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Thx everyone... I think today's the day!
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Eek! Wehrli! How exciting! I hope that labor is going well and that you're going to meet your little one soon! I'll be thinking about you all day! joy.gif

Gumshoe: I'm glad that you were feeling better yesterday. I hope that continues!

Julietea: Congratulations on your healthy girl!

AmandaHope: That sounds like such a perfect party for a 9 year old. Happy Birthday to your DD!

Library: Pedicures sound like fun! Thanks for posting over at QC. I don't have any experience yet with getting close to naming a real baby, but watching other people on the board it seems like a number of people have started out with very definite ideas of what they were going to name the baby and then changed their minds completely. Good luck figuring out a good name for your DD!

Seraf: I'm super impressed with all your freezer cooking!

Beastie: How is your baby? orngbiggrin.gif

AFM: I am extremely grateful to report that I am starting to feel slightly less sick. I still can't eat much, and I still have to be careful what I smell and how I breath, but I'm no longer gagging every time I go into the kitchen, and yesterday I was able to make it through a whole trip to the grocery store!
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Wehrli: When I had liquid running down my legs, it wasn't amniotic fluid but he was born within 24 hours. Hopefully you are holding your baby now.

Library: Ari was named by ten weeks pregnant, OSHA wasn't named until he was three days old because we couldn't agree on a name until he was born.

Gumshoe: Glad you are feeling better!

AmandaHope: Totally know what you are talking about with the guilt. My kids were so close in age that I worried how I would get them out of the car in an accident, who I would get out first and if it meant I loved them more.

Escher: Yippie for being able to go into the kitchen again! It's all down hill from here.

Julietea: Congrats on your girl!

AFM: We told Sara's parents last night. They were hilarious. First question was, "do you have a crib?". Second question, while eating lunch, "how does one go about getting pregnant?". Then they seemed to realize they were going to be grandparents and there was a huge discussion about what they would be called because they think they are too young to be grandparents, despite the fact that they are older than my mom. Of course, they don't know Sara is trying...
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Wehrli: Happy birthing day!  I'm SO SO SO excited for you! biggrinbounce.giflove.gif Are you having contractions?  Feel free to update us along the way if you are so inclined wink1.gif.

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Wehrli!  I'm so excited for you and your partner!  Have a wonderful labour and delivery!  I can't wait to hear the news!


Seraf ... I agree with you on the car crash scenario.  I will never forget watching a documentary about the tsumani in Phuket and a mom who was trying to keep hold on both her children, but when she lost the grip on the one child, she had to stay put in order to save the other one.  Excuse me while I go have a good long cry about that now.


AmandaHope ... That sounds like a dream party for a nine year old!  Any meltdowns?  I remember my best friend's nineth birthday sleepover, one of the girls demanded to go home in the middle of the night because she couldn't sleep next to a certain girl.  Turns out she's queer!  She FB my bf (the same one who is my labour coach and my dd's 'auntie' and lives three doors down twenty-five years later) the other day and said that she had a crush on the other girl.  Crazy! 


escher ... I'm glad to hear that your tummy is staring to settle down.  I wish I could say the same for me!  This time around my queasiness and gagginess is just not stopping.  I barfed again yesterday, and I'm 13 weeks! 


Julie ... Help me out, I'm confused.  You know that you're having a girl already?  If I missed something, I apologize!

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Wehrli~ SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  This is a good day to be born.  Easy and peaceful for you for sure.


Escher~ Hooray for food!  Soon you'll be stuffing down everything in sight.  I look forward to finding out what you crave.  



Seraf~ Congrats on telling Sara's parents and I'm glad they reacted well and are excited.  I do love waiting to see how long it takes before someone finally manages the um....how did you do that? question.  I hope it's a good ice-breaker and that they'll be so pleased with the thought of this baby that they'll just be double-thrilled about the next one.


Starling~ I remember reading about that tsunami story and crying then.  It's even more horrible now~ can't imagine!  I love your sleepover story too. There was a girl in my middle school friend circle who used to get mad at me all the time, accuse me of blowing in her ear, or trying to sit too close to her, etc. Her dad was the Methodist preacher in town and the last I heard about her was that she was unmarried and spent her time volunteering at church camps, which I'm going to assume means "Queer but too Christian to act on it".  (Goodness knows I was pre-queer at that time and was in no way blowing in her ear!!!)



UGH~  So, phone call first thing this morning and the rocking chair saga continues.  This one was lots of "You've always complained, no matter what nice things I try and do for you" etc, which is just untrue, really, and I said so, though she just kept going on about how hard it is to have kids who don't care and don't appreciate you.  Thanks, lady.  So that's a lovely way to start your day!  I hope everyone else's is much better. Though Wehrli's will be the best!!!!

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Yah, Wehrli! Have a beautiful, beautiful day with your family!


Starling... fair question... AmandaHope asked the same....


Originally Posted by julietea8 View Post

AmandaHope... Yep, first one. I think we're so happy for a girl because DW is planning to carry next and there are so few girls in her bio-family. So, we'd love having a boy but are glad to know that we'll have at least one girl. We know so early because we made the very hard decision to have a CVS. I am a Fragile X carrier and we felt we needed to know. It was our first difficult parenting decision. We talked about it for many weeks, made our decision, and during the procedure I felt calm. My body took it very well, and so did the baby thankfully. It was also inspiring and comforting to work through this tough one with my love and co-mama. I agree... that party sounds like a blast.




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Julie:  Good for you for doing the testing that you needed to do in order to feel secure in your parenting journey.  I didn't realize that CVS also provided info about the sex. 


Escher: Like Library, we did the NT screen.  Basically, at my age and with the parallel high-risk care I had agreed to, I would have gotten a huge amount of pressure to do an amnio if I didn't do the NT, and also DP (who has chronic fatigue) was not prepared to parent a child with a life-threatening illness or a condition that would require care for the rest of our lives.  It was hard to admit, but we needed to be able to consider all the options.  We researched and understood clearly what the screening could and could not tell us and were satisfied that the false positive risk wasn't intolerably high.  I'm so glad we did it, because no one has mentioned my age (35, btw) since, and we've been really relaxed about the pregnancy.  We could always get a surprise, we realize, but it feels great knowing that the chances of that are extremely low.  Btw, so glad you can get back in the kitchen--hope you are friends with food again soon.


DD's sleepover party went really well.  They were up late but slept through the night, and the level of drama was quite low (one incident when one of the girls was too scared to try the zip line, but that didn't last long).  I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of this bunch ended up coming out later; they are a pretty gender non-conforming (not that queerness requires gender nonconformity, obviously--I'm pretty fem myself).  They were playing a game of "what would you rather," and they all agreed that having a boy's name wouldn't be a problem--it would be "radical!"  I cracked up--I hadn't heard that term since *I* was 9!  This morning, they watched part of the Princess Bride and then dressed up in costumes and put on a play about a psycho kitty, a ghost, and a princess that ended in chaos because DD (the psycho kitty) refused to die as they had planned.   Ok...got to get ready for my trip--have been putting off work long enough. 


Thinking about you, Wherli!

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Nursery photos!!!!





One window has no curtain because I've not been able to line it to DP's exacting specifications.  BUT the rest of it is pretty much as it is intended. Enjoy!!!

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Here is a belly shot at 22 weeks.


Library: LOVE the nursery!  The green is super--we're also going for bright colors, and I love it.  And the bookshelf is the best part.  So exciting!

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Awesome belly!! And you look so happy about it, as well you should!  


Glad you like the green~ it's bright but not TOO bright.  It's not perfectly reproduced in the photos (of course) but it's very calm and soothing. 

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More pics, this time of the nursery.  We're not done (wall hangings, supplies, etc.), but I'm thrilled not to have very much left--with tons of time to spare.  Thank God for my mother (not something I say everyday, believe me).  PICT1786.JPGPICT1787.JPGPICT1788.JPGPICT1789.JPG

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Very pretty! I like the spotted fabric. And the bookshelf! Thanks mom! 


Has Wehrli had her baby yet? How about now? 

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Leaving for the airport...and still thinking about you, Wherli!  I hope everything is moving along and can't wait to hear an update or your news.  grouphug.gif

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Hi all! Just got back in town from a lonnnnnng wedding weekend (and drive) to Charlotte, NC - 10 hours each way. Ick! Super duper crabby DP, semi crabby DS, lazy tired puppy, and fatty preggo me is wanting another nap!


And holy, hot damn - Wehrli! joy.gif..... is there a baby yet?



....how about now?.....








Ok, Only Child Syndrom kicked in. I wanna know! energy.gif


AmandaHope - I LOVE, LOVE the belly shot. It's so round and perfect. And the nursery looks adorable. Great job!


Library - Gorgeous nursery! How are you feeling? I'm picking April 8 for your delivery date. Try to make that happen. Ok? Hehehe! I am the complete opposite with you on the names - a million for boys, 1 for a girl. Maybe you just need to see the little sweetie before you decide.


Wehrli - Baby? Hello? Ok, enough. I get it. I'll stop.....(sending lots o happy baby thoughts to you, and hugs too!)


AFM - First u/s tomorrow. It's still too early for a heartbeat, but I am still excited to see the little bean! luxlove.gif

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Wehrli, you must be in labor if you're ignoring us so well.  Fingers crossed!


AmandaHope, I feel totally out of the loop, why is the bumper all the way at the top?


Starling, thanks for reminding me of that horrible story.  I was pregnant with Ari watching that on the news.  Well, not the one you said.  The woman handed one son off to someone else and he was found floating on something hours later, so both kids survived.  Sara read me your post in the car and got me all boo-hooing all over again.  If it brings you any comfort, what I decided was to teach Osha to speed out of his car seat once I unbuckled him.  So I figured, one hand per kid.  Good luck with whatever helps you sleep at night!

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Hey EZ~ Welcome back. That does sound like a long ride, especially if you have crankiness and preggo fatness involved.  As for the 8th, I'll work on it!  We had Thai food tonight and I ate some of the best green curry I've ever had in my whole life for real, so we'll see if that helps.  YAY for your u/s!!!!  You must post the pic of the amorphous grey blob which is your offspring. 


AHope~ Fly safe and have fun!


Wehrli~ Anything?  Anything?  CAN'T WAIT!!!

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eyesroll.gif *waiting to know*


Thinking about you Wherli !

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Congrats Wehrli!!!!!  SO excited and can't wait to hear all the news!!!

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