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my 6 month ols has very bad eczema!

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my 6 month old  has  servea eczema, he has it all over his face,arm and leg. it weeps and is red and angry he is always on steroid/antiboitic creams plus oral anibiotics as it keeps getting infected.he constunley rubbing his legs together and scraching his arm and face, he on FUCIDIN H cream for his face and body at the moment as its infected again, i have to put epedem all over his boday 5 or more time a day and it gets better for about a week when hes on the antibiotics but as soon as hes off then it comes back within a few day! this has been going on since he has been 2 months or so. i was reading the paper the other day and read up on a cream called SKIN SALVATION this women had a girl with the same sort of eczema as my son, and she had tryed eveything to try and get rid of her eczema but nothing worked so she made her own remadie up in her kichen and it cured her eczema. i was going to order some off the internett but everywhere had sold out, so im going to the docters next week and asked him for a prescription for the skin salvation cream and see if it works? i was also wondering if enyone has tryed this cream and does it really work. pls help

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Oh, mama! I've so sorry that you've got to deal with this. It's really nerve wracking, I know. My dd had neurodermitis and her skin was cracking and bleeding and she, too, was on cortisone creams and antibiotics. In the end, I stopped using the cortisone cream because it wasn't really helping, not even with the itching. I switched to an OTC cream and lotion with evening primrose oil in it and would moisturize her from head to toe twice a day and use the thick cream on the leathery spots. And then never stop. That was her routine for several years. Bathe your ds as you'd like, but don't let him sit in soapy bath water too long. Also, you can do baths with milk and oil (a shot of oil in one cup of milk added to bath water) to help soften up his skin. Putting oatmeal in a tube sock and tying off the end and putting that in the bath water and then squeezing it often to get the silky water out of the oatmeal and into the bath water. But I might not do the oatmeal thing if he's got open sores, though.


I really hope you find a routine soon, like yesterday, that works for your ds. I know that this is a really rough time for you, but it WILL pass. I promise. hug2.gif

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thought I would post this link, I wrote down a really long post with the details of our routine. Hope it helps your little one find some relief!


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Is he breastfed? Do you eat dairy? Dairy is one of the biggest causes of eczema in babies.



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no hes not breastfeed but i did breast feed for 10 weeks. i never new dairy was the caus of exzame? thanks for the adives evryone much appreciatedsmile.gif had anyone heard of skin salvation?? was going to try that


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poor baby!

i would definitely eliminate dairy!  probiotics both taken internally and put directly on the eczema work well....buy some organic yogurt with live probiotics put it in, let it sit and dry a bit and gently rinse off.  acv-apple cider vinegar in a bath can help, making sure baby is getting plenty of efa's--essential fatty acids helps--putting oil on after a bath is absorbed thru the skin.  alternate between epo, coconut, olive, sesame, almond, apricot.


check out this website--great resource for natural remedies   www.earthclinic.com



my dh suffered from eczema as well as my 1 yr old niece.  

((()))) hugs.

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Like I said in the link I posted, no one type of lotion, wash etc. is going to change this problem. You have to start using really gentle products and moisturizer his skin intensively and often. And you have to get into a serious routine of doing it at least 2x a day for at least 2 weeks to start noticing a difference. If there is no difference from doing things externally its time to start thinking allergens. Things like a dairy allergy or wheat or anything really can and does cause the skin to "react" in a rash. Even through breastmilk.

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my dd had bad eczema until i cut out dairy, then it cleared up a lot. you might want to get allergy testing done. that is how i knew to stop dairy. i hope things get better for you and your lo.

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Both of my children had eczema. My son had a rash all over his forehead that seeped. When I eliminated dairy it went away. 

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Sorry to hear your little one has eczema. It runs in my family and I had it quite severely as a child.


I haven't heard of 'skin salvation'. I hope it is as good as the name claims!


Just as a word of encouragement, although yes, it's sore and itchy and all that, and can be quite distressing, I think my eczema was harder for my mum than me! as kids we just accept things and life is full of things that distract us, and now my most significant memory of my eczema is not the symptoms but that way my mum lovingly applied cream and bandages (when needed) every. single. night when it was bad. that love and care is what i remember abotu my eczema.


But here's hoping your LO may grow out of it even sooner than i did.


One of the biggest things that has made a difference to me and many others I know of was to make sure that the clothes washing detergent you are using is completely free of scents and the gentle/sensitive skin kind. I was surprised to see that even the 'pure/gentle etc etc' detergents marketed for babies/sensitive skin still contain scent and junky chemical stuff that makes my eczema flare up almost instantly. we call it 'non-bio' in UK and where i live now in Canada there is a fragrance free  purex and tide free (?) something like that which are pretty gentle. Best of all is soap nuts or a more natural alternative. sorry if that is old news its just that a few people i've chatted with lately havent known abotu that and had good results from switching.


Fish oils and udos oil always eases my eczema (and it only gets bad ocasionally now)

Also for babies,  mitts made from tube gauze bandages work well to stop scratching at night.


Wishing the best for your little one to improve soon, they are blessed to have a loving mama who is searching out the best solutions!

Lottie x

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haven't really read the other posts, so sorry if i'm repeating.  Definitely the two things I would give your LO are probiotic and some kind of Baby friendly fish oil (which will decrease the inflamation). 


also, either cut out dairy or do a food allergy test with a naturopathic doctor.


best of luck!


oh, you could also see a constitutional homeopath if nothing else is working.


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what foods have probiotics in them??


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anything cultured has probiotics in it.. like yogurt, saurkraut, kefir, kombucha, ....

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If, after trying food elimination, or anything else, it does not work, please consider seeing a homeopathic doctor.  I am currently interviewing for a position for one, and on her website is pics of a little boy she treated that had really bad eczema.  Here is the link: http://www.dupagehomeopathic.com/index.shtml  just scroll down a bit to see the pictures.  While I understand you are not in the area of this particular homeopathic doctor, its just showing you that they can help with the eczema.

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