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I need blurbs for the two of you please maams!!! :)  Just let me know what you would like for it to say or throw me your information and i'll come up with something : ) 



They have our brick up and the sheetrock up on the walls so now they just have to do the interior stuff...which will probably take the longest but at least I have a little bit more time to come up with our down payment lol.  I also talked to a plastic surgeon this past Wednesday and I've decided that as long as my insurance company will cover it i'm going to have my breast  reduction done by the firs part of summer.  They told me that it will be 4 to 5 weeks before i hear from the insurance company so right about the time that i'm moving into the house i'll know something.  I have been back and forth a lot about the thought of having a reduction done but i've weighed the pro's and the con's and i still have a very good chance of being able to breast feed if i am able to get pregnant again later this year or next year so i'm not worried about that.  I just can't keep wearing 36F bras...and still hurt all of the time.  A lot of people have told me not to do it because what if i keep losing weight...well my doctor told me that after he examined me he figured out that my breasts are mostly breast tissue and not fatty tissue so no matter how much weight i lose i won't be losing it in my boobs.  I'm really looking forward to this and just worry about DH.  He really doesn't  want me to have it done but it's because he's being selfish and just wants them to stay big...but what i've tried to get him to realize is that they will look better when they are lifted and more round...instead of sagging down to my stomach lol.   I'll keep you ladies updated!!!



I hope that everyone is doing good!!!

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Hi everyone, is it okay if I join in? I am not sure exactly how to tell my story or what it's considered, but I am sitting on some difficult decisions  and I would love to have the support and advice of others who have struggled with them. Although, I would much rather that this thread was completely empty and unnecessary! I am slowly catching up with everyone's stories but before I can do so more personally, sending you all heartfelt wishes for a healthy pregnancy.


In short, I have secondary infertility due to a prolactinoma (benign, prolactin-secreting tumor on the pituitary gland). Because I breastfed my son until age three, my symptoms were masked. I do like my ob/gyn and I am glad they weren't fazed by extended bf, but it was still frustrating to get the "you're young and healthy and already had a healthy pregnancy" line, especially when I hadn't gotten a period three months after weaning (like, four years after my lmp). After two blood tests (several months apart) my ob/gyn was finally convinced that my prolactin was indeed elevated and referred me to an RE. (Well, he referred me to an E, and I referred myself to an RE!) I found a wonderful RE on my insurance plan and she sent me for an MRI immediately, tumor was diagnosed on the same day, and I started on meds. After a month PRL was still elevated so I increased the dosage and finally got a period - the first one since 2006 before my first pregnancy. (The rush of feelings when I saw it was so strange - I hadn't even realized what a weight it had been, not having it, until that moment.)


I also have a history of early menopause in my family on both sides (I'm in my early thirties now) so my RE is carefully monitoring that. U/s of ovaries was good, my AMH levels are good,but CD3 FH was higher than expected considering AMH. Since I finally got a period the RE is monitoring me this cycle, and my CD5 u/s looked normal. I go back for b/w and u/s on CD12 and then I have the option of doing an hcg trigger if everything looks good. It's sitting in my fridge right now! I am deeply conflicted on this and would love any opinions and information (bring it on, I don't mind strong opinions!) on using hcg to induce ovulation and increase chances of pregnancy. DH is totally supportive of whatever I decide (hcg or natural cycle). Theoretically, once my PRL levels are in normal range my chances of conception should be the same as before I got the tumor, but the RE is giving me this option because my tumor had a strongly suppressive effect on my reproductive system even though it was quite small, because of my family history, and because I desire future pregnancies. (Also frustrating when the ob/gyn assumes that everyone desires exactly 2 children...)


Thank you so much for reading. I have been so scared to call what I am going through secondary infertility - I have friends and family who have struggled with infertility and I know that many people face struggles so much greater than mine. When we started talking hcg trigger, possibly clomid + hcg next cycle depending on cd12 u/s, I thought - I need to accept this. I am so grateful to have this resource. Thank you!


Wishing everyone a great weekend.

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gozal - You sure are sitting on some difficult decisions and this is the place for you!  Welcome!   Welcome.gif


I'm a little familiar with prolactinoma - my last dr. appt, my bloodwork came back with slightly elevated prolactin.  I went in a week later (this past Wednesday) to re-test and haven't heard the results yet.  So good to hear that you were quickly diagnosed, treated, and that they got your periods going again.  My prolactin was not very high (just .5 above the top of the range) so I've been trying not to think about it, but it's nice to know that you have been able to deal with this issue.


As I'm sure you know, whether to go "au naturale" or whether to pursue medicated cycles is an extremely personal decision - what one persion is comfortable with, another is not.  For me it came down to timing - I tried to wait it out and let me body do it on its own, did acupuncture, did vitamins, etc. and eventually I just got too impatient and decided to take the Clomid.  (I actually finished 10 days of Provera 8 days ago and am (impatiently) waiting for AF so I haven't "taken" the Clomid yet, but I will...).


Regarding the trigger shot, etc. I don't have any experience or information, but you asked for opinions, too, so here goes - if it were me, I would do it.  This is based entirely on my situation, my life, timing, etc. My biggest fear is that it is going to take me 4-5 years to get pregnant.  Then what if it takes as long to have #2?  I'm in my late twenties (DH is 35), so this may seem like a bit of an irrational fear, but it's what motivates me nonetheless.  At this point, I am willing to do 3 months of Clomid, but if that doesn't work I want to go right to IUI.  That said, a lot of people (understandably) are uncomfortable with pursuing medicated cycles.  There's the cost, the risk of multiples, health risks, etc.  Fertility drugs are not a "silver bullet" but rather a means to an end - I think it all depends on your personal comfort level with medical intervention to reach that end (a baby). 


Others on here may have more experience or information to offer. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help, but you can't ask for opinions and expect me not to throw my two cents in thumb.gif


I hope that your stay here is short and that you find peace with whatever you decide to do, which is, IMO,  the most important part. 


**UPDATE*** Just talked to my Dr.'s office - prolactin is still elevated.  The "normal" range is 4.8 - 23.3.  Mine is 24.8.  Not sure what this means....the nurse did say not to worry and that my Dr. would follow up with me when she's back in the office next week.  Hmmmm....

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Thank you all for welcoming me. smile.gif Oh, and I'm new here, but I'll welcome gozal, too. winky.gif Regarding your question, I personally would take the drugs if I thought it would increase my chances of conceiving, though maybe I'm a bit bias because I've been begging gynecologists for months to give me something to help with my delayed ovulation and they just won't do it. Instead, I get lectures about how the drugs would make me pop out 200 eggs or land me in the hospital with exploding ovaries (ok, I exaggerate a bit, but not by much).


I mentioned before that I'm seeing an RE at the end of May, which I hope will be different. I am feeling so anxious. I hope I will finally get some help there.


Anyway, so I have a question I hope you lovely ladies might have some insight on. The last gynecologist did one blood draw on me, and I am wondering if any of what she had tested was relevant or if I'll have to start from scratch when I see the RE. The test was done on CD14, as she said it did not matter when in my cycle it was done. (BTW, I ovulated on CD23 of that cycle.)


According to the bill from the lab, the following things were tested (I had to translate from German, so I hope the names are right):

Thyroglobulin antibodies

thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO)

TSH-receptor antibodies






testosterone free

PRL Prolactin



TSH sensitive, basal


She said "everything is normal". She didn't actually give me the numbers or even the list of what was tested. I only have the names because of the bill from the lab which ran the tests.


Thanks in advance, ladies. I feel really clueless here.

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brichole - Sorry! I thought I had given you something for my blurb already. How about "monkeyscience - 27, TTC #1 with PCOS - first medicated cycle with Femara & dexamethasone"?


gozal - Welcome, and sorry you're here! I'm also wrestling with the hCG/no hCG question right now. The shot actually just got here today via FedEx, and my ultrasound is Monday, so I'm running out of waffle time. I really haven't been able to find much info about the pros and  cons of using hCG. I used to be a lot more opposed, but because of stress and uncertainty with family stuff right now (my grandpa could pass away any day now, and I'd need to leave town quickly for the funeral), I'm leaning a lot more toward doing it so that: 1.) Stress doesn't delay ovulation, and 2.) I make sure I can actually get some BD in at the right time. If you find any good info about it, let me know!


Sweet.Bee - I don't remember 100%, but I think your doc is right that the CD doesn't make much difference for the tests you listed. Tests where it matter would be things like LH, FSH, and progesterone levels, I think. Those tests probably will be useful to the RE, but they will probably still want to do more.


AFM, excited that my meds are here (hCG and progesterone suppositories), even if I haven't decided at all if I'm going to use them! At least now I have them, and I don't have any more work days until my ultrasound! It's close!! (I'm going to be completely crushed if the Femara didn't work, though.) I keep thinking, dangit, if follicles are growing, shouldn't I be able to feel them, or tell somehow?? But of course, that's silly. :P

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blueyezz No, I didn't mention the long spotting to my dr because at that point I didn't even realise it was happening! This was my first cycle charting. I will definitely print out my charts for my specialist appointment next month though!


brichole Thanks for your positive words, you are so sweet! I can't wait to see pictures of the house, have you got any to show us yet? As for the breast reduction, you've got to go with your instincts and it sounds like you feel pretty strongly that it is the right thing to do. I saw a segment about it on Dr Oz and he talked about how beneficial the surgeries can be, how they are beneficial for your overall health and showed how much better it looks and feels afterward. Maybe it'd help DH come around? I searched around his website and I *think* this is the one I watched, but I'm not sure as I don't have time to watch and make sure right now. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/miraculous-transformation Hope that helps!


Welcome gozal! Personally, I have never had any moral issues with the idea of using fertility drugs or procedures to become PG. As far as negative side effects, I think as long as progress is monitored by a dr then things should be fine. And IMO I actually feel more safe knowing that I could be monitored more closely, since PCOS means I have a higher chance of miscarriage. Good luck with all of the decision-making, it is tough at times but I hope it all leads to to a BFP very soon for you!


sweet.bee I agree, as far as I know CD only matters for hormone blood work (FSH, LH, Estrogen and Progesterone). That's really frustrating to have all that testing done and only be told "everything's normal" with no details. I hope your RE in May will be a lot more thorough with you and willing to answer all your questions! My appt is in May too, it's so hard to wait that long!


monkeyscience Lots of luck for your U/S on Monday!!! I was going to reply to your post in another thread, but since I'm already writing to you - I don't necessarily believe that it takes one life to leave for another to arrive either. But I do think it could be that your future LO is waiting around to meet her grandpa before coming to join you here. My older brother died before I was born and my family always told me that it took so long for me to arrive (it took my mom 4 years to get PG with me) because I was having too much fun being with him in heaven. Just a thought smile.gif


Don't have much for a personal update ATM! Just sitting at boring CD3. I do have a question though...my dr wanted me to re-do my U/S that I had done over a month ago to make sure that a complex cyst on my right ovary went away on its own. When I met with the nurse at the fertility clinic she said the best time to have one done is right at the beginning of your cycle, or a 'baseline' U/S. Anyone know what CD that's supposed to be done? Since I have the referral from my dr I can go whatever day I want, even though she told me to wait until the first week of May...I was also supposed to re-do my blood work yesterday to hopefully see a nice high progesterone level, but I figured it was useless as I had already started my period. That's way I'm not too fond of waiting for the dates that my doctor gave me to do all these tests, my cycles are just too unpredictable to pick a certain date and say that's the best day to do it! 

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Hi Ladies!


Welcome Gozal and Sweet Bee! I hope you find some of the answers you're looking for or at least, that you feel supported because we're here to support you both!!


Gozal, I just wanted to give you my opinion about the hcg trigger shot. If I had one, I would use it. I've done 3 IUIs with a hcg trigger and i just love knowing when i'm going to ovulate. Right now, I'm in middle of my natural cycle. My RE said on Monday that I had a 15.2mm follicle and that i should ovulate within the next few days. Well, I've been doing my tests and nothing so far, which is really annoying. I wonder if my follicle is stewing in there and going to get old and therefore, harder to fertilize. This is something I wouldn't have to worry about if I had a hcg trigger! My DH and I are still just trying to BD at least every other day just in case but it is frustrating, especially because I know work is so stressful right now and I'm fairly exhausted!!


Sweet Bee, I personally think that there are specific days they should be getting the tests done. For instance, both my REs have wanted day 3 blood work because it allows them to see whether my hormone levels going into a cycle are normal. If there is too high or low of any hormones, this could speak poorly about your chances of ovulation because the follicles may not develop correctly. I think you're probably going to have to have blood redrawn (although obviously i could be wrong). My new RE wants my blood redrawn too at day three just because he wants to see the results himself...


Brichole, I have a couple of friends who have gotten breast reduction surgery and they say that it is such a relief. You should definitely do what you feel is right...I just imagine that having constant back pain from your breasts has got to be exhausting you...and your work schedule is already doing that!! By the way, I hope work has slowed down a little and isn't driving you as insane! I keep forgetting about the blurb!! How about "34 years old, TTC #1 for 1 year. 3 clomid cycles later, IVF may be on the horizon."


Blueyeez, I'm so sorry about the BFN :o( I wish that there was something that we could say or do to make it ok but just know that we are here if you want to vent. It sounds like you're going to another specialist? I hope that means you haven't given up then!!!


LuLuRoo, I hope you have good news on your prolactin, when you speak with your doctor. Since it is so minimally elevated, I hope that it's not a huge issue. I would have said that maybe it's a fluke but it sounds like you've gotten the elevated levels multiple times now?


Tantylynn, I think that the baseline US should probably be done between days 3-5; that's when they wanted my "baseline" bloodwork so I would assume that that is when they would want your US. However, hopefully, they give you more clarification.


AFM, I'm basically waiting to ovulate. I've been doing ovulation tests 2 times a day to no avail. Honestly, I don't know if i'm just doing it incorrectly though. It's hard to do the afternoon one because i am in meetings all day so I can't just disappear for 5 minutes. haha I wonder what the people would think I'm doing!! I'm also having trouble not drinking water so I know that my urine is being diluted. I have been temping again though so I guess I'll know when I finally do ovulate although, DH and I are still trying to BD as much as possible to hopefully catch the egg. I just feel bad because i am so exhausted from working late and I actually have to go in to work today. I know we should have BD last night but i was just too sleepy. If i don't get my BFP this month, my DH and i are thinking that we may want to take another month off for insurance reasons. So, we found out that my DH's insurance covers three IVF cycles...mine covers NONE. So we're trying to get me onto his insurance because that's a 20K savings for each IVF!!!! Anyway, that is easier said than done because of we're not in the open enrollment period. So we'll see if the enrollment goes through. It's a risk!! Does anyone else have experience with trying to get on another insurance outside of the open enrollment period? It kind of sucks too, because his insurance covers 3 IUIs as well. sigh. This is what happens when we get lazy and don't check into this stuff...i guess we just didn't think that we would need to be doing all this stuff!!


Oh well, i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!




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So about OPKs and diluted urine... my OPK (Clearblue Easy Digital) just says to "avoid excessive fluid intake", but does that mean I can't keep myself normally hydrated? I normally drink a bottle or two (not sure the size, it's reusable) of water in the 4 hours between urinating... is that too much? I've been getting negatives the past... 5 days now? But today is just now CD10, so I was technically only supposed to start testing yesterday.


Also, my test claims it doesn't matter when you take it, but most of the OPK stuff I've seen says to do it in the afternoon, so I've been doing it between 2-4 PM.


Any thoughts/experiences appreciated!

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Thank you monkeyscience & Renavoo!  I have your blurbs up!  If there's anything i need to change about anyone else's blurbs please let me know in bold!


Gozal-  Welcome! I'm sorry that you are having to join here, but you will find the support you need wile going thru your journy!  I agree with everyone else about taking the HCG shot and the Clomid on the next cycle.  The month we got pregnant with our second DD (i suffered from secondary IF also)  was the only month that we triggered for ovulation.  I was also on an injectable called Menopur and an oral called Femera.  My RE said that everyone needs something different when dealing with IF.  I hope they are able to find the right kind of combo for you!  G/L and we are all here if you need us!  Also, if you will let me know what you would like in your blurb for the first page i will add you to our list!  :) 


LuluRoo: I hope that your doctor gets back to you as soon as possible this coming week!! Is your prolactin level coming down any from the other tests you've had done on it?


Sweet.Bee-  I don't get why everyone assumes that fertility drugs are going to cause a LOT of eggs EVERY time.  Yes, it's possible, but with proper monitoring the possiblity of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrom) is lowered dramaticly.  Granted with my second medicated round of IF treatments i ended up with OHSS and it took a month in a half after that before we were able to even try again...but the pain was only bad for a couple of days.  I was just requested to not have sex for two or three weeks (which about killed dh) or if we did we had to use "back up" because we could of fertilized all 20 eggs that developed during that time.  We backed my medication down the next cycle and that was the cycle we got pregnant.  So please don't let anyone try to freak you out about using medication. :)  I don't regret a SINGLE day of using it.  Also, all of the tests that you listed seem very normal to be done...but a couple of them ARE time sensitive and you'll probably have to have them done again when you go back to the RE because these levels can change at different times of your cycle.  I was checked at every time i went in for certain things so i was constantly having bw done but now that i have my little 5 year miracle i see that it was totally worth it!!!



Thanks to all of you who are supporting me with the reduction!!! I'm sooooooo on pin and needles waiting on the insurance company to get back with me!! The doctor said i would probably get my letter because he does so YAY i will know first lol.  I have found some pictures of the house of what's been done to it so far... I hope they turn out okay.




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Brichole, this is so exciting!!! That's really amazing! It looks like it'll be nice and roomy for any additions to the family :o)


MonkeyScience, I heard that you're not supposed to drink 2 hours before taking the test. Considering i drink a lot of water, this is really difficult for me and so, my urine is always diluted. I also hear you're supposed to test in the afternoon around 2. The thing is that they suggest that if you can, test more than once to make sure you don't actually miss anything. That's why I test in the morning and the afternoon. I have to test soon. However, I am waiting to test again because I drank too much water again!!


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Regarding OPKs, I think everyone varies, so you just need to find your own pattern. I try not to drink for a few hours before testing. It's hard because I get thirsty, and also I'm always worried about withholding fluids when I want to have lots of nice CM. Personally, I test 1x day around 1-2PM, and I don't miss my surge. Though I often get 2 days of +s, so maybe my surge is long, or my tests just really sensitive. The 1st cycle I did them I went through like 15 of them, but now I use only about 3/cycle b/c I learned I usually O a day or 2 after I get the real super stretchy EWCM.


Thanks, everyone who commented on my tests. I finally did get a few sheets in the mail with the numbers from my test results. I guess I was worried because I didn't get the day 3 tests so many people talk about, nor progesterone 7DPO. And then she tested my FSH at a random point of my cycle? Really confusing based on what I've read, and I just don't know what to make of it. I really disliked this dr anyway, but I had hoped some of the tests would be useful for the RE I will be seeing. At the very least to speed things up and also save some money not having to repeat tests.


brioche, your house is looking great! And it looks like you'll have a lot of space outside for the children. That is something I really like. We would love to build a house, but it's just not affordable where we live (2-3 Mil for just an apartment here, crazy!). We're thinking of maybe moving to around Munich or elsewhere in Germany in a few years, but we'd like to do it before our son starts school so he doesn't get uprooted too many times.


Oh, and I'm not worried about taking drugs actually. It's the doctors that are trying to minimize their liability, I feel like anyway. I would gladly put my body through that if it would get me pregnant. smile.gif

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Oh, you guys! You are awesome! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It means so much to me. I haven't had the opportunity IRL to talk to anyone who really understands this (also it's pretty intense and personal and doesn't exactly come up in casual conversation) and I feel so lucky to have found this space. Reading over your thoughts about the hcg has really helped me to have confidence in my intuition, which is telling me to feel at peace with doing the hcg shot. For some reason I was feeling guilty and scared over it at the same time, but I'm realizing those thoughts are coming at me from the outside, not the inside (if that makes any sense!).


Monkeyscience, I also have found little pro/con info on the hcg, and from what the RE and nurse discussed with me, it seems that the biggest advantage it confers is fairly precise knowledge about when ovulation will happen, so that timed intercourse is much more effective. My u/s is on Wednesday, so you'll be going to your appointment before I go to mine, but I'll definitely let you know what my RE says about it when I go. I am going to take a list of questions with me to the appointment - otherwise I get overwhelmed and forget! About the opks, last cycle (the first one I've had in forever) I used CVS brand, which unlike most tests says specifically to use FMU. A good thing for me, because no way can I hold it for 3-4 hours in the middle of the day! I got a clear positive the morning before my temp dip & two mornings before my temp rise, so I think they work well, although it was my first time using, so I'm not sure. Honestly I chose them because they are USD18 for 30 strips, but I was happy with them.


LuluRoo, I wish I had more info about slight elevations in prolactin to share with you - I was referred to a specialist with levels much higher than yours (68 and 58), but which are still considered only moderately elevated. One thing I have learned is that for prolactin, it is always a good idea to ask about the reference range for each test you get. I've had b/w done at the same doctor's office and I believe also at the same lab, but with relatively different ref ranges. For example, the last test had a high range of 30 while the one before that had a high range of 24. It's super confusing. I am hoping for you that you get more satisfying answers soon!


Sweet Bee, I hear you! In fact, one of the reasons I was so taken by surprise by my RE's suggestion is because for all this time, I've been dealing with doctors blowing me off. Fingers crossed that you finally get the care you need from your doctor and not ridiculous scare tactics.


Brichole, your house is adorable! Did you get to choose all the details for the interior? I dream of someday building a house! Btw, what a cutie in your avatar pic.


Tantylynn, I just had a baseline u/s on cd5, although I was originally supposed to do it on cd3, but then the doctor had to reschedule. She told me anytime cd3-5 is fine. By the way - does anyone know what the term baf's means on an u/s report? Or what endo thickness usually is on a baseline? My RE assured me everything looked perfectly normal but of course I need to come home and google every term on the report. Tantylynn, I hope you get the same completely boring "perfectly normal" report!


renavoo, well, first of all, could you and DH possibly be any cuter? I don't know about switching outside of enrollment but I do know that it's usually worth it to bug HR left and right until they really look into things. (Okay, you probably know that already!) Navigating insurance has been really annoying for all my treatment - lots of stuff misclassified and needing to be resubmitted as in network (hello, I looked up all my doctors on the insurance in-network directory). But how wonderful that your husband's insurance has coverage for IUIs and IVF. Although, I hope you won't need to use most of that coverage!


Sending lots of good thoughts out there to all of you! Here's to a good beginning to the week.

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Thank you ladies about the house :)  Yes, we got to pick out everything on the inside.  It was really nice to get to decide what i'll be looking at for at least the next 10 to 20 years lol.  I got a really good deal on the house.  We are paying $108,084 for the house and it's worth $150,000 to re build it from  the ground up so i can't complain too much!!!  We are only having to bring $3500 to closing too so that helps us since there's no way i could of come up with 20% of the cost before we are to close on May 19th now (so sad they moved our date back by one day lol)  I will be closing 11 days after mother's day instead of mother's day weekend like i thought it would be (didn't realize mother's day was so eary in may this year) but it's still nice to know that i'll have it not long after mother's day...and before my oldest gets out for summer break! 


Sweet.bee:  Thank you about what you said about my LO! :)  The picture is of little Emma on Christmas morning....19 days after she was born.  I am soooooo ready for DH to get on board for us to try again for our last one.  I know that my family thinks i'm crazy but i don't really care.  My brother and sister in law are about to make it and my brother is the only one who works right now so i think me and DH would be able to make it! 


I hope that everyone has had a good weekend!!! 

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Hi Ladies! I can't believe it's Monday, already! Where does the time go?!

Gozal, I found this forum to be a life saver too. It's just so difficult to find someone else to talk about this to, in real life. I mean, how do you even bring it up? I actually did find someone else in my office who is dealing with issues with infertility as well...it came out during one of our late nights working as we were talking about families. However, it's still difficult to talk to her about it because our office walls are so thin so we have to whisper if we ever do talk about it. We both feel like our office isn't exactly the most conducive to fertility issues-if our higher ups have anything to say about it, I'm sure they would like for none of us to get pregnant!


I'm happy that you are considering the hcg. Truly, there is nothing to be worried about. You'll be followed by your doctor and it is such a great way to time your ovulation. haha Like i said, I wish I could get some hcg! But I'm happy because i got a positive opk test yesterday so I'm officially in my 2WW. (Starting today , i guess, since it takes about 24-36 hours after the rise in LH for me to ovulate, I believe, right?) I'm considering whether I want to take my progesterone suppositories (well, prometrium, but I'm staying away from taking it orally because that hormone, taken orally, makes me crazy!! Anyone have any suggestions? If I do take it, I'll start after my temperature rise to be sure that I already ovulated!)


Oh, I got my endometrial biopsy results back and they were normal. The kicker is that I had to call the office and initially, they lost the results. Yep, they lost the results. They kept asking if i did it somewhere else because they couldn't find the results. *shaking head*. Oh well, as my DH says, "we're never going back to them again!" He doesn't even want me going back to them for my annual check up because he's so frustrated with them. He's just happy we found someone else. The kicker will be if I get pregnant this month though, since I'm going through a natural cycle. I feel relatively hopeful this month because my lining is good and unlike the months before my medicated cycle, my cycle this month was normal. 14 days before ovulation! So I want to take prometrium to help my lining along, just in case.


Gozal, I found out that BAF means basal antral follicle count. I hope that helps! I don't know what is normal at day 3-5 for lining but I know that for implantation, they usually want to see it at least around 8mm. (and less than 14mm or something like that-don't quote me on the second number!). I don't know what your number is but assume growth of 1mm per day and I think that you'll find you're fine!!


Sweet Bee, I love your efficiency! i really should try it your way too. I usually start testing once I get EWCM, which usually lasts about 4-5 days. So, I end up testing 2 times a day, using up at least 10strips. Sometimes, when I need extra because I mess up a test when I'm not paying attention. I'm just happy that I got a positive yesterday. I was getting worried. I got a light positive in the morning and then a definite positive at 3pm. I am considering whether to buy more opks today or to wait until I get my period (which I hope i won't!) I get mine off the internet. It's so cheap (the little strips) so I don't worry about using a lot of them.


Brichole, I think it's normal to want another little one!!! Especially since you guys are planning for the future and building a beautiful house for your babies! So, forget what everyone thinks and do what you two want. And Sept will be a blink away!




Ok, off to get ready for work. Hope everyone has a great start to the week!!



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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: tantylynn
Age: 22
TTC #: 1
CD: 6
DPO (if applicable): n/a
Testing: OPKs this cycle! Not exactly sure when to start using them, my cycles are so long and unpredictable generally.
Trying Since: May 2009
Plan for this Cycle: Maca Root, OPKs, and grapefruit juice to try and see some EWCM this time around.
Link to Chart (if applicable): www.fertilityfriend.com/home/tantylynn
Thoughts: Can't wait for AF to be officially over so I can get things going for this cycle!!

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Drive-by posting, because I'm at my parents: 4 follicles that are growing-ish: 10 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, and 12 mm. Repeat ultrasound either Thursday or Friday (hoping for Friday, since I'm off work - have to call them back and talk about it). Will come back with more later!

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Yah MonkeyScience! I'm glad that Femara is working! I hope that they continue to grow!! I'm going to be on Femara for the next round if I'm not successful this month.


Tantylynn, good luck!!! I always start using the OPKs when I start to see EWCM. That usually means I end up using them for about 5 days. It does sound like you may have issues with EWCM though? If you're interested, you may want to try Mucinex too...I hear that that helps and I tried using them this month, even though I don't traditionally have a lot of trouble with EWCM (Although i had none when I was on clomid!) I don't know how much improvement mucinex provided but i had good ewcm this month.


AFM, my temp shifted today (I think...i have trouble sleeping through the night!) so once I get confirmation tomorrow, I'll assume I'm at DPO1 today. Starting tomorrow, if I get a high BBT, I think I'll start my progesterone. I really am still up in the air about whether I should do it but I feel like it can't hurt and it can only help.


I can't wait for this week to be over...I can't believe it's only Tuesday!


Hope everyone is doing well!!




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Doctor's office wants to see me Thursday... I just don't see how I can leave school twice in one week, especially since Friday is a holiday. I was tempted to not return the phone message, but they called again today and the lady sounded like she had something else she wanted to talk to me about. Called her back, but haven't heard anything yet. I'm using OPKs, so I don't think I should miss ovulation, but I guess we'll see what happens?


Fingers crossed for you, renavoo!

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I love it! Everyone is sounding so upbeat! Yea!!!! Baby dust all around!!!!


I finally got af. Whew! But, I am having a HORRIBLE (Did I mention it's really really bad) break out. I really  never had acne/zits as a teen, but this is awful!
I'm assuming it's due to my being sick and being on nasty meds for so long...but geeze! Can anyone suggest anything to help? I've been drinking lots of water and taking lipospheric vitamin C, and probiotics...and I look like a kids in metal cleats ran across my face neck and shoulders.


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Ugh, Zanelee, I'm sorry about the acne. I sometimes get really bad cystic acne right before my period too and it's just so frustrating, especially because they start to leave dark spots on my face!! I just hate it! But I don't think that there is anything they can give us...although if you see your derm, they might be able to give you a steroid shot which could be ok because it is local and such a small dose. But i think the best thing you can do is go and see your derm. The other thing they may give you is a topical antibiotic cream...that is what my doctor gave me when I told her I was TTC. Good luck!! I really hope that everything resolves!


MonkeyScience, isn't it difficult to make time to go to the doctors? It sounds like you and i both have trouble getting to the office within their office hours. I really wish more doctors had either weekend hours or early morning hours-even late hours are tough for me because I end up working late anyway. I'm lucky because both offices I went to have early office visits for follow ups (sonograms and the like) but if i needed any other testing, I would have to eat into my day. And it's difficult to get away too much because then my boss and colleagues will start to ask questions. In the business world, trying to have a baby could negatively impact what some people think about your work ethic!


Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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