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my 4 yr old

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my 4 year old will not stop  saying he is hungery! if i let him he will eat all day, he  has his breckfast in the morning and 10 mins later he saying mum im hungry he says this all day intill he goes to bed. is this normal for a 4 yr old boy to keep saying? i weighed him the other day and it said he was 3 ft4 and 4 stone is this overweight? pls help

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I too am having the same problem with my 3 and 4 year olds. They act like they are always hungry! I thought that maybe it was out of boredom but they'll even ask when I'm keeping them busy and doing arts and crafts. I hope that you get some good advice, cause I will be taking notes as well.

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Could it be what they are eating? If it is super processed foods, or sugary snacks, then it is very tempting to eat a lot. And not actually very filling. So you end up hungry and desiring another snack quite quick, and it goes in a vicious circle.


I figured out my kids will actually eat less lunch or dinner if they know they are getting a dessert or chocolate. So we stopped that when possible (of course not possible at birthday parties, grandmas... but 95% of the time we eat at home.) So maybe he is eating a light breakfast, knowing the snack later will be more yummy? Try leaving out good, nutritious snacks, and let him eat to his hearts content. Carrot sticks, cucumber slices, fresh spinach leaves.... maybe some banana or pear slices... If he really is hungry, he will eat the snacks. If he isn't, he will wait until the next meal. 



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The CDC growth charts can help in the us. I presume you are in the uk and I would guess they have something similar. You should be able to ask your health visitor since your child is under 5.

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My 4 year old is always hungry too! It is so frustrating! I think it's because of being bored, but I don't know. She eats healthy things, not junk too. I know that she is probably growing, but we just can't afford for her to go through so much food in just a couple of days! Her and her 2 year old sister ate the whole carton of strawberries in 2 days, we go through a loaf of bread in just a few days because she always wants peanut butter sandwiches. Plus she just wants to eat the bread plain!

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growth spurt.


for about two months or so in summer dd outeats everyone in the house. she eats two bfasts, lunches and dinners - puts on weight, grows pretty round and then suddenly right before school starts almost overnight she shoots up and loses her roundness.


if i buy her uniform a month  before school starts they are a size smaller by the time she starts school. 

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Maybe it's an age/developmental thing? My DS is 4 1/2 and he's the same way. I find myself saying/thinking a lot "You can't eat all day!" lol

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