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Gumshoe: What Seraf said. Lennon couldn't go 3 hours between nursing sessions til he was 4 months old. He ended up being a chuckaroo. Just the way I like em! Your little Addy is a doll baby. It made my super emotional self tear up.


Gained 10 pounds in a month. Oops. Freaking out just alittle. I am pretty wee sized so 10 pounds is a lot. If I gain 10pounds a month til he comes I could end up weighing.... well a lot. That being said, I am not sure I am quite willing to give up my ice cream habit.

Baby looks AMAZING. Measuring right on, heart looks wonderful. He is head down ( I did headstands in the pool last night, I swear it worked ;) and weighs 1 1/2 pounds! Big boy! Oh and there is def still a whopping penis in there. The closer I get to having my second boy, I am really happy that I am a boy mama. I think it is a perfect fit for me :) And I couldn't imagine Chels with a little girly girl, she would try to force her into pants and into a softball game. haha


Escher: What'd you decide with NT scan?


Seraf: How ya feeling? Can't wait to hear about Sara's testing this month! You guys should come visit next time youcome up this way.


Library: Have you done any nipple stimulation? Not in the fun way, but it can be pretty effective...

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Hey ladies~  Went to the midwife this morning and even she's bored!  My blood pressure was slightly elevated and she said "You just need to hurry up and have this baby!"  No kidding!  DP and I have a regimen of Thai curry and...er...nipple stimulation planned for the rest of the week so maybe we can get this ball rolling!

MizYellow~ Careful with your weight! You don't want to end up with diabetes!  That said, I'm currently doing a load of laundry because I got ice cream all over my belly. Klassy!



Gumshoe~ Glad you like the Cracker Barrel blanket holder!  I tell you, that thing has given me more grief than the child ever could.  I won't go into detail/rant mode, but suffice to say my mom has now drawn my sister into the whole thing, calling her to complain (and outright lie!) about me and what a pathetic excuse for a daughter I am. Nice!   I'm very glad you don't have appendicitis, by the way, and hope that whatever the francophones are complaining about turns out to be nothing. 


Wehrli~ Saw baby pix on facebook~ love all that hair!! Silas is a total cutie. Hope you're recovering well and enjoying him.



Escher~ I'm feeling fine, though  I'm mostly tired and sleep a lot. I get winded trying to get up from the sofa, which is always fun.  I think tonight we're going to do Belly Cast #2 which is smaller, just the actual belly, and make this one into a bowl. 


Imogen~ Loving your dream! I'd totally hang out with y'all at a convention, especially if it's in San Antonio and we could eat at Rolando's Super Tacos.  Interesting about the Chainsaw Massacre Waste, good to know. Have fun with the hot midwife!!

Seraf~ How's the 2ww going at your place? How are you feeling?


Almost one~ time for another nap!!

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Escher - for us I'm wondering about doing gDiapers with disposable, biodegradable liners. It seems like a compromise, and less of biohazard for the neighbours. I don't think we can afford to do disposable 7th Generation organic/biodegradable all the time, but the idea of just doing Pampers or something doesn't appeal to me at all.

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LibraryLady - Thai curry and nipple stimulation sounds like a pretty good date night...


Mizyellow - I didn't gain weight evenly, at all. I gained a lot of weight right after my BFP (~10 lbs), then lost weight while I was puking until 24 weeks or so, then gained weight more rapidly than expected but still have only gained 20 lbs. total at 32 weeks. So don't despair if it suddenly shoots up! You probably won't gain at the same rate all the way through.

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Library- I already have diabetes. Haha. So I am doing AWESOME> That being said, my A1C is fine so I am the only one stressin. Oh nipple stimulation, sexy. Enjoy


Imogen- I love love love Gdiapers, a money saving tip:: The flip disposable inserts work very well in the gdiapers and are cheaper. Plus I would get them on diapers.com, you get 20% off for 3 months so stock up!!! I would throw in a pack of the gcloths that you can handwash at home, this will make it as cheap if not cheaper than regular dipes. Pretty much what I did with my first and I felt pretty good about it!

I hope I slow down on the weight gain, I hadn't gained any really so I know I needed to catch up but not that quickly! 20 lbs is a great numberfor 32 weeks! Belly pic?!

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Imogen ... If you've got smalls, I'd love to buy them off of you!  Or one-size.  We have lots of meds and larges.


Gumshoe ... There is a great breastfeeding challenges section in the bigger breastfeeding area.  It saved my nursing relationship with dd!  I used a Lact-Aid for over a year with dd and can tell you all about it over the phone or pm.  I detest the Medela SNS.  I can explain all that in a phone call or pm too.  Many hugs to you.  I know how hard it is to be struggling with nursing.  It has forever coloured my first few months with dd, and I hope that you have the supports and stamina to get through it and still be able to revel in your new babe and the beautiful new shape of your family.  hug2.gif 

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Oh! Two more things about cloth diapers: 1. if you're looking for used ones, or to get advice on what to buy, there is a TON of information at diaperswappers.com. And 2. if you sign up for Amazon Mom you get three months of free Amazon Prime membership (to use on anything) plus an extra month (up to a full year) for every $25 order of 'baby' stuff you buy. Not to be an ad for them, but I bought all of my friends' shower gifts and a ridiculous amount of stuff for me with 2 day free shipping thanks to that.

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I wanted to chime in on the daipers with DS up untill we introduced soilids foods his daipers where super easy to just wash in the washer after its been a gross mess if I was doing G diapers I would just do the washables untill the poop lost its nice not smelly breastmilkness 


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Hi ladies. Quick questions...I have had quite the 18 hours. I was at Target shopping when I felt a "gush". I thought it was the progesterone suppositories as they tend to produce discharge on me. Anyway it felt much heavier so I went to the restroom and it was pure red blood. I freaked out to the point that I don't remember leaving Target and driving myself home. I was so scared. I called both my RE and OB, and DP came rushing home from work. I got home and laid down in the bed with my feet up. Luckily, the bleeding stopped after about two hours and I only have the remaining old blood with some brown discharge. The crazy thing is that I never had any cramping, only gas, but not one pain that felt AF like. I'd say it was much more than spotting, but no any clots or tissue. For those of you who have had children, have you ever experienced anything like this? I have an appt scheduled with my OB at 11 and will also have an u/s. I pray that it's not too late and the little bean is still safe inside. I am anxious for the u/s, yet scared to death of what it might show. greensad.gif




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Escher, here is the promised ramble about flat diapers and EC.


So you can take this whole post with a grain of salt, I'm going to admit to a few pet peeves:

I despise bulky diapers

I can't stand diapers that impair mobility 

I hate having to spend money

I hate having to throw things away (especially after one use!) 

I hate the hot jello feeling of a wet disposable


Points about EC that I love:

I think EC rivals co-sleeping and nursing for bonding

immediate gratification 

happy baby the majority of the time

self sufficency.  Like, I don't need "the man" 

baby is always dry

Cheap to free


Points I love about flats:

versital (diaper? washcloth? towel? blanket? sunshade? emergency sling? mop?)


cheap (can't get cheaper than homemade!)

one layer, washes cleaner with 1 wash (prefolds have 6 to 8 layers in the middle)

dry fast

great for traveling

Can be used as an insert for g-diapers or fuzzy bunz


We had a washer and dryer when the kids were born.  When Ari was 11 months we moved to a house where we had to walk about a quarter mile to do laundry (but, trash was just as far).  And we had to pay.  I never even thought about buying diapers at that point.  We did occasionally hand wash diapers.  Really tho, it was like, plug the drain while showering, drop the dipes in (after showering), soak for a while (soap if you're into that, Ari had skin problems for a long time, sometimes her stuff was just washed with baking soda), swish, ring, dunk in rinse water, ring, hang.  Maybe 10-15 minutes of actual work.


When my cousin had a baby I offered to make her diapers.  Basically, if you invest a few dollars in cloth, every time you use one, put a quarter in a jar.  Use that for laundry.  If you have any left over, that's what you saved over disposables.  They cost about a quarter each around here. 


My kids have been everywhere in cloth.  Osh went to Mexico in flats at 13 months.  We took a dozen (didn't take up too much room in the luggage) and hung them to dry until we had used the majority of them and washed them one night in the hotel sink.  Flat diapers can be hung to dry when they have pee on them.  If you go ages between laundry, they don't build up an amonia smell that way.  Ari went all over the south in cloth at 4 months.  Both kids went camping in cloth frequently (I told you the horror story about the one time I bought sposies for a camping trip).  


EC can be done a lot of different ways.  You can use sposies or feel dry cloth (like FB) and offer the potty at diaper changes.  You can go coverless and change with every wet while watching for signals that a wet is coming, offering when you notice.  You can go totally diaperless and simply protect yourself and the furniture in case you miss.  I think there are pros and cons to each system.  The first has less laundry in the short term, keeping a fairly constant number of diapers for quite a while and it's much harder to learn actual signals when you want to increase catches.  The second is going to use a lot of diapers at first and very few diapers within a couple of months (depending on your learning curve, both my kids were out of dipes by 2 months in the house and out until they became mobil).  The third is going to give you a ton of laundry in the beginning, (but it can be towels or anything you have on hand, no investment) and very little within a couple of months, again learning curve.  Some people use a combination, like regular cloth most of the time with a few hours a day dedicated to diaper free and learning signals.  You can use any variation that sounds good at the moment.  It's not a high commitment thing (unless you take 2 or 3 babies outside and realize you locked the keys and diaper bag in house, or, say, walk to the library only to realize that baby has no pants on at all).  I went with #2 for Ari and #3 for Osha.  I only ever used fb on kids I nannied for and I didn't really think they helped me figure out when kid was going.  Also, I think they're bulkier than an origami fold flat tied on.


   44e5.jpg boots the monkey   


This was Ari around 2 weeks laying on the bed while we played Dora.  She was boots, obviously.  But the picture is up to show you the diaper fold and it's trimness.  It was a little piece of a flannel sheet.





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Oh Christy, *hugs*  I had that with Osha, one night at 13 weeks.  He is still here.  Hopefully you're just being weird and bloody and it's nothing.

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Christy, I haven't experienced that so I don't have any advice, just big hugs to you.  Let us know how the u/s goes, and I hope it's all just one big scary fluke.  (Could it be a subchorinic hematoma?  I think a few folks on the list have had that, and it scared the hell out of them, but it didn't hurt the babies at all.)

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Osker: Thanks for sharing your experience. What kind of diapers do you use? How many did you get so that you only have to do laundry twice a week? Where do you soak your diapers if you're doing laundry in the laundry room? When you wash them twice, do you use detergent in the first run but not the second? It's good to know that it is possible even if it isn't easy.


  We have 24 Bum Genius 3.0s, which we're okay with but don't love. We have one Bubibabi (or something like that) bamboo diaper which we loved at the beginning and now is starting to smell horrible. We also have 3 swaddlebees hemp inserts that use a cover, a Happy heini hemp fitted, and a Totsbots bamboo fitted? I think that's it.. so that's about 30 diapers. E used to go much longer between changes, but now with solid food I swear she poops seven times a day, at least!  When we use H's bosses laundry we can soak them, so that's probably once a week (twice if it's my month for laundry because I make the effort, H would rather just lug it all downstairs at once). We do a cold wash without detergent, then a hot wash with, then a hot wash without, but sometimes if we're doing them in the laundry room we'll just do the hot wash with detergent and then the hot wash without because all her poop goes in the toilet these days.  I assume that if you were to sit in the laundry room with your diapers you could just open the lid and let them soak a bit that way, but then you'd have to hang out right on top of them and close the lid when you were ready for them to wash thru.  


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Christy  Hope everything is OK on the U/S I had a big bleeding episode with DS at 22 weeks it was scarey

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Christy~ YIKES!!!  Do update us as soon as possible!! That must be terrifying, but it does seem like some others have had this without ill result. Biggest hugs, though. Poor you!!!



Seraf~ I love the pix!  The Dora baby is hilarious, and the pumping pic is funny since you explained the source of your smile.  I love the diaper-tie too! None of ours are flats, but if we get any I might try that.



AFM~  We had our first real false-labor incident last night. Around 7 I suddenly felt really nauseated and lay down on the couch. Almost immediately I started having contractions that were not painful, but were more or less constant. We started timing them and they were completely random in length and frequency, like one was 2 1/2 minutes long, and then was followed four minutes later by one that lasted less than a minute.  So we timed and counted etc, and eventually the nausea subsided and I ate some cereal. Nothing happened, so we took the dog for a little walk and the contractions stopped completely, so it was false as we had suspected, but still, it was the first time we really had to count and time and wonder if this was happening now~ kind of exciting!!!  Probably means it won't be much longer, eh? Which will be nice for many reasons, possibly the best of which is that people will stop frickin' asking me how I'm feeling and if the baby's come yet. Okay, I'm getting grumpy, it's true!!  DP has her long day today, teaching class then taking class and I'm excited to be alone for a while...



Christie~ thinking of you!  Update us soon!

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Oh, Library, false labor is exciting!  DX asked a friend to pick up some juice because it was the last thing missing from out birth kit, the friend came after the baby because her partner had run to another friend's false labor several times the week before and they were jaded.  My wording was certainly awkward!  I was smiling about Osha being silly and running over and asking if he could help.  I was pumping and nursing because I was returning to work, not because I had supply issues.

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Christy... thinking about you over here. I'm so, so sorry you have to go through this worry and am holding good thoughts. My bleeding came with intense cramping... as have most other MCs I've heard about from friends and family. My ER doc for my MC said she'd had fairly heavy bleeding episodes with both of her successful pregnancies and threw out a 30% stat on that one (30% of all completed pregnancies include some bleeding). Incredibly scary though. I'm glad you don't have to wait long for the U/S.


Library... Very exciting!! Can't wait to hear when it's really show time.


All, thanks for the wealth of information on cloth diapering!


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Christie: Scary!  I would have completely freaked out.  I'm glad you managed to get home safely and even more glad that the bleeding stopped.  Please let us know about the u/s. grouphug.gif


Library: Exciting!!  I can understand feeling grumpy about everyone checking in with you all the time.  I'd imagine that what you need is space, time, and peaceful support.  Come on, Aspi!


Seraf and others: thanks for the CD/EC info!  I feel so much more educated.  Seraf: what material did you make the flats out of? 


Beastie: if you are reading, please give us an update!  I'd love to hear about your birth and new babe, and I hope all is well.


Cejae: Hi, there!  How's life?


Wehrli: Are you going home today?  I bet you can't wait. 


AFM: Reading reassuring responses to Christie has been good for me, too, since I'm having a little scare of my own.  I was shocked last night to find that I was having light spotting.  I've never had even a trace of spotting with either pregnancy, so it is pretty freaky.  But the blood is brown, and there is very little of it (only noticeable on TP, no flow at all), so I'm working hard at not freaking out.  I did call the midwife, who was reassuring.  It is possible that it is related to my progesterone shots, since I had just done the weekly shot an hour before.  Since it had been a full 7 days, the spotting could be "withdrawal" bleeding as my progesterone levels were at their lowest point of the week.  I've had no cramping and have been feeling the usual amount of baby movement.  But I have to get on a plane in a few hours up to Seattle.  I have a fabulous few days in Seattle planned (new niece, BFF, an old friend's b-day dinner, etc.) and am trying to stay calm enough to enjoy them.  I'm currently "working" (ahem) in Delores Park Cafe in the Mission District--it is sunny outside, the music in this cafe is delightful, and the energy here is so vibrant and wonderful.  Yesterday, I did a prenatal yoga class with FORTY WOMEN!  I don't think I've ever been in a room with forty pregnant women--it was awesome.  So I'm trying to enjoy the moment and not to worry (emphasis on *trying*).  I'm still spotting very lightly, but it isn't getting any heavier.  Sigh.  I wish DP were here.



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Hi Everyone,

AmandaHope: I'm sorry you're having to deal with a bit of spotting, but it sounds like the babe is doing just fine. I hope that you're able to enjoy your time in Seattle as much as possible!

Library: False labor! How exciting! Maybe not too long now!

Osker: Thanks for the additional information. I had been thinking that Bum Genius were going to be too hard to wash and dry in an apartment, but I'll have to check them out. Thanks also for sharing the details of your laundry routine.

Seraf: Thanks for all the information. So helpful in thinking about how to make it work. Thanks also for sharing the pictures. I had been having trouble imagining how to hold an infant to EC, so it was great to see how you did it. Your kids are so cute.

Christy: That sounds scary, but (like many other people have said) the fact that you had no cramping is a great sign. It seems like lots of people have some bleeding and then go on to have healthy pregnancies. I hope you've had a reassuring ultrasound! hug.giffingersx.gif

Mizyellow: Thanks for the gdiapers tips! I think we decided no on the NT scan. I hope that was a final decision because I'm tired of thinking about it. orngtongue.gif

Imogenlily: I think that g diapers sound like an interesting option too, but I've heard somewhat mixed reviews about them. I should do some more research (although at the moment I'm excited about trying flats). We'll see!

Megincl: Thanks for jumping in! I'm glad to hear that the diaper sprayer was easy to install! And it is good to remember that it probably doesn't make sense to settle too much on a diapering system before we meet the kid.

AFM: 11 weeks today! Do you notice that I am still pregnant? I am amazed.
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I love each and every one of you! Thanks for all the grouphug.gif, input, opinions, etc. It has helped more than you know!


Just came back from my OB's office. We were able to see the sac on the u/s and all looks good and safely entact. The yolk sac is only measureing 5w4d, even though today is considered 6w. Regardless, I am thrilled everything appears to be ok. My doctor said it seems as though the placenta has separated early from the sac. She said the u/s supports this as there's a slight visable difference. (Everything is so small, I can't tell a damn thing on those monitors no matter how many times they try to tell me the fuzzy mess is my uterus and the black hole is the sac!) She did say that this is somewhat common and that few women do bleed. They're going to be monitoring me over the next week via my beta results as my OB feels this is the best way to keep an eye on things as repeated u/s won't really show daily growth at this point. Alot of this sounds somewhat foreign to me, but as long as she feels it's ok, then that's what I am going with! Whew! Hopefully, there will be no more bleeding and this little one will continue to grow, grow, grow... love.gif My next beta is Monday and the next u/s will be April 18.


Again, so many thanks to each of you!



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