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Sorry I've been absentee...I've been ill. Ugh!
That being said, I'd like ya'lls opinions...I've been sick for the past 4 weeks. Started with what I thought was a cold, then keep going and going and going, all the while I was getting worse and worse. I have had no energy and would have to rest/sleep several times a day. (I also have asthma and inhalent allergies) The pollen here has been awful! Finally went to the doctor, got 40mg injection of dexamethasone (steroid) and cefdinir antibiotic (10 days worth) and 40mg of prednisone daily for a week. I was already taking advair 100/50 (take that year round) once daily, but had bumped it up to twice daily during the pollen season. Continued to get worse, and now the antibiotic has caused a raging yeast infection. Start using otc miconazole for yeast infection. Also called dr. back and he gave me fluconazole for yeast (haven't taken yet) and the larger advair 250/50 (Using it twice daily) Had upset stomach and some diarrhea (probably due to antibiotics). Am starting to taper myself off the pred today....Have also started taking lypo spheric vitamin C. (which I think is what is really helping me get better) And I'm slowly coming out of it, I think.

Now, all this to say, I'm on cd 26 (my cycles lately have been about 25-27 days) and my temp has greatly risen the last couple of mornings. FF cannot figure out when I o'd, but I know I o'd on cd14 (Have the pain every month). Umm, can you see where I'm going? I pray that we have been blessed again...but what if we have? What about all the meds that are in my body? My plan is to test tomorrow....

Thanks for letting me get it all out. :)


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Hi allwave.gif


I don't get to post on here much, I'm mostly on the IVF thread.  I've got an update their if anyone wants to read.


good luck all!

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Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is doing well. Just got back from a business trip; I don't like traveling so I'm really happy to be home!


Zanelee, UGH, I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this!! I know it must get scary because no one wants to use meds when they think they could be pregnant. However, it sounds like you have really severe disease! Have you spoken with your physician about it? I think that this is the first step; hopefully, if you're pregnant, it is early enough that all the drugs you've taken won't have an impact. I'm most worried about the steroids you're taking...those are pregnancy category X, I believe and therefore pretty unsafe during pregnancy. I hope the tapering goes well.


As for me, not too much going on. CD4 today so I'm just moving along with my natural cycle. I spoke with my doctor's office and they finally agreed to submit a claim for me so I'm going to be getting a refund. It still brings a bad taste to my mouth though and I'm looking forward to my new RE. Appointment is on Monday. Lega, yes, it does seem like we have the same type of insurance. Oh and I find it funny, too, when you see how much they get from the insurance company. This is probably why they love to make it difficult for us-it's in their best interest if we just pay out of pocket so they probably do whatever they can to make sure that this happens!


Anyway, I hope everyone gets to enjoy their weekend! It's supposed to be warmer here in NYC so I'm excited about the possibility of enjoying the weather!

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Zanelee - fingers crossed for you!!


AFM... AF showed up this afternoon, 2.5 days earlier than expected. Whaaa?? So I started my dexamethasone, and will call to schedule my day 12 ultrasound. My body seems bent on reminding me that I have no control over it!

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Hi ladies,,,


Zanelee I hope everything will be OK,,,I would think that all those meds would had affection, pregnancy wouldn't stay. You need to find out whats going on and try not to make it worse,,,,a lot of water would be my only advise, it would help to wash the chemicals,,,

Renavoo I have BCBS but I work for religic organization and this changes everything,,,church don't want people have babies,,,


Monkeyscience its always like that, when we plan it doesn't happen :)

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MonkeyScience Dang it! I'm really hopeful for you now that you're starting meds, though.


AFM, I'm CD25, 8DPO and spotting. I'm thinking it's AF but this would be a really early AF for me. I have only ever had one cycle this short over the last 2 years. It's either a fluke or my multi-vitamin and chiropractic care have shortened my cycle...yeah probably a fluke lol.

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Happy Friday ladies!  joy.gif


MonkeyScience - You just finished Provera, right?  Whenever I've done Provera (have done a few times) AF is sooo unpredictable...a lot of the time I spot while I'm on Provera, then when I'm done it takes 3-5 days or so for AF to show up.  Good luck with your new meds


Renavoo - Ideally, what would your new RE start you on?  Clomid + estrogen?  Femara?  Just curious as to what you think will work best for you.  Hopefully this RE will be better at listening to you than your last one!


Silverbird - I saw your post on the IVF thread.  I'm so sorry that your family is going through such a tough time.  You are such a loving wife to be there and be so supportive of him. 


AFM - Looking forward to a beautiful weekend.  Waiting on AF after finishing up Provera yesterday.  I'm starting Clomid on day 5, so just need to get my cycle going whistling.gif

I'm feeling a little bloaty and crampy, so hopefully she'll show up soon.  DH is trying to plan a business trip, so it'd be nice to have some sort of idea (although it will be a wide range) as to when I'll O so we can plan accordingly.  I've never used OPKs before, so I'm sure I'll be chock full of questions for you ladies this month....Work has been crazy crazy what with tax season and all, so I am SO looking forward to this weekend!

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Tanty - or implantation bleeding! Sorry, hard not to grasp at straws, but it's always possible.


lulu - Yeah, just finished Provera. It's just that the two other times I've taken it (huge sample size, I know!), it happened the same way... tiny bit of spotting the 4th night after stopping, AF the 5th morning. I was not expecting AF to make a definitive arrival 2 days after stopping, and in the evening! But hey, whatever! I will take it.


AFM... ultrasound scheduled for the 18. Second round of dexamethasone tonight, first round of Femara tomorrow. I'm so worried I'll forget to take the medicine! I've also been so overeager to get started that I kept thinking I needed to start the Femara yesterday or today.

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Monkeyscience - I was always worried about forgetting to take my meds too, so I would set an alarm on my phone to go off everyday at like 8pm to take my shot or meds just as a reminder and it really helped. Life gets so busy that you just forget.  Hope that helps.


Lulu - don't you just hate trying to plan your life around all the infertility stuff.  That drives me nutty too!  Fingers crossed for AF.


Tantylynn - I like monkeyscience's idea of implantation spotting!!!!!  Fingers crossed!!!


Renavoo - glad to hear that your drs office is willing to submit your claims.  Good luck with your natural cycle.


Silver - hug2.gif thinking of you!!!


Zanelee -  Did your drs know that you were ttc or in the tww when they gave you the prescriptions???  Hope everything works out for you.  Hope you feel better soon!  I can feel for you I have asthma too and it isnt' fun but prednisone is the bomb when it comes to making you feel better w/ asthma/sinus issues.

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Hi everyone! Sigh, I'm going through a bout of insomnia so I thought I'd check in. We just found out that we got approved for an apartment! It'll be a small two bedroom but we really wanted to get the apartment for the (hopeful!) coming of our little baby. So, this is exciting, although the upfront payment is a little crazy; luckily we have been saving! I shudder to think about how we will handle paying for the apartment, renovations to the apartment and then IVF but i guess we'll cross that road when we get to it!



LuluRoo, honestly, I don't know what i should be on. I don't think clomid is it because of how badly my lining responded but then again, the low dose might be ok, if I got estrogen supplementation (My doctor initially put me on 100mg...after the second round when she saw how badly it affected my lining, she dropped the dose to 50mg for round 3. Of course, that begs the answer to the question of why she started me on the higher dose in the first place...I read that, really, all women should be started on the low dose and then graduated up if it doesn't work. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.) Truthfully, I don't know what the right course of therapy is. I just really want a doctor to tell us but then also, to tell us why. I'm inquisitive and I have a scientific/medical background so I know I'll go research it and find out what is going on...it would be great if the doctor would just be more open to explaining why he/she is putting us on the selected regimen.


DH is a bit impatient (as am i) and he is open to trying IVF right off the bat after this next cycle. We just really want a little baby. I feel like we have such an amazing relationship and the only thing that is missing is our little baby. He's being so supportive but I still feel like a bit of a failure that my body can't seem to allow me to get pregnant! And I look at DH and think that he would be such an amazing father...it's just heart wrenching. I love that you guys all understand because it makes me feel better and it really does make me a bit more hopeful. I just hope we all get our bfps soon.


Blueyezz, how are you doing? Any signs yet? My fingers are still crossed for you!!!

Tanty, let's be positive! Go implantation bleeding!!

MonkeyScience, I think everyone gets afraid about missing their dose. Once you get started though, I think it gets easier...at least it did for me! It became part of my routine and I basically just took my pills when I ate!

Silverbird, I read your post on the IVF thread and I am so sorry about everything you're going through. You really are an amazing, strong woman and your DH is so lucky to have you by his side. I hope that he does end up wanting to try in October and it comes with a BFP. Until then, big hugs to you. Please know that you have people thinking of you and your DH and wishing the best luck for you both...








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Well, my temps keep going up up up...and my test was neg.  Hmmm...

I'm watching everyone's update. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

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I have good news - am pregnant...I already was thinking how I will change the job, buy a dog, travel,,,Blood test on Friday showed HCG 90,,,Next test Tuesday, till then am sitting quiet and hope all will be OK,,,Then I will give you tones of baby dusts, because you all helped me a lot true all that waiting!

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Yay, Lega!!!! joy.gifsticky.gif

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Hello, everyone. We just hit the one-year mark TTC, so I guess we're "officially" considered infertile now. greensad.gif I hope no one minds if I join you here. Some of you I know already from BSL. wave.gif


Some background on us:


We have one son together, who is turning 2 at the end of this month. He was conceived without trying, which made us think I am really fertile. But we were wrong. We've been trying now for 1 year, but my cycles are much longer and varying than they used to be before giving birth, so I just started cycle #11 today.


I have been feeling quite sad and desperate lately. I have already been through 2 obgyns. The first would not help. The second's version of helping was 1 overpriced blood test that showed nothing wrong and then the choice for her to do nothing for 6 more months or put me on progesterone before ovulation for 3 months, then do nothing for 3 more months. I have an appointment with a specialist at the end of May (long waiting list), and I am just hoping I will finally receive real help.

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YAH! CONGRATS LEGA!! You've fulfilled your part of the bargain. haha enjoy the (nonalcoholic) beer! :o)

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Lega -  Wahooooo!!!!! Congrats girl!!!  So excited for you!! joy.gif Sending you lots of sticky healthy vibes!goodvibes.gif

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WOW, Lega!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! jumpers.gif


Welcome Sweet.Bee :)

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Thread Starter 

Ok ladies...I'm so sorry that i'm falling behind this week!!! It's been CRAZY at work...blah! Let me get to the personals then i'll update about me lol.


KKFrance:  I got you added and if there's anything else you would like for me to add please let me know.


Zanelee:  HUGS!!!


Renavoo: YAY for your up coming appointment with the new RE.  I hope that this one takes more time to LISTEN to what you have to say and will actually explain to you the answers.


Moneyscience:  Hugs to you too!!  I know that it's frustrating when AF shows up early but at least you are getting to start your medicated cycle!!!  Please keep us updated!  Did they not want to do CD3 BW for you?  My RE always did and then did BW every time that i went in to see him and did an u/s to see how my follicles and uterin lining were doing.


Tantylynn:  I agree with everyone. Spotting doesn't always mean you are out!!! It could be implantation bleeding...FX for you!!!


Sweetbee:  Welcome!!  I would love to add you to our list though it's a biter-sweet love...because i hate to see anyone have to be here.  I suffered with secondary IF with my newest addition and had to take the RE route with medicated cycles before i was able to get pregnant.  Just let me know what you would like included in your blurb and i'll put it up!!!


Lega:  Last but not least  CONGRATS!!!!!!!  I'm so happy for you.  Please let me know when you want me to move you to our graduates list!!!



TO ALL:  I just want each of you to know that i've been thinking about all of you lately and I LITERALLY lay down in my bed in the mornings when i get off work and say a little prayer for everyone.  I know not everyone believes, but I still wanted you ladies to know that i do care sooooo much about you all.  I know that if it wasn't for this thread i probably never would have made it thru my fertility treatments.  I'm greatful for everyone who passes thru here and know that deep down we all have a special bond (though i really wish none of us had to go thru any of this). 



afm:  We close on our house May 18th...and I'm trying to save the last $900 that we need for our down payment.  I'm really happy about the move! It will be a fresh new start for our family and I feel blessed that we are able to do this.  I am also on CD4 and i'm ready to die lol.





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Sticky vibes being sent your way!!!!

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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: tantylynn
Age: 22
TTC #: 1
CD: 28
DPO (if applicable): 10
Testing: If I had one in the house I would have already, but I really doubt I am PG so I'll just wait for AF to come.
Trying Since: May 2009
Plan for this Cycle: If everything arrives in the mail, I will be starting Maca when AF comes. Also start trying to use OPKs.
Link to Chart (if applicable): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/tantylynn
Thoughts: Nothing really - the ups and downs of the 2WW are hard! Good luck to everyone, it's been quiet around here...hopefully that means we're all just too busy working on those BFPs!

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