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After reading the other replies, it seems relevant to know how well your LO does with solids in general.  Mine, for example, will probably not eat a whole avocado or banana until she's 30 :), so when I think about weaning her (she's formula fed, so I'd like to do this sooner than later), I'm really concerned with introducing foods that pack a nutritional and caloric punch in very small quantities.  Is that the case with yours, too, or does she eat solids pretty readily? 

We're struggling with the same thing. What I've started doing is just smearing everything with "something else." For example, Daniel loves toast, so I baste it in butter. He loves "wheatines" so I smear them with cream cheese. He actually digs cream cheese so much that he'll hold it in his hands and just lick the cream cheese off. Fine by me! I know you don't do purees, but Daniel even gets olive oil mixed into his purees. He likes to eat but only eats small amounts. He digs beans lately, also little chunks of cheese. So far he's had cheddar and mozzerella, but I'm eager to let him try fattier cheeses like brie. We also like yogurt a lot, but if we eat too much yogurt we have stomach issues so we only eat it once a day.

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hey really sorry havent replied sooner life got crazy as my dd had a severe allergic reaction and we've been trying to figure that out so since then everything else went on the backburner!

the probiotic powder i used when she was little was udos choice infant blend (i went to get that again but apparently they now only do toddler blend but its the same i'm told), but that does also have trace amounts of dairy. so i just got some 'florababy' by renew life for my 6 month old son, I'm not sure if that has any dairy traces but it doesnt say either way on the container or website so im hopeful it doesnt.

lottie :)


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How and why are you giving your babies coconut oil? I have some that I bought for cooking with and for using for our dry skin and we love it. Can I also feed him a little as well or melt it over his steamed veggies?
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 I give coconut oil in oatmeal and even on a spoon. It is much healthier than many other types of oil!

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My daughter is almost 10 months and we just give her fruits and veg all across the board. I was giving her all kinds of food, but she was having some tummy/night sleeping issues and her naturopath suggested I stay away from dairy, eggs, meat and wheat because those foods commonly cause food sensitivity reactions. She also suggested giving food that is high in iron and zinc because breastfed babes tend to be deficient on those two things at a year. At 12 months is when I will be giving my daughter things high in protein. Here are her suggestions, from a food introduction handout she gave me:


High in Iron foods: Swiss chard, dulse, mustard greens, leeks, apricots, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, peas, sweet potato, amaranth, beets, Lima beans, white potato, pinto beans


Medium Iron: Figs, Raisins, Prunes, Collard greens


Significant Iron: green beans, parsley, blueberries, banana, raspberries, apple sauce


High in Zinc: swiss chard, lima beans, white potato, green/string beans


Medium Zinc: Mustard Greens, kidney beans, split peas, leeks


High protein: Mung bean sprouts, tofu, lentils, split peas, pumpkin seeds, goat's milk, fish/tuna


Moderate protein: quinoa, amaranth, garbanzo beans, white potato, soy milk




I am trying to focus more on solids, upping the times I offer them to her. I am trying to give her meals three times a day on most days, I've been doing just two times a day. I try to give her food whenever I eat meals, but sometimes I slack on it.



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