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Diva cup vs. the Keeper vs. Moon cup vs. Sea Pearls

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My cycles returned last night much sooner than I was expecting them to so I haven't even given this a thought yet. I have tried the Diva Cup once before my 3rd pregnancy & found it very uncomfortable. It felt like it was poking out all the time even after trimming the stem off. It may have been that I wasn't putting it in right, or it may be that I was using the post-birth model and needed the pre-birth to fit my body better. I don't know.


Which is your favorite and why? Have you used more than 1 of these? Which did you perfer and why? I really don't have the money to spend on these so I don't want to end up wasting it on something I can't use, but I need something and would love any input or info.

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I've only tried the Diva Cup, but am having the same problems you are.  I could trim the stem all the way off and still have it sticking out.  I'm torn between thinking that it's an issue of doing more kegels and the possibility that the Diva Cup is too long.


I came across this link to Menstrual Cup Size Charts that was linked to in a thread I read somewhere else .  In that thread they mentioned that the Diva Cup was the longest cup on the market and that it was possible that the Diva Cup was too long - especially if your cervix was rather low and/or your uterus was slightly tipped.  


I haven't trimmed the stem off of mine and it's not like it slips out all the way, but rather that it slips down to the same place after I insert it (with it fully open, etc, etc).  I can reach the bottom of the cup without any adjustment which leads me to think that perhaps the Diva is too long for me.


I'm leaning towards getting the Lunette instead.  The width of the Lunette (46mm) is the same as the Diva, but the cup length is 52mm vs Diva's 57mm.  The stem on the Lunette is twice as long as the Diva with 20mm to 10mm.  I figured I could just as easily trim the stem to fit, though.


Maybe someone else has some btdt advice on length...

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A few weeks back I was asking the same questions on a different site, and found out that the moon cup works great for a tipped uterus.  She said she used to use the Diva cup and it was very uncomfortable.  My moon cup should be here next week, and I have a low cervix and a tipped uterus, so I'll let you know how it feels.

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I actually use a MeLuna cup. I have a tipped uterus and find it to be extremely comfortable. I bled for almost a month straight after my recent ectopic loss and it was soooo comfortable. I didn't notice it was there at all and it made me forget that I was bleeding until I changed it. The livejournal community that pampered_mom posted was extremely helpful when I was trying to decide.


I ordered a large meluna and they also sent out a medium soft meluna (they usually send you an extra cup) - so I got two for the price of one! I have the ring stem and it doesn't poke the least bit. Very soft and comfortable. http://meluna.eu/?___store=english&___from_store=deutsch



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Great info ladies!! Thank you so much. I am very glad I asked. I didn't even realize there were so many different brands.

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