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Whoa! I may try this this weekend. It sounds disgusting but looks sooo good

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What about finding healthier ways to satisfy cravings?  I just experimented with this cake in both chocolate and vanilla and seriously may never make a "normal" white flour/sugar cake again.  I'm planning on serving it to my unsuspecting family soon to see if they can tell that it isn't a regular cake (By that I mean my extended family, DH and DS LOVED it!).  At least if you are eating this cake you are getting a ton of protein and no processed junk.  I sweetened mine with the honey and added an extra tablespoon since I didn't have any stevia.  I also used almond flour instead of coconut flour since that it what I had on had.  It was better than any store-bought or box mix cake I've ever had.  I even prefer it to some homemade versions I have baked myself!


What are you currently doing to lose weight?


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SpuglyRoo I realized I didn't answer your question. I got so excited by the cake. LOL I have been doing weightWatchers to track my portions and, until I hurt my back, was doing a Couch to 5K program. I am not thinking of myself as dieting. I am just exercising and trying to eat right with an eye on getting to a healthy weight. It has been slow but steady.

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I realized that the only times I lose weight is when i totally obsess over food. I guess when I just eat normally I must overeat or make poor calorie choices. I guess that means that even when I hit my goal weight I will have to always obsess over food or be back at square one. When DD1 was born I gained and then lost 80lbs. When DS was born I gained 50lbs and then lost 65lbs. Here I am after my third baby and almost 200lbs again. I don't know if I will ever get to a comfortable weight and stay that way. That's a lot of gaining and losing weight. I'm tired and grumpy today.

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Well Easter brought lots of Easter candy and a slice of birthday cake. My grams turned 89 today! The scale was down two pounds of the four that I had regained as of this morning. We'll see what it says in the morning. Good night.

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trekkingirl I don't think you should be too upset over the weight gain while pregnant. Your body needs to do what it needs to do then. You have lost it before you can lose it again. I think that's why we're on a pp weight loss thread instead of just a normal weight loss one. Our bodies have gone through and are continuing to go through a lot. There is no normal. At the other end of the weight loss journey I am hoping we will have trained ourselves to see "poor" choices and be able to balance them out. I also saw your last post. Easter brought treats this way too and we made cowboy cookies. We gotta have a little fun right? I don't want my kids to see me as dieting. My Mom was always doing one diet or another growing up.

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Where is everyone? How are the babies. Mine will be 1 year old in under a month. Can't believe it. If all goes well I should achieve my goal of losing 20 lbs before her first birthday. That will be 20 lbs in 6 months of paying attention to the scale pp. Slow and steady. After that I want to pick it up a bit and lose another 20 lbs before our trip to Hawaii early Oct.


Let's hear from you ladies!

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I was wondering where everyone went too! Thanks for the support pacificbliss. And Spuglyroo thanks for the cake recipe. Can't wait to try it. Today I pretended I was doing a cardio workout while I stocked bread. I work at a grocery store. I'm already less sore and feeling more limber. I guess I can feel ok not working out since I am moving so much at work. I just need to get my caloric intake down and I should start to see some weightloss.

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You know, I think that since I've change what I'm eating I've been a lot more joyful.  I kept singing yesterday.  And while that isn't unusual (I did major in music in college) it hasn't happen as often recently, or with the same intensity.  Yesterday my DH came home from work quite sick (he actually was so relieved to get home that when he pulled into the driveway and parked he tilted his head back and promptly fell asleep in the car).  When DS woke up from his nap he realized he had wet the bed and so I had him sitting on the toilet stripped naked and when I poked my head in on DH to check on him he asked how I was doing.  I laughed and said, "Oh I'm doing great!  DS is sitting on the toilet naked as a jay bird and he and his bedding are soaked in urine, DD is sitting on the floor in her room eating a receipt, and you're in here telling me that you think you're being cooked in a cauldron with angry men throwing bricks at your head."  And then I kind of did a goofy tap dancing/jazz shuffle out of the room sideways.  But really?  I wasn't lying, in spite of dealing with all that I really was feeling good.  I've become much less of the grouchy, cranky person I had been lately.  And I'm really liking it! 


PLUS I weighed 129 this morning!! Only four lbs away!  Once I reach my goal I'm going to focus on my body fat percentage (currently 30%).  I like not feeling blah, and cranky, and I like feeling thin and energetic.  I'm currently wearing a shirt that I bought around 5 years ago that promptly shrunk after washing.  It was too small for years and I kept meaning to give it to one of my younger sisters, the ones with the insane metabolisms, grr.  Is it wrong that I am kind of looking forward to the day when that stops working for them? I've always been the "meaty" one of my family, the only one who didn't get the high metabolism but I feel like because of that I am probably more healthy (or at least know better how to be healthy), even though they are thinner.  lol that sounds kind of bitter.  I guess I just think that naturally thin people are clueless when it comes to weight and health.  Anyway, I'm still here! 

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Hi everyone...Maybe people were on vacation from school? That's why I haven't been around.  While away I weighed myself when I happened by a scale and it was in the 140's so that got me excited (high 140's maybe 147?) but who knows if that scale was accurate. Tomorrow is my 6 week appt. so I will check my weight then. I was kind of bummed this a.m. as I checked my measurements and realized I was using the tape wrong so I am an inch bigger all over!  Oh well. I have still lost about 4 in. since the beginning of the month and I am not obsessing which is sometimes a problem for me.  Also have been too tired for late night snacking and I think that's helping, lol!  Struggling to get enough sleep though because when I am overtired I overeat to keep going, anyone else do this?

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I feel like I have finally woken up from a food coma.  And I don't mean one that was caused from a recent heavy meal.  I think that I have actually been living in a food coma and am only just now realizing it because I have started to shake off the effects.  It wasn't because of the quantities of food I was eating, but was caused by what I was eating in the first place.  This morning DD woke up an hour early.  When DH took her to the kitchen with him to have breakfast, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I actually got out of bed and jumped in the shower.  I never do that, even when I actually need to!  I feel like I am finally awake.  I have spent most of my time as a stay at home mom sitting.  Sitting reading books, sitting coloring, sitting playing blocks, etc.  and in my free time? More sitting and reading or sitting at the computer.  Now when I'm sitting I feel like I should get up and do something.  I don't feel so lethargic and bleary eyed, even an hour before my usual wake up time.  We had pancakes for dinner the other night because DH came home from work sick and thought he'd be able to eat them.  They weren't at ALL part of our new diet, full of white flour and white sugar.  An hour after eating them I was ready for bed.  I couldn't keep my eyes open and I felt like I had been drugged.  They weren't even topped with sugary syrup, I put homemade apple butter on them, and instead of milk I used yogurt in the batter (which I might be mistaken but I think that means they would have a little more protein? Now I'm not sure, I'll have to check.)  Amazing.  I use to live feeling like that nearly all the time.  The best part about changing the way we are eating is that I don't feel deprived!  I'm not restricting calories, or staying away from fat, I'm not hungry (well, I actually am right now, but that's because my DD is sleeping in my lap and I don't want to move and wake her up so I'm waiting, but I'd have done the same thing before).  And I'm still losing weight, 128.5 this morning!


Stella- 4 inches is quite a lot! Great work :-)


Trekkingirl- I laughed when I read about your Cardio Breadstocking workout.  I couldn't help picturing a cheesy workout video shot in a grocery store with loaves of bread, etc. as the exercise props and then that carried through to trying to shop while the workout video was being taped and imagining the bewilderment of the innocent passersby. Good for you making the most of your opportunities!  What about wearing ankle or wrist weights to work? 


pacificbliss- Yay for the upcoming birthday!  I still have another 2 1/2 months before my DD's comes up, it seems like life is on fast forward some times.  It's wonderful that you are approaching your goal!

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hah does the extra fifty pounds I'm carrying around count as ankle weights. LMAO

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So I can squeeze into my regular jeans...they are too tight but not ridiculously so anymore...had my six week follow up appt. and clothes on, after lunch it said 146.5 so I'll say it's probably about 145 if it was just me in the a.m. So down 35 with 15 to go. I feel lucky, it must be the nursing and being busy because I am basically eating what I want, thought trying to focus on more proteins (I discovered that the extra dark chocolate biscuit cookies have more protein than most other cookies, plus I love them, lol!)  And trying not to overeat but too busy for that. And trying not to eat too late at night but usually too tired for that. I would like to exercise a bit more as I think that would feel good. There's a post natal yoga class here that you can bring your baby to and I am going to try & make that tomorrow. I may try to work out from a home a bit here and there as well or get out for walks as it is FINALLY starting to get nice out here!


I am impressed by all you ladies (SnuglyRoo and I think someone else too) in the 120's...I realize it's an individual thing but that for me has always been the very lowest end of my range, I am on the tall side, so I am impressed with those numbers...but you can't possibly have much left to lose at this point? 


Btw, I am newly postpartum so I think that has helped with the relatively quick loss of lbs & inches.  My babe is gaining today, I weighed her too and at seven weeks she is 12.5 lb!  Up from 9 lb 3 oz....so she's helping me!

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I'm here- just lurking. Holding steady at 134-135 these past few days. Been working out like crazy so I am hoping stepping up my game will help me get rid of these last 5lbs and FINALLY reach my ultimate goal weight! I finally measured myself too and I am 5'4.5", and not 5'5" like I thought.. maybe I shrunk?? Now of course I am wondering if I should set my goal for 125, since I am shorter than I thought! I will never be happy, I guess! :)






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Stella, I'd have to agree that weight is very much an individual thing.  We all carry it differently and have different body types so even comparing two people of a similar height won't be fair to either of them.  My sisters and I have the same body types and are of the same height (if anything they are a bit taller then I am) so I feel comfortable comparing with them.  I think they are a bit too thin at around 115 and since neither of them have had children they aren't as...padded as I am.  They are part of the reason I set my goal to 125 (only a few lbs to go!) because I could see in them a reflection of what my body would be like at that weight.  I could probably even go to 120, but that isn't my goal.  I think the mid 120's is where I am aiming to stay.  I am more concerned with getting rid of my belly fat and starting to tone up than in losing more weight.  If anything, toning up and gaining muscle will probably make me weigh more, though I may look thinner.  The weather is nice again so DH and I are going to start lifting together in our garage (it isn't insulated so we can't do it in the winter).  We used to do it in college and I know that he'd like a partner again (he actually enjoys exercise, weirdo).


Trekkingirl, lol.gif probably not according to any fitness guru, but they're all strange anyway so who listens to them? winky.gif


Amanda, you probably didn't shrink.  You may have been mis-measured either before or this time.  I wouldn't worry about 1/2 an inch, focus on how you are looking, feeling,  and how your clothes are fitting rather than the number on the scale (or tape measure).  You have come so far, I think that your success has helped me focus a bit and I'm so glad you started this group.  It's nice to have somewhere to come where others will really understand the ups and downs of postpartum weight loss and be able to cheer you on either way.

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I am really surprised today.  I wanted to weigh my babes, as the larger twin is really getting hefty, so I weighed myself as well.  The weather has been crappy, 6 inches of snow, followed by cold, followed by wicked, cold rain storms.  Yuck.  Only had one nice day in the last two weeks or so to walk.  Plus, with Easter and celebrating the end of Lent, I've been eating crap.  And yet, I've lost 6 pounds, so I'm down to 191!  So at 8 weeks pp, I've lost 43 lbs already.  Nursing rocks!  The babies have gained well, weighing at 12.1 and 10.8 (tenths, not ounces, off the Wii fit).  Their birth weights were 7,12 and 6,8, but they had both dropped nearly a pound at first.  


We have beautiful weather today.  I'll be taking advantage of the opportunity to go out and walk a mile or two.

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So I just realized that I have a whole bunch of work out shows on demand through my cable provider. Maybe I should check them out.


Congrats on losing six pounds effortlessly mylilmonkeys.


I'm down to 196 so I have lost 4 pounds recently. My prepregnancy weight was 188lbs so I am not too far away. Aubrey Rose is almost 14 weeks so I am pretty proud of my progress. I still have a long way to go though. My baby goal right now is to hit 190lbs. Maybe if I lose those six pounds I might fit into all the jeans that I haven't worn in about a year.


How is everyone else doing?

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Way to go ladies!  I had a Mirena (IUD) put in last week and I am hating it...making me feel really crampy and PMS-y (which for me means wanting to eat lots of cookies and feeling depressed).  Yuck!  Internet research shows it effects a lot of people this way with weight gain & depression -- who needs it?!  I wish I had been told this...I am calling tomorrow and asking it be removed & replaced with the non-hormonal one. Anyone here had a similar experience?

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still hovering at 196. I hope to have some progress to report the next time I post.


How about everyone else? I'ld love to hear how your weightloss is coming along!

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I'm here! I'm almost 6 weeks postpartum after a tough pregnancy with 8 weeks of bedrest and a csection. My recovery is going fine but I'm not up to hard workouts yet. I've walked a few times and lifted light weights. Once I get the green light at my pp checkup in a week I'm going to hit heavy lifting and interval training hard. I need to lose about 25 lbs. Bleh!! Depressing! Of course I'm nursing so it's going to have to be slow going but I'm determined to make it work!

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double post.. oops

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