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I know i am soooo terrified of injury right now i dont work out at all...i have been successfully losing 10lbs a month since January ...and i try to walk my errands when i can...but it really only amounts to about 3 - 4 miles a week.  I keep promising myself i will do more when i have lost another 50 - that will bring me to 200lbs.  Plus im 41.....not that that should be an excuse...but honest;y - i am in AWE of you guys who run or jog and anything aerobic! 

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Originally Posted by motherhendoula View Post

I know i am soooo terrified of injury right now i dont work out at all...i have been successfully losing 10lbs a month since January ...and i try to walk my errands when i can...but it really only amounts to about 3 - 4 miles a week.  I keep promising myself i will do more when i have lost another 50 - that will bring me to 200lbs.  Plus im 41.....not that that should be an excuse...but honest;y - i am in AWE of you guys who run or jog and anything aerobic! 

  Working out is definatley harder when you are substantially overweight. A couple of months back when I finally got serious about weight loss I bought Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I started wheezing ( I have asthma) and could not even finish level one. I also got a horrible shooting pains in my shins for about a week. I don't know if I did one of the excercises wrong or if it was from all the jumping but I was in pain.




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Thank you for the support and input!  I will stick with 8 minutes until it gets easier. 


I just wanted to report that I lost 2.6 this week, bringing my total loss for the month since I started WW on March 3 to 12.8 lbs.  :)

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Great work AtHoney! You keep pushing your body and the change keeps happening and as you change more, you'll get stronger and be able to do more, more confidently.



I have been slow and steady for the last couple of months and not getting as big of numbers as I really wanted. But, I have hear today with the kind of loss I have been wanting! Yay!


Starting weight, 1/1/11:    256

Weight Last Week :         229

Weight Today:                 226

Next mini-goal:    225

Goal weight:        175


Total Lost:  -30 pounds



I hit the 30 pound mark this week and I feel awesome about that. One of my goals, never stated here but always in my mind, is that my son's birthday is next month and I still have a lot of weight gained in my pregnancy and postpartum with him. I was about 185 or 190 when I got pregnant with him and gained a lot of weight. I really wanted to lose about 40-45 pounds by his birthday and it is looking possible. It gives me about 6 weeks to lose another 10-15 pounds and I am really hopeful of doing that or getting close.


I also had to buy new pants, size 16s, which was thrilling and I have given myself rewards in the form of shoes. I wanted something good for me for rewards, so shoes it is :)


Hope everyone else is doing great!

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This week has been great workout/eating wise and discouraging number wise. I have been having some swelling/water retention issues. I have woken up a couple of different mornings with my wedding ring squished onto my finger so I know that my fingers are majorly swollen and I feel like other stuff is too. On those mornings, I am up 5 pounds from the morning before. It has gone away over a few days but that has led me to be up a pound today instead of down a few like I was a few days ago. I realize that it is probably just something with my body adjusting to all the excersise, healthier eating and just being much more active in general life (all of these have changed slowly over the last few months and have increased drastically in the last couple of weeks). I'm trying not to stress to much about the numbers it just stinks to see the scale going in the wrong direction when I am working so hard to do everything right!


I have new workouts coming tomorrow that I am really excited about. Hoping that they will really boost my numbers:)


Just keep at it for those struggling with the exercise! I have gotten into the habit of only watching one thing at a time if I'm lounging around watching tv. I was the queen of channel surfing and would flip between several shows at once. Sometimes, I wouldn't get up (except maybe to go to the fridge!) from 8-11 or so between when the boys go to bed and I go to bed. Now, if I'm watching tv, I pick one thing and get up and move around on commercial breaks. Sometimes, I get up and do some house work, change out laundry or load the dishwasher and sometimes I just step from side to side, do some kicks, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. I have found that I've starting to get really antsy watching tv. If it's not something I'm really interested in (I have wasted many hours watching terrible tv that I'm not really even enjoying!) then I turn it off and do something else. I'm ready to jump up when the ads come on and sometimes before. I have even found myself standing and moving around through whole shows. It doesn't really get my heart rate up, I don't usually sweat, but I'm not just zoned out laying there anymore.


Little things add up to make a big difference! HTH! Something that has done a lot for me:)



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Subbing late in the game. Still pregnant - 9 weeks today and still losing, but not dieting or exercising. I guess I'm just not very hungry and I'm really tired and nauseous most of the time, so weight gain isn't a problem yet.

Jan 1: 220
Current: 188
Goal: 130 eventually and to not gain more than 15 pounds this pregnancy.
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I absolutely love this thread - reading about all your losses is so motivating.


I had a lightbulb moment the other day.  I may not be able to walk more than 8 min at a time, but I can do that more than once a day.  So, this week I am playing around with exercise, seeing how much I can reasonably do during the day.  I am aiming for 3 walking sessions a day, so at least 24 minutes/day.


I am also trying to concentrate on drinking a lot of water.  Sometimes my hands get swollen if I eat too much sodium, so I am watching that as well.  


Last night, I went out with some friends for our weekly ladies' night and I ate nachos, a couple of chicken wings and bleu cheese on my salad.  In terms of points I am OK, I counted them and used my weekly points for the food, but in terms of sodium - OY!  I feel like I am typing with fat little bear paws right now.  lol


Today is the day I take my measurements.  I am super excited.  :)

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You ladies are still a constant source of inspiration! Especially when it comes to working out.  I realized I forgot to check in on Sunday but this week has been very stressful.  I was proud of myself though because I didn't drink soda (which I desperately wanted) and I didn't overeat.




Starting weight: 232 (March 10th)

Last week: 220.5

This week: 218

Goal Weight: 145 (by the end of the year ))))

Mini Goal Weight by April 30th: 209


I may or may not hit that mini goal by the end of April but I"m going to give it my best shot


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I am up one pound.


Here is the thing we just lost a huge chunk of monthly income and we are awaiting some kind of state assistance and our food budget jut plummeted to $200 this month! How the heck can you eat healthy on that? I feel like we are eating pasta, pasta, and more pasta b/c it can feed the fam for a couple bucks...



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Hello all! I have been stuck at the same weight for about 2 weeks but started a new workout tues that includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and have lost 4 pounds in 2 days:) It was bound to happen since I had been working out and eating so well but the HIIT really shook things up to plow through that plateau! The ones I'm doing are dvd workouts, but HIIT is something that can be done no matter what you are using for cardio. While you are on the treadmill, elliptical, etc, do a warm-up followed by 30-45 seconds of going as hard as you can (whatever that means!) and then 30-45 seconds slowed down to catch your breath. Repeat (my first video does this 9 times for a total of about 15 minutes including warm-up and you work up to 25 min) then cool down and stretch really well. Try it! I feel great and am really excited to finally get the scale moving again!


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SoSurreal: beans are a great way to eat both healthy and cheap! I love lentils, 15 bean soup, and red beans and rice. If you add some sort of sausage to them, boil it first and it will take a lot of the grease out. I am married to a cajun and his red beans will never be w/o sausage:)! I usually take one or two slices and cut them up into small pieces so I feel like I'm getting a little with each bite and the kids are happy to be left with the rest!


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SoSurreal:  I know how hard that is.  I second the recommendation for beans, and we still eat pasta but watch portions (and that si very difficult to do).


I have a good and bad update.  The good news is that the plan to walk 30 min a day is going great.  I actually walked 22 minutes all at once yesterday, a week ago I didn't think I could do more than 8 min at a time!  I discovered the benefits of a good stretch before working out, and found out that I can walk longer with my ipod than I can while watching tv.  Also, I've been sticking to my points pretty well so overall it's been a nice, successful stretch of a few days.  yesterday I was very emotional over some family stuff and I didn't binge, instead I journaled and hopped on the treadmill.  I am amazed I was able to get through that without inhaling the kitchen.


The bad news is the scale is up.  I have no idea why!  I drink a gallon of water a day, work out, eat healthy, it's not my time of the month...  I am really frustrated with this.  My WW weigh in is on Sunday and I really do not want to have a gain but I feel like I've done everything in my power to lose and the scale is just not cooperating.  :(


I guess this will be the week to concentrate on Non Scale Victories.  :/


(Edited to add:  I forgot to mention that I measured myself and I've lost 13 inches, including 2.5 inches from my waist!  that is super exciting, I had to keep measuring to be sure I was reading it right.)

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Attila- When I increase my workouts, I tend to hold onto or even gain what I assume is water weight for a week or so. Sometimes lasting 2 weeks. Focus on the way you feel and the inches you're losing this week and the numbers on the scale will come eventually(I know, easier said than done). You are doing great...I can't believe how much you have increased your walking in such a short period of time! Even if it's slower than you would like, you are moving in the right direction:)


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Atilla- I am thinking a gallon of water is too much.

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Craziest week ever. I had to work 3 times as much as usual and got no sleep this week. Only 2 work outs all week and one day I ended up eating really badly because I had no food left with me and was looking at 10 more hours of being at work. And then, I got my period this morning. Ugh. Got on the scale today and I am still 226, no change from last week. Glad to have not gained I guess. Hoping next week will be a better one!

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oh I am such a slacker-  I thought joining this group would help me stay motivated and provide some accountability.  I have busy the last couple weeks getting ready for a friend's wedding and preparing for Easter.  I haven't stepped on a scale since my first weigh-in of the month  I was encouraged that the dress I wore in my friend's wedding was actually too big!  It was supposed to be a strapless dress but we had to sew the straps on the dress in order to keep me in it!  joy.gif The dress fit perfectly when I bought it last Sept so it is encouraging to know that I am making progress!  I will weigh myself in next Wednesday to see how the numbers look.

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Originally Posted by Attila the Honey View Post

Hi LtLers! I have a mega lot to lose, about 170lbs.  I am trying to start walking and really, really struggling.  I think 12 minutes at a time is my limit, then I feel actual pain in my lower back and feet.  Actually, the pain starts around 8 minutes, by 12 it's unbearable.  I am walking on the treadmill, 1.5 mph and no incline.  (and I am embarrassed to admit that)


Anyone been there?  Have any words of advice or anything?  I really feel like giving up, it hurts so badly.  I am tempted to try to lose a chunk of weight first and then start exercising.  :/

Hi Attila! I'm in the same place you are - i've got 200lbs to lose myself. I confessed my true weight here, something I'd never dare to do even to my IRL BFF. Don't be embarassed because you are among friends.


Walking is horrible for me too. I get about 10 minutes in and my feet, my bad knee, and my lower back all start aching. The worst is when I stop - the pain and stiffness when I move again is almost unbearable. I've found that if I take a lot of fish oil and tumeric (careful, it's a blood thinner too) each day, my joints feel better, but not enough to counter the pain fully. I don't really have any advice, just wanted to let you know that you have a buddy who knows what you're going through...PM me if you want to talk privately.


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So I'm right back to where I started - 385lbs.


I know that the last few weeks have been super busy and stressful for me and I've been binge eating every speck of sugar and fat in the house. DH has decided to perfect his cinnamon roll recipe, making 48 rolls at a time. It is SOOOOOO hard to restrain myself from eating all of them!


So back on the wagon I go. Giddyup, cause this fat butt has got to go!!! 


Starting weight: 385lbs.

Current weight: 385lbs.

1st Goal Weight: 380lbs.

Final Goal Weight: 175lbs.

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Alright, it seems that I belong on this thread, lol.  I've been THINKING about losing weight for over a year, and that strategy has caused a gain of 20lbs or so.  Time to be a bit more active about it, no? 


My issues - time, mostly.  I have three tiny kids - a nearly 3-yo and 5 mo twins, and my DP works a lot, so I don't really get time without them to work out.  I'd been getting up to do yoga first thing in the morning, but then the 3yo started waking up and wanting me to lay with her (or just getting up for the day)  way too early, so that has fallen by the wayside...  A gym is not an option for financial and logistical reasons.  But I like working out, so at home usually works for me.


My plan - right now I'd like to get back into the daily (or most-days) yoga routine, eat sensibly, and walk with the kids every day.  I just bought a triple stroller so I can push all three kids on walks.  It weighs 60lbs (and my kids weigh 65 together) so it seriously intensifies a walking workout.  Plus this is a hilly town.  Yesterday I made a new friend and we walked 4 miles (2 hours!)  That's not feasible every day, but 30 mins/1.5 miles should be doable most days. 


My stats -

current weight 223lbs

long-term goal 150lbs

short-term goal 175lbs

mini-goal 210lbs by May 30

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To those with joint pain. What worked for me was drinking a liter of water with juice from half a lemon and a tbs of MSM daily. MSM has lots of wonderful properties and it's completely non-toxic. I discovered it jucefeasting last year and it's one of the few habits I kept up until I became pregnant again, but I'm betting it would be ok even now.

2 weeks and another 2 pounds lost. I'm gearing up for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as I'm 11 weeks today. I'm hoping to get back into walking and some slow jogging. Lately I've just been too TIRED.

Jan: 220 pounds
Current: 186 pounds
Current goal: Gain less than 15 pounds this pregnancy
Ultimate Goal: 130 pounds after baby, losing 2-3 pounds a week
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