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Originally Posted by kparker View Post

I just made a huge step asking my best (male) friend if he'd be interested in donating sperm for us if we make future attempts. He looks remarkably like my husband only blonde and taller so it'd be pretty neat. then I can save $1200+ on sperm if he does.

Wow! So, what did he say? That sounds like it would work out really well for you..I assume your husband is totally on board with it? Sure would be great to save that $1200..


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Some nicely timed action happening over my way... Into the TWW I go.


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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

Not looking forward to Mother's Day - I found out that I was pregnant for the first time in 2009, about 5 days before Mother's Day.  I didn't get to celebrate it though, because I had a massive SCH, bled like a stuck pig, and got told that I had miscarried - I spent the day in bed crying.  Turns out that I hadn't lost the baby (yet), and the ED doc was just a wanker. 

(In case you were wondering, I didn't lose the pregnancy until much later, well after it was confirmed that I had a healthy baby happening)

Oh Milk8shake.... I am so sorry to even think of that.... I so hope that you will be able to have a baby soon. Of course I hope for that for all of us... but still I just really hope for you.


Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

Some nicely timed action happening over my way... Into the TWW I go.

:) Good luck!


AFM... I am not doing very well right now. As I have said, we attend a tiny church and out of the less than 20 people that come, there is one pregnant mom, one newborn, one older baby and two toddlers. I AM so happy for these families, and their gain is not my loss. It is just that they are endless reminders, making noise and such. The hardest thing for me is that the the family of the newborn is also about to adopt. I try to fight my feelings but honestly... Not only do they have a baby, but they will also be able to adopt... I would like only one of those two options but cannot do anything about it. You know, it is their family and I am happy for them and happy that they are so brave (I would not adopt if I had an infant at home). Yet, all these families are a constant reminder and make me crash every time I think I have got ahead with my emotions just a bit. In general I find that the only thing that really helps me is to stay away from these sort of situations. Yet, I cannot get away from this one. (Complicated thing that I don't want to get into more, but changing parishes or something is not an option.) I cried there this morning, once again, which is not my choice, really. The other people can't really see me enough to know what is going on, but they must think I have a cronic cold, blowing my nose just about every Sunday.


I need to go read that thread of mom's of onlies, again. It really helped me a couple of weeks ago. I just wish I did not love babies and kids so much. I want to be able to choose this so much that all the other wishes go away. While I am now able to see the good sides of having an only, also, the emotions are here to stay... at least for now.


I found out something really strange: We could adopt from US foster care. Never would I have imagined, as we are abroad. Just an interesting little fact to me. In practice, though, it is not possible, as we do not feel up to adopting an older child or a toddler with the level of special needs that the kids available to us have. (We are talking really serious special needs, feeding tubes, never going to leave home, etc.) That, I feel, would just not be fair to our daughter and I don't trust my health enough to consider something like that. I would be open to lots of special needs, but mainly physical ones. Our kids have to be able to deal with being totally bilingual... I think it would be unfair of us to adopt a child who was struggling with language to begin with. (It might happen, no matter what, and then we would do off course what we could. Just don't think it is a good idea to plan things that way.)


I am once again starting to think that the only way we would be able to adopt would be by finding a birth mom with the help of friends or relatives. What are the chances of that? Small! And, yet, I am a big believer in miracles. How much easier waiting would be, though, if we had hope... I just don't know whether to hope against the odds or to try to let go of all hope. (Sad smile.)


Wishing you all hope and peace.


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Greenmum: about sharing...tell me if this link works?
I've seen a handful of social networking sites set up similarly, and in the past, they all worked by copying the link when you're viewing your profile ("my countdown page" I think it is on here). I don't know if this will be the same, but it very well could be.

I really love having two charting sites, makes me a little more confident about my O date if I've got two different systems helping me figure it out. FF changed back to CD10, and this new site agrees, so I'm a bit more confident now.

AFM: I don't know what's going on with me. I've not been posting here because I've been sleeping, dizzy and nauseous. I had metal mouth, drooling, food cravings, abdominal cramps, gas, weird dreams, sore lower back, severe moodiness, bizarre food cravings, increased appetite and thirst, increased sense of smell... and all of those symptoms are pretty much gone now, except dizziness, fatigue, moodiness and gas. FF says I should test on the fifth, I tested early (yesterday and the day before) and they came up negative, tested twice yesterday because I thought I got evap lines on the first one. I'm still a little hopeful, but it seems up for debate as to whether I should be. greensad.gif

I spent time with two preg women last night. It bugged me a little at first, but one of them has been trying way longer than I have, has had more problems, and the other is so young I wouldn't want the struggles she'll be having. I actually handled it better than volunteering for the AIDs walk. So many people brought their kids, and I had just had the evap lines mess happen, and someone told me I probably shouldn't get my hopes up about this cycle...I couldn't get myself focused off of my own problems until things got underway, and then I got emotional about that as well! I feel like a mess, and I still have to go film my little sister's play at their church this morning, which is going to be an interesting experience. Been a long time since I've set foot in a fundamentalist christian church (particularly the kind my parents like), other than for my other sister's wedding. I'm expecting a lot of awful memories to come up that I'll have to deal with, but I did promise my kid sister I'd go, film her play and give her a good edited version. So bleh.
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Okay, since no one else volunteered (though Kyamo said she would if no one else did), I went ahead and made a May thread!


Check it out here.

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