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Originally Posted by kaPOW! View Post

41 weeks today!!! BabyCenter sent me a nice little email about my "1 week old baby" this morning. lol

HA! They assume so much :).


I emailed the mod to get our belly pics and baby pics stickied....looks like the belly pics is now stickied.


I did a pilates workout today, it felt good.


My project lately has been getting color-bleeding stains out of my Kozy Mei Tai. angry.gif  DH found it in his trunk, with orange wiper fluid having leaked all over it. We haven't worn DS in months so I don't know how long it was in there. It was still damp from the fluid and has orange marks on it. This link is to the pattern I have http://kozyfabrics.homestead.com/Browntown.html, and I've never washed it before, so the brown must have bled onto the cream. I've done 3 oxyclean soaks and am on my third wash, and it's getting better. Most recently I sprayed it with Resolve laundry spray and let it sit for a while. In the first oxyclean soak, the water in the bucket was very orange/brown!! I made the mistake of using hot water in that soak and should have used cold, I think I caused MORE bleeding to occur.


Anyone have plans today? We don't. I may see about getting a copy of the second book after Hunger Games, which I read last week. I guess it's not in paperback yet so I don't really want to buy it, so I'm about to check our library's website, hoping they're not all on hold.

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Today I waddled over to Old Navy to try to find some bigger maternity bottoms. All of the belly panels in my current pants are digging into my belly now. I didn't have much luck as their store selection is terrible compared to their online selection.


My allergies have flared up really bad. Right now I am so congested and my nose is raw from blowing it so often. I've been having tons of BH contractions. I'm not a nice person to be around. I just want to sleep all day but can't even manage that due to being so uncomfortable.


At least the weather is nice, even if it is the cause of the damn allergy misery.

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My sister and fam arrived today.  They are on spring break and will be staying all week!  I'm 38 weeks, but sis is pulling hard for baby to come early so she can be there for the birth.

Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post

Today I waddled over to Old Navy to try to find some bigger maternity bottoms. All of the belly panels in my current pants are digging into my belly now. I didn't have much luck as their store selection is terrible compared to their online selection.


I am SO over maternity clothes!  Not only do I refuse to buy anything, every time I get dressed for work I say, okay you only have to wear this 3 more times....  this week I'll be saying 2!

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I've been wearing my Old Navy yoga pants more often than not....

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Dang, I'm so jealous of you all that are so close to delivering, im 36.5 weeks and it seems like I will be pregnant forever, considering it could be another 5.5 more weeks. I had dd at 39w, but I was way more dilated than I am now, so I feel like I will go later with baby boy here. Just trying to keep busy now!
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Hang in there mamas. I know those last few weeks are miserable! You'll all be blissfully holding your babies soon!!

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I'm with you Kalamos.... not due until the 28th and feeling a little jealous of all the new babies!  I do love to see the pics and read everyone's stories though.  It really helps me prepare myself mentally when I can read other's stories and know that yes... I can do it too!  


CookAHM- I have been wearing my 2 pairs of black ON yoga pants for the past month and a half.  NOTHING else I own fits over my ever expanding butt!  lol  DP keeps offering to take me shopping for new pants (and I need new tops at this point... they're all too short) but I refuse to go!  I'd rather wait and spend the money on new normal size clothes in a month or so.  


My town hosts the Midwifery Today conference every year and it was going on this weekend.  Ina May Gaskin (my hero) was speaking at it and I got to meet her yesterday! thumbsup.gif She had done a book signing on Fri, but it ended early and I missed her.  The conference director helped me look for her with no luck, but said she would arrange a meet up if I came back yesterday.  SO I did and I got to sit down with Ina May and talk birth and sphincter law.  It was really great!  She signed my books and it was so cool to meet someone whose books have had such an influence on my life!  I was having a grouchy pregnant lady sort of day too and almost didn't go, but DP drove me down there and came in with me for moral support.  I'm really glad he didn't let me skip out.


My girlfriends are throwing a Blessing Way/ Shower for me today.  They have been working on it for a while now and it will be really nice.  I had fun at the shower my family threw back in February, but I have been really looking forward to this party with my friends.  

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so I'm stuck somewhere between wanting this baby out NOW because I am just done and tired. and absolute paralyzing fear that I cant handle labor and delivery of this baby. also strangely enough I have developed a fear of pooping while I give birth.  I will be "catching" my own baby with my husband and in a position that isn't going to exacerbate my SPD. and suddenly my big fear is pooping during birth. WTH? have I lost my mind? seriously. i am vacillating very quickly between fear and wanting to get baby out. I know if DH and I DTD i will start with contractions and there will be no turning back. mmmm, if just DTD brings them on you would think everything is good right? i don't want to push it either.


transition scares me as well. and every time I think about my heart starts thumping.


I found my birth beads from my 2007DDC and those help. I have been praying a lot and taking rescue remedy when it gets really bad. everything is ready ...mostly

we discovered we could not put together the cradle because we don't have all the parts (it was given to us) so I had to go on my website and find one I liked and found one that doesn't really LOOK like a bassinet so I can use it for cloth diaper storage after baby out grows it. bonus. it should be here tomorrow.


i love all the birth stories and baby pictures. so many beautiful babies in this group!


oh and if one more person tells me Im going to pop I will hurt them I SWEAR!

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Originally Posted by kaPOW! View Post

41 weeks today!!! BabyCenter sent me a nice little email about my "1 week old baby" this morning. lol

Ha! Nice!


It's my Due Date!


Mamas with 2+ kids, did you gestate about the same length of time in each of your pregnancies? DD1 was born 6 days after her EDD (but was induced) and DD2 was born 10 days past hers. I'm wondering if this little guy will be hanging out for another week +...


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DS was born at 37+1. I went into labor naturally. I am now at 37+3. Been showing signs of early labor more and more over the past two weeks, but nothing definitive, so it could very well be a couple more weeks. Who knows. As of today, I am 3cm and 100% effaced and baby is VERY low, so I'm hoping that means things will get going soon!

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DD was born at 39w4d, ds1 at 40w4d, and ds2 at 39w3d. 


I went to Trader Joe's and got asked by the checkout lady "so, how are you - besides REALLY pregnant?" Awesome, thanks. Who asks that?


Add me to the yoga pants contingent, I have 2 pairs from GapMaternity and I wear them every day.  If I am going somewhere, I sometimes change into jeans or something, but a lot of times it is yoga pants all the way.  I love them.  They are the comfiest pants ever.

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I wish we could garden, we did a couple of small containers on our balcony last summer and will likely do the same this year.  Eventually I'll try to get a community plot but the thought of dragging the kids there right now is very unappealing.


Alicia - hope your mei tai colours turn out


Am living in ON yoga pants to!  I've officially given up on maternity jeans.


Deidre - that's awesome that you got to meet Ina May!


kittn - *hugs* if DTD will start labour then chances are baby's ready.  Hopefully your fears are one of those prelabour things and will disappear soon.


hannybanany - I hate to say this but my pregnancies keep getting longer - DS 34w6d, DD 38w2d, am currently 39w today and no baby yet.


DS managed to strain a groin muscle on Fri so I spent most of the day keeping him quiet and waiting for the Dr.


I spent 3 hours yesterday searching for an infant car seat!  There are so many crappy ones out there or they were too expensive.  We went to 5 different stores before finally finding one.  The only good thing to come from it was I started to lose my mucous plug in the process of walking around the stores.


Our neighbour decided to pull an all nighter with his friends.  It wasn't too bad until the music got louder at 3 am!  WTF?  I had DH ask them to turn it off and they did but they continued to be up and talking until around 8 this morning.  Am really hoping it doesn't repeat tonight, I mean we live in an apartment building with reasonable soundproofing but it was awful.


Have been having some contractions but nothing is regular.  I really want this baby to come.  I'm struggling to take care of my other two kids.  My mom's here to help right now but I don't know what I'll do if we have another couple of weeks before baby arrives.

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Deidre - that is really cool about meeting and talking with Ina May! She's coming to Seattle next month but I doubt I'll get out to go.


So I thought that loose bowels was an early labor sign...what if you have them for three days? I'm on day three, and while annoying I guess it IS helping my hemorrhoids. shy.gif


I was getting really annoyed at my black Old Navy yoga pants because I was hiking them up ALL the time. Then I washed them and they are a lot more snug and stay up well. Oops. I guess I should wash them more often. It's hard when they're always on lol.


I had a ton of braxton hicks yesterday...that with the loose BMs...am I close??? I'm so ready. I'm not impatient, per say, like I was last week, but I'm just feeling physically drained of being pregnant.  But baby has been posterior a lot! I've been leaning over a birth ball some, taylor sitting, etc.


kittn, what pushing position were you planning to avoid aggravating your SPD? Thankfully mine hasn't been too bad at all but I should keep that position in mind.

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Cook I've had loose bowels for 2 weeks now.  Still pregnant.  Lots of ctx but they haven't moved into active labor yet.  I am getting annoyed that I'm still pregnant and just want to have my body back and have a baby boy in my arms.  Dealing with my toddler is becoming more of a challenge and I am just over being in early labor for nearly 2 weeks now.  I know that things are progressing but at a snails pace and I'm getting super annoyed.  Not sure what I can do to just make my body go into labor on it's own.  Last time I was in early labor for 3 weeks and am coming close to the same thing and I am OVER IT!!!!  I have regular, strong ctx that just don't seem to step it up a notch.  So annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'm starting to get the "so, do you have a date for induction yet" line of questioning :P


i'm pretty sure that life is going to get a whole lot harder for me once this baby comes, so personally i'm trying to really enjoy these last few days of only having one child's demands on me - and also really soaking up the precious one on one time with him. i'd be happy to go into labor right this second, don't get me wrong. but, if i don't, at least it means i get another night of *reasonable* sleep. starting to wish that i'd told everyone that i had a later due date, though. i KNEW i was going to run "late" with this baby, but since everyone always says the second one comes earlier... meh.

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Originally Posted by organicviolin View Post

Cook I've had loose bowels for 2 weeks now.  Still pregnant.


NO!!!!!!!!!! Arg.


Remembering: We WILL get there. We are VERY VERY close to the end.

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Yesterday and today I've been feeling almost PMS-y. Especially this evening I have fairly strong menstrual-like cramping very low in my abdomen, but if I feel my uterus, it doesn't feel like I'm having a contraction at the time. Is that just the pressure of the baby? DS was breech, so the pressure and sensations were completely different with him. Is this just one more sign of impending labor? I've had a million signs of labor starting soon - but no actual labor!

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I'm not sure, I wish I could tell you. I have felt those off and on at times. I don't doubt that those kinds of cramps are early labor contractions for some women. I think my Dr. Sears book says something about that, and while it's not labor, it can be doing work to efface or dilate the cervix some.


I had a quick question, I had some protein in my urine last week, it was between the 10 and 30 marks on the bottle. BP was fine, just average/normal swelling, no headaches (except today b/c I dozed in my contacts, I am fairly sure that is the reason). Midwife made no comment, and I read somewhere that all women will have protein in their urine at some point. I've had more sugar lately...could that be the cause? Anything to worry about?


ETA: seems quite normal to have trace protein (which mine was), but could also indicate being dehydrated, and I know I've needed more water, so it's a good reminder.

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Csection recovery can kiss my rear. This sucks.

Doing fine...just waiting for everything to set in place. My back is KILLING me from supporting my belly. If I didn't have this girdle thing, I don't know what I would do!

DS2 is just precious. Im a smitten kitten. More when I'm feeling better...these days I don't even want to get off the couch.
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also have had PMS like things going on, loads of cramps and ctx but again, not going anywhere.  I know he'll be here soon, but I'm getting impatient at this point....I am now 1 day over how long I have ever been pregnant before.  I thought 2nd babies came earlier huh?  He's dropped, no mucus plug, loads of discharge, ctx, loose bowels, the works and NO BABY!!!!!!!  Sorry I'm so venty.  Oh yea, I even had the right before you go into labor illness of a cold.  Still nada!

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