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Sorry I havent really checked in lately. I am taking a 2 cycle ttc break. I thought I would let you ladies know that my appointment for the specialist got moved to this friday from july 19th. I am so relieved to finally be seen by a specialist regarding the losses I have had. I feel like we may be a little step closer.

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Just a quick drive-by posting to say CONGRATS LEGA!!!!joy.gif

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Hi Ladies - It has been so long - I haven't even posted in the April thread!  I have been busy, and it is better for my mental health to use MDC less frequently... Which is why I like this thread!  I can keep up with you ladies for the most part with! (Just not the last couple of weeks, wink.) 



WeekDAY! Wrap-Up
TTC #:2
CD:34 or something ridiculous - I ovulated WAAAY late (Did the femara do that?)
DPO (if applicable):12
Testing:this morning - negative.  I still have sore boobs, however, unusual for me, so I am not calling myself out yet.
Trying Since: August 2009
Plan for this Cycle: femara, TCM (yum, Chinese herbs...)
I am in the space between hope and despair...

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Good afternoon ladies!! It's been a  very long day for me lol.  I got off work at 3am and then went home to LO not wanting to sleep.  So i stayed awake with her until 530 when DH got her ready and took her to my grandmother's house so i could get some sleep.  Then I went and did our framing walk thru with the construction manager at 1030 this morning....which went well may i add lol. We should be ready to close in 5 weeks so they are still on schedule yay!! ANYWAYS, I'm back at work now working 3p to 11p then i'm off Tuesday and Wednesday so unless I get a chance to stop at my sister in law's house tomorrow i will not be back on line again until Thursday morning.  I hope that this is a good week for everyone.



Lydiah: I'm so excited for you that your appointment got moved up to this friday so you don't have to wait for july any more!!!  That is so awesome!  I hope that this 2 month break you are taking is what your mental health needs....I so remember the mental strain from when i was TTC!


Jenger: The Femera extended my cycles too.  Even when paired with menopur injections.  I had 45 day cycles when I was going thru my treatments and on my 3rd medicated cycle (4th month) we finally caught an eggie.  Are you triggering with Ovidrel or are they letting you O on your own?

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Brichole - No, no day 3 blood work. It's been done before, and I don't think they have any reason to suspect it will be any different (or matter) for this cycle. Maybe they'll try that if the medicine doesn't work?


Weird to think we could be making a baby this time next week!

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monkeyscience:  YAY!! I hope that you make that baby next week!!! HEHE!!!  Sending out lots of baby vibes!!!!

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Hi Ladies!


Lots happening on my side (and some of it related to fertility ;o)  ) My DH and I are probably going to be moving within the next few weeks so we're going to start weeding things out and throwing things away. I hate moving...i always feel so stressed about it!


We went to see the new RE today and it was fantastic. He was a funny guy and he talked really fast, even for a New Yorker. I really appreciated that he was trying to balance efficacy with cost-he seemed even more cost conscious than we were since we weren't covered. Speaking of which, the finance department at the new place is light years away from the finance department at the other place. Not only did the woman there call my insurance to ask about our coverage but she also called my DH's insurance company. She found out that his insurance covers for IVF as well as IUIs. Of course, we are now kicking ourselves that we didn't put me on his insurance...for some reason, we forgot to check and we just didn't change our insurance preferences at the open enrollment period last year. sigh. We are trying to put me on his insurance now. Let's see how that goes!


So, my new RE did an sonogram and he said that my lining looks great (CD8, lining 7.2mm) so obviously, clomid was the major reason for my thin lining and now that I'm not taking it, my lining has returned to normal. He also said that I have a nicely growing follicle. Right now, it's at 15.2mm. He thinks I'll ovulate within the next few days. I really hope not though because DH is traveling for the next few days. I think it'll probably happen sometime during the weekend. I hope so anyway! Darn timing! What makes it worse is that I have a really really big project due so I'll be working late every night and during the weekend. Sigh. Oh well, I can't wait for the presentation to be over next Monday!


Generally, DH and I am feeling so much better about our chances now. We really feel like we have someone who will listen to us and gives us an explanation as to why we're on the treatments. After this cycle, if I'm not pregnant, he will be putting us on letrozole and estrogen. He gave us the option of that vs injectables but as injectables are not covered under my insurance, he said that letrozole is a natural choice. If that doesn't work, he wanted to try the injectables but as the cost for the drugs will go into the thousands, DH and I are thinking that we want to move right into IVF. It just seems like I'm not having issues ovulating so there must be something else wrong and injecting drugs to help me ovulate doesn't seem like it would be any more effective. The RE also wants my DH to get another semen analysis. Although my DH's sperm numbers are really high, his morphology isn't great. (a 2 on the krueger scale). The RE wants to see if things are better the second time around. I also have to do an HSG. It's funny because the RE wants me to do it because I haven't done it yet but he thinks it'll probably be normal. He just wants to finish all the diagnostic tests, just in case. He confirmed that i do not have PCOS and it looks like generally, everything is normal so he doesn't know why I'm not pregnant yet :o( Oh well, at least we have someone that seems to care and look at us as something more than just a checkbook!


I hope everyone else had a great start to the week!!

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Oh and Lydiah, good luck at your appointment this friday! I hope you get some answers! Let us know what happens!

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I have 2 or 3 boxes of unused Menopur injections (no needles left because i gave those to my mom since she has to give herself injections for b12 every 2 to 4 weeks and the needles i had we much smaller than the ones she had been using) anyways...what in the world do i do with the menopur because it expires in June of this year!!!  I really would love to  find someone who's under doctor's care to have them because if not then the money would have been wasted on them.  I'm not looking to gain money from them...i would rather donate them but i don't know what to do to go about donating.  BLAH!!!!

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OK i really need to vent before i go off on someone!!! I can't STAND to see someone type "if you're younger that 25 or younger than 30 it's SOOOOOOOOOO much easier for you to get pregnat!!!"  WELL OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!! I know SOOOOOO many women who are my age and younger who have struggled with IF for a VERY LONG TIME!!! I was 22 when I started TTC a second child and it wasn't until 2 months before my 27th birthday that I gave birth to my second child!!!!  How insensitive can people be to not THINK before they post something like that?  IF hits people of ALL Ages!!!  Ok, sorry this is not aimed at anyone in here nor in the IF threads...but it still ticks me off to see it!!! I just want to educate some folks that there are sooooo many factors that can affect fertlity and it's not always easy to get pregnant.  YAY for those who are able to...but i'm just a little bitter because it wasn't so easy for me....and i know it's not easy on everyone else here.  We have women ranging from their early 20's to their mid 40's ttc around here and we have never used age as a differentiating (sp?) factor when it comes to the troubles we are having. 




OK i'm done with my rant ...thanks!!! LOL LOVE YOU WOMEN!!!!

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Originally Posted by brichole1214 View Post

Sweetbee:  Welcome!!  I would love to add you to our list though it's a biter-sweet love...because i hate to see anyone have to be here.  I suffered with secondary IF with my newest addition and had to take the RE route with medicated cycles before i was able to get pregnant.  Just let me know what you would like included in your blurb and i'll put it up!!!

Thanks for the welcome. smile.gif For the blurb, I guess something like "TTC #2 with long cycles. First appointment to see RE in late May and trying to stay hopeful".


Oh, and I absolutely agree with you about the age thing. I'm 28 (so not that old, I guess?), and we are having trouble conceiving. I should be at peak fertility according to "everyone", and I'm just not. We conceived our son when I was 25, but I hardly think the 2.5 years alone has been long enough to make me infertile. There must be other weird things going on with my body, so it is a bit simplistic of people to assume age is everything.


I'm very anxious to hear what the RE has to say in May. I've had really horrible experiences with unhelpful gynecologists here, but I hope this will be different because this office specializes in infertility. I also wonder how they will handle my testing, seeing that we're experiencing secondary infertility (after conceiving easily the 1st time), and all the brochures on testing and treatment seem to assume people who have not conceived before? confused.gif

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Not really feeling up to a big personal update but it's cd 2, no-go on the clomid. It did give me a 29 day cycle so I'm debating picking up my refil today just to have a normal-ish cycle. We'll see.

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Renavoo - Excellent news that you've found a new RE that is on your team and that your lining has bounced back!  It sounds like you and your DH are well on your way! Baby Dust to you!


SimplyRochelle - So sorry this wasn't your month.  At least your cycle is normal though, right?  Thinking about you while you decide if you're going to try Clomid again.


Brichole and SweetBea - I'm with you on the age thing.  I'm 28 and according to some people I should just be bursting at the seams with fertile eggs.  IMO they need to get a clue (or a hobby) and quit worrying about my ovaries.irked.gif


AFM - Day 5 after stopping Provera and still no AF.  No cramping, no sore bbs...nothing... I'm getting very very impatient.  I keep thinking "what if I don't get it?  What's next?"  I know they give you up to 14 days to get it, but I can't help being a worry wart.  I spotted for about 3 days while on Provera and now nothing???  Ugh.  Frustrating. 


May as well try to get outside and enjoy the 70 degree weather.  They say it's supposed to snow here Friday.  Yippee. 

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Hi ladies,,,,today HCG was > 600,,,i guess things are OK,,,


Tantylynn I see you have spotting after O, I did have the same problem and progesteron helped to solve it,,,sometimes I would feel like I have two periods,,,,And I think thats why I got pregnant,,,



Lydiah, congrats with big step! I always thinking that If I was smart enough to schedule app w RE right away maybe now already would have baby,,,


Renavoo, am glad you find somebody you could trust, it is so important! I think he will find right combination of meds and you will get BFP!

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Yay, Lega! I'm so happy for you :) That's funny you say that - after I read what you said about progesterone helping your post-O spotting I realised that in my last bloodwork I actually had low progesterone. I hadn't thought about it much because my doctor focused more on the imbalance of my LH to FSH levels. When I went to the pre-appt with a nurse at the fertility clinic last week, she did mention my low progesterone though. My doctor said we may have been too late in my cycle (it was done 1 week before AF) and wants me to re-do the bloodwork, but the nurse said that should have been the right timing for a high progesterone number. Anyway, progesterone was 15.6. In the LP it's supposed to be >30. Maybe I should look into the cream??? I've just been weary of using anything with hormones without doctor's orders...


MonkeyScience I am SO crossing my fingers for you this cycle. Can't wait to hear how you go with the meds!


Renavoo What a relief to have an RE who is on your side! I hope this is just what you need for a BFP this time around.


Brichole UGH that is annoying! I don't understand the insensitivity of some things people say and do.  I started TTC when I was 21 (I'm 23 next month)...and my 35-year old sister got pregnant a few months ago - accidentally - while on BCP! Everyone has a unique TTC journey. You are so right, infertility doesn't choose its victims solely by age and to have that point of view is just silly and ignorant.


hug.gif Simply Let us know what you decide!


LuluRoo AF has the most annoying way of showing up when she's not welcome, and staying away when we actually need her. I hope she shows up soon so you can start fresh with a new cycle. Enjoy that snow!!


AFM, Spotting has gotten heavier and heavier. I never realised how long I spot before AF! When you don't chart you lose track of time, but dang it pretty much started the day after O! Very strange. I'm pretty certain AF will be here in full swing tomorrow. Looking forward to this new cycle because my Maca Root, OPKs and HPTs arrived in the mail today. Also, I get to start using my BBT thermometer this cycle...I got it halfway through the last one, but didn't want to swap it with my regular digital mid-cycle. YAY! 

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Well...update here. There is no update. Still no AF, still no BFP. Hmph. Temp did drop though...but usually I start almost as soon as it drops.

Maybe now that I posted about it, AF will show up and we can start on the next cycle.


Baby dust to everyone!!!!


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zanelee - Hmmmm....that is kinda weird.  Without looking back I don't remember if you are on progesterone or anything like that that might extend your cycle?  What CD are you now? What is your norm?


Tantylynn - Wow, that is a really long time to spot.  Does your Dr know about that?  Maybe it dose have something to do w/ your progesterone levels.  Good luck.


Lega  - Awesome!!!  Your numbers went from 90 (was it?) to 600??  That is a big jump in two days? Could there be more than one sticky one in there?  When we got prego w/ our twin boys my number was 70 and then the next one went to 700.  When's your first U/S?  High numbers comfort me more than low numbers so that is a good thing.


Lulu - wow, everyone seems to be in that waiting game phase right now!!  Good luck.


Sweetbee - Welcome again ( i can't remember if I said it before and now can't go back)!  I'd think that all the testing would be probably the same since things change over time and I'd think they treat you the same as someone who is experiencing it for the first time, but I'm not one to know for sure.  Hope your appt goes well.  I'm sure it can't get here soon enough.


SimplyRochelle - sorry to hear AF show up!!!  Who invites her anyways!!!!!  hug2.gif


Brichole - Sure all is going well with the house!! How exciting to be getting close to being done.  I know, some people just need to keep their mouth shut and not talk about IF especially if they don't understand that it can affect all ages no matter what.


Renavoo - Sounds like your appt went great!  I'm so glad it gave you more hope.  Also good to hear that your lining is where it is now.  I say that is a great lining for that early in your cycle.  Awesome!!


Jenger - how's thing going w/ you??


MonkeyScience - what's going on with you?  You said something about making a baby this week, I thought?  How's that going?


AFM - Maybe some of you saw on the IVF thread ( i don't know) we got a BFN w/ our FET.  So now DH and i have to figure out what we will do next.  We are hanging in there and just need to get some information on a bunch of different options at this point in time.  We might be done ttc all together (if someone w/ IF can even stop, I don't know).  Baby dust to all of you and I'll be stalking here now and again.

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blueyezz - Oh no! I'm so sorry. :( I hope you can figure out the right next step for you.


AFM... BD is set for next week, not this week. :) I've stopped bleeding, and my cervical fluid seems to be lotiony, so I'm hoping that's a good sign. (I'm on CD7.) Today's the last day of Femara. I'm so hopeful for this cycle, I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't work. Pick myself up and move on, for sure, but it will be rough. Anyway, I'm really wondering if I want to do the progesterone suppositories my RE had me order. Part of me feels like... well, I already paid $84 for them, might just as well use them and have the "insurance" in case my progesterone levels aren't great. Part of me thinks I'm better off throwing away $84 now then getting stuck using them for the first trimester, whether I need them or not. I guess I really need to talk to my RE about what his game plan for progesterone supplementation would be.

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SimplyRochelle:  HUGS! I'm sorry that AF found you but YAY for the longer cycle.  I think you should give the clomid another shot this month.


blueyezz: I'm so sorry that this last fet didn't work for you guys!  THat makes me soooo freakin sad. Hugs sweetie!!!  I hope that you guys can come up with something soon!


Tantylynn:  I hope that you're able to get more accomplished with your temping with the new BBT :)  I know that i've seen a difference in mine.  I'm on CD8 and will we a little behind on temping this month seeing as i'm just now getting back on day shift YAY lol.  I also hope that the OPKs help you pinpoint your O date too !!! G/L this month!


Sweet.Bee:  Secondary IF is no fun at all and that's what I experienced and you are right, none of the materials at the RE offices really touch base on what to expect during your visits.  I know that I lucked up and was on CD3 when i went in for my consult the first time so they went ahead and did an U/S to look at my ovaries and my uterus lining that day and then since the lady who does the b/w had already left had me come back the next morning early to do b/w.  Then he called me in my first script that day!! I was shocked and didn't expect him to start us off so quickly.  I ended up Oing on my own that month and we missed our chance because i had worked that weekend and I was on night shift then so I was unable to get much BDing in!!!  I also had 43 to 45 day cycles and was on medication for a very long time each month.  It took a little while to get me figured out but we finally did it. The weird thing for me was i am over weight for my height but none of my b/w came back indicating that my weight really had much to do with the fact that i had PCOS.  I've always had problems with cysts and stuff since i was 15 so that was normal for me. (when i was younger i was MUCH  thinner lol)  I really hope that they can figure out what your hold up is with TTC and will be able to get you the right combo of medication to get your body working like it should be again.  I hope that you having long cycles doesn't discourage you at all because like i said i had ok long cycles...and we figured out that i just wasn't ovulating!!! G/L and i can't wait to hear up dates!!!



I hope that everyone is doing well!  I know that it's very hard to be going thru yet another cycle for most of you and I send out lots and lots of hugs to everyone!  Things are so crazy these days...and it doesn't seem very fair most days when i look at other women who haven't tried but one time and get pregnant. THen i also see the news stories where these women are running their cars off into rivers, lakes, and ponds and killing their children...when there are SOOOOOOO many women who would love to love those children! IT's just not right!! I pray for those women everyday because they are just stick and sadistic (sp?)  I hope that everyone is able to keep their heads up and try your best to stay positive.  I know i'm crazy for saying that because it is hard to stay positive when it seems like everything just isn't going your way, but with the support of others who are going thru or have gone thru what you are then i hope you see that we all feel your pain when you hurt!!!

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Blueyezz-I'm on cd33, which is long for me. Average is from 27-29 days. I've peed on so many sticks now...

I've not been taking anything. (pregesterone, etc) It's interesting, as I feel crampy and cranky everyday, just like I'm about to start, and then nothing.




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