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I was just over 19 when DS was born (I turned 19 oct 3, he was born oct 30) and I am always feeling out of place and sometimes just plain weird! lol

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Another young mama here. I'm 25 and pregnant with my third smile.gif
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Ooh, I fit right in, I am 24 and expecting my third. : )

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WifeofAnt - My husband was deployed when my son was first born too! He was gone from April 2009 to March 2010 and my son was born in September 2009. Hang in there! I know what you mean about people thinking you're a single mom... I got that all the time.

I just turned 23 and my boy will be 2 in September. We're hoping to conceive #2 soon. smile.gif
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I suppose I am! I am right around where you all are! I'm 23, and pregnant with #4! I had my first at 18, second at 20, third at 21, and fourth I'll still be 23.



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Another young mama here. I'm 25 and pregnant with my third smile.gif

Woo hoo! I'm not alone, then!


I'm 25 and have 5 (Yes, all mine. Yes, by the same father. Yes, we're done.). I got pregnant at 17, then again at 19, then 20, and at 23 with twins- which means I gave birth at 18, 20, 21, and only a few weeks into 24. 


I have a hard time connecting with older moms, with mainstream moms, with younger moms... I think I may just suck at connecting. LOL But I am always so happy to see other young mums! 

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I saw the title of this thread and got excited! Although I'm not as young as I used to be! I just had a birthday and am feeling older these days since I'm now "pushing" 30! But I totally understand what its like being a young mama. I had my 1st our DD when I was 23. We live in a neighborhood where there are lots of nannies so I constantly have people asking me if these are my kids! I feel like being a young mom is great though! We have our whole lives ahead of us! And will still be young when are our kids are grown and gone! shine.gif

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I was 23 when my first was born, 24 when my second was. I look super young - just the other day I was asked if I was starting college this fall - I'm 28 now. Sheesh. In college they asked me if I was in middle school, and in high school they mistook me for an elementary schooler. Huh?? The cops would even confiscate my ID at times back in college because they thought it was fake until they checked it out. I don't get it, I don't think I look young, I'm not short, I don't act immature, my voice isn't high, etc. But I've gotten so many comments about the teen mom thing when I was pregnant and when my kids were babies. Now that they're 3 and 4, often people just think I'm a babysitter... I don't get it, really I don't. It's hard to get respect sometimes. And the funny thing is, I don't even feel judgmental about teen moms, if they're good moms, that's all that matters, but I just am so tired of the stigma attached to them. My son also has ADHD and he's very hyper, so we are always drawing attention to ourselves. I'm always wondering whether they're thinking that I'm just too young to handle my kids.

I was out with a friend and we encountered a woman who asked about schooling our kids, and my friend (who's a couple of years older than me) started talking about homeschooling and I chimed in agreement. The lady seemed horrified and said maybe my friend could handle it, but I certainly couldn't - and then she asked me if I even finished high school, having my kids so young. I told her that actually, I was almost finished with my Master's degree and about to start another, and she just rolled her eyes and walked away, as if I was making that up to be sarcastic to her or something. Whatever...

The only thing I ever regret about having kids so young is not being more financially stable. I wanted to start a family right after I graduated. DH was still in the military and there were a lot of jobs around as well, and I was worried about health issues cropping up later, and a bunch more reasons, la di da, so we decided to jump into having kids. I don't feel I exactly missed out on my 20's (DH definitely feels like that, unfortunately) but we have had major financial struggles. DH was supposed to be the breadwinner but he's been ill and we live off of his disability. If we didn't have kids I would be able to pick up the slack, for sure, by getting a job. As it stands, the only jobs I can get would be ones where I would have to put the kids into daycare, and I'm not willing to do that, not while they're young. So we make do with the teensy bit of money we can get and try to get by
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Hey everyone I am 23 and had DD at 21 and working on number 2!

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I get people asking me if I am the baby sitter all the time.  Or if I happen to be out without the girls, people ask me if I am expecting my first baby, and I say "third" and their eyes kind of bug out.  I also get the negative attention thing, because my three year old frequently melts down in public and can be very active.  We are really struggling financially, and everyone I know seems to have their opinions about how young we are, and how many kids we have.  Yeah, we'd have more money if we didn't have kids.  The money and things I have are worthless compared to the joy of having my kids.



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I am a SAHM and we live off of $16-1700 a month. DH is going to be going to school in Sept but for pre-requs and then a year FT for HVAC. *He* seem to think he will be fine working 40hrs a week and doing school although I have offered to go back to work but then he would have to be a SAHD in school b/c we can't afford daycare and don't have anyone to help. Anyway we live very modestly. We have one car, no cell phones, no convienience type of things YK? Is it hard, yeah at times (mostly b/c our super cheap apartment doesn't have a yard though and we have no park within walking distance).

Now DH decides it's time for baby #2 and I am nervous. He is really excited though and I did pray about it and the answer I got was to do it so I guess I just have to trust DH and trust God. But it is soooooo hard not having a car! BTW there is no public transportation here either.

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Originally Posted by cakahy View Post

Another young mama here. I'm 25 and pregnant with my third smile.gif

Me too! :)




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I am 23,my DS is 3 and DD 4 months old!
I can't find any young moms,I started a group for young moms in my area and most of the members are in their 30'seyesroll.gif

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Hi everyone!!


I am 23 and have an 8 month old DD. I am Asian and my husband is white, and she turned out very....pale to say the least smile.gif.


Everyone always asks if I am the nanny.

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I too get asked if I am the au pair frequently at the playground.

Hi mamas, I just turned 25 last weekend and had my dd almost two months after I turned 23. I felt so young and isolated for a the first year. I am a good 10-20 years younger than almost all of my mommy friends who live around me. It is hard enough becoming a mom for all women bc we categorize ourselves post baby(in my not so humble opinion) tthis is what I think happens:

You have a baby and we go from being a sisterhood of women to:
Women who have babies and women who don't
Mom's who stay at home and mom's who go back to work or work part-time or work from home(four way split)
Mom's who parent conventionally and those who don't
mom's who are married and mom's who aren't
mom's who are "right age" (30-35) to those who aren't (everyone else)

this was my experience where I used to live. I moved last fall and joined the holistic mom's network. I must say I have really found a community and highly recumbend finding a chapter or starting one if you can bc it's wonderful not to be judged. =)

I sometimes feel like I am missing out of the post college move to the city sharing apt.s with your friends and working scene but I then realize how lucky I am to have eeverything I wanted (albeit in a different order than I planned... move in, baby, engaged) just 5-10 years earlier than I planned.

There is always a good time to have a baby and never a good time to get pregnant. (This rang true for me eveen more while we were trying to decide when to try for another baby)

Sorry for any typos.

Good luck to the mama ttc! Hugs

And Go you to all you fantastic mamas! I agree age doesn't matter as long as you do the best for your children.
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Hi ladies! I am 25 and due any day with #2! 

DD is almost 4 and DH and I are both PT students trying to get by!

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I am 22 and have a 2 year old son. I tried for along time to find other young moms on the internet to be friends with. I even found some girls on facebook who I went highschool with who had babies. But I was never able to get close to any other young moms because our parenting styles were so different. I started going to LLL meetings when my son was about 10 months old and the women there have become my best mom friends. I am the youngest one in the group and the only single mom, but they don't treat me any differently. I'm even finding now that I've been in the group for a while, other moms even ask me for advice occasionally. So I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that being like minded seems to be a lot more important than being close in age. Ironically, my first good mom friend I made at LLL had a son who was my son's age and also had a son the same age as me. :)

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When ever people are going door to door in my neighborhood, I open the door and they ask if my mom is home and I say "no, I'm the mom here." and then I try not to roll my eyes at the surprised look on their face. 

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Yeah, that happens to me a lot too. I never get it over the phone but in person? It does.

What's hilarious is that we are temporarily LIVING with my mom, so when they ask if my mom is here, I actually bring her out.... Heh....
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Hi everyone! 


We have a new feature that allows forum members to create "clubs" of their own that have many of the same benefits of a forum, including multiple threads, a member's list, and group messaging. All tribes are invited to switch from the one-long-thread here in FYT to the new Social Groups. You can read more about it hereLet me know if you have any questions but please post to that thread so I can keep everything in one place. smile.gif


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I'm 26 and have a 2 y.o and a 4y.o. and we are ready for a 3rd in the near future. everyone thinks I look like I'm 16, so I get the teen mom stare downs all the time or the "are those your kids?" (My husband is hispanic so my kids are darker and don't look a whole lot like me) I also feel like I can't find any like minded momma's my age.

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