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Way to go ladies!  I had a Mirena (IUD) put in last week and I am hating it...making me feel really crampy and PMS-y (which for me means wanting to eat lots of cookies and feeling depressed).  Yuck!  Internet research shows it effects a lot of people this way with weight gain & depression -- who needs it?!  I wish I had been told this...I am calling tomorrow and asking it be removed & replaced with the non-hormonal one. Anyone here had a similar experience?


So for me personally.. I did gain weight after Mirena. Not a significant amount, only around 10lbs.. but then I was UNABLE to lose any weight AT ALL. And I still had 30lbs of pregnancy weight with my DD to lose when I got it put in.. I didn't realize the two were connected until I had it removed 10 months later and instantly dropped 10lbs. I then got pregnant 2 months later, and had the paragard (copper non hormone) put in after I had my DS..and well, I weighed around 200lbs when I got it put in. That was 14 months ago. :)



AFM: 133!!!!!!! That is correct, a THREE next to the 3!!! 133!! I could have cried tears of joy on the scale. I even weighed myself 4 times in a row to make sure it wasn't wrong! (and then maybe I checked the batteries in the scale, and then weighed myself on the wiifit for accuracy.. shh)


So I am not making my ultimate goal weight of 130 by my birthday (saturday) which I am a little bummed about, but according to this post from my birthday last year, I was 179 lbs (and thrilled!) So I am going to celebrate being able to keep 50lbs off in a year. Once the summer comes, I will really celebrate, because that will be when I hit my first goal weight of 150lbs. Keeping off 70-80lbs in a year will feel even better than 50!


Now to work off these last 3lbs....



(p.s... its may now....)

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Sorry ladies! I have been travelling like crazy for work. If you have not done so already please update your stats in bold and I will get a May thread up.

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Amandamanda -- wow weigh to go!!!! Only 3 lb from your goal that's incredible!!! Congrats!


Did the Paragard bother you? I don't see much complaints in my internet reserach, not like Mirena anyway...I have an appt. next week to get this thing out...they wanted me to try it for three months but that was unfathomable to me and I insisted...which is not something I would have done a few years ago, so I was proud of myself! I plan to go with the Paragard but welcome your thoughts...thanks!


Oh, and Pacific Bliss I am down to 145 when I weighed myself last week.  Thanks!

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May thread is up. I lost 6 lbs!

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191 last week here.


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Haven't made any progress and I haven't really been watching what I eat either. What is it going to take for me to get movin with this weightloss? Tomorrow is a new day.

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'K ladies, I had the evil Mirena removed and swapped for the plain copper IUD...I hope now I will feel less like eating cookies & milk at bedtime...I did not weigh myself today while at the MW's office (I don't have a scale at home) as it has only been two weeks and I think I've been eating kind of lot and doubt I've lost anything and if I've gained well I don't want to know.  I did, however, make it to a hard yoga class the second "real" one I have been to this week so at least I have been exercising. I have gotten in a few walks too. Btw, question -- my abdomen is kind of firm and sticks out a bit under my ribs and then the lower part is a bit flabby and the skin is a bit a la saggy baggy elephant. What's up with the top part of the abdomen being so firm yet sticking out? Are those organs that still need to work their way bag into place? This is my 3rd baby and I am 9 weeks PP. I used a belly binder and it did help -- I carried all in my tummy. 

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