful discussion regarding infertility. Me and my husband are trying to have a baby for 4 years now and we have been unsuccessful. Consulted lot of Doctors and many of them proved to be unhelpful. Going to check our fate for the last time at my husbands friend who is a gyno. I am praying to the god that I get all the reports positive this time. Please let me if you have a famous and successful Doctor here in Stockton, CA. I am fed up visiting them every month. Please help us.

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adriabold:  Come on over to the May thread...there are several of us there and maybe even if we don't know any doctors we could at least talk to you and let you in on our stories

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