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April running is not just for Fools! - The April Dingo Thread

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Calling all runners, walkers, and forward movers!  No requirements to post here, other than a desire for forward motion and enjoyment of chatting!


Race list is below if anyone would like something added, and our amazing accomplishments below that.


Spring, here we come!

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Here's the race list for the April thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

OceansEve - OKC Memorial Marathon - May 1

bec, Runningmommy - Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 7

Naughty Dingo - Lake Monona 20K - May 7

Pepe - Cinqo de Mayo Half Marathon - May 8

Naughty Dingo - Syttende Mai 20 mile - May 14

tjsmama - Colfax Marathon - May 15

Nemesis - Fargo 5K - May 20

Nemesis - Fargo 10K - May 21

Mel38 - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series - May 22 

Naughty Dingo - Madison Marathon - May 29

Realrellim, tjsmama - Bolder Boulder 10 K - May 30

mommajb - Carmel Marathon - June 11

bec - Naperville Triathlon - June 12

tjsmama - Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon - June 25

Naughty Dingo - Dances with Dirt Devil's Lake Trail Marathon - July 9

memiles - Warrior Dash - July 16

Nemesis and dh - Minnesota Warrior Dash - July 23

Realrellim - Lookout Mountain Triathlon - July 23

MotivatedMama - Beach to Beacon 10K - August 6

tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 7

bec - Bangs Lake Multisport Festival (Olympic distance triathlon) - August 14

tjsmama -  Venus de Miles Road Ride - August 28

mommajb - Indy Women's Half Marathon - September 3

bec and bec's dh - Warrior Dash Upper Midwest - September 17

mommajb - Columbus Marathon - October 16

bec - Hot Chocolate 15K - November 5

Naughty Dingo - Seattle Marathon - November 27

 Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post

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run.gif2011 Dingo Race Results  partytime.gif



babybugmama - Walt Disney World Half Marathon - January 8 (First half of Goofy challenge) - 2:21:14
babybugmama - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9 (Completion of Goofy Challenge) - 5:08:02
Nickaroloberry - Disney Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 4:59:14 (PR!)

HomeBirthMommy - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 6:12:57

Realrellim - Frosty's Frozen 5 and 10, 10 miles - Jaunary 15 - 1:33:51

Tjsmama - Yeti Chase 10K - January 22 - 1:05:18

Realrellim - Snowman Stampede 10 miles - February 19 - 1:29:05

Nickarolaberry - Scrub J 10K - February 19 - 1:01:42

JayGee - Ofallon YMCA Indoor Triathlon - February 26 - 47:14

modmom - Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 27 - 2:16

Runningmommy - 10K - March 5 - 47:16

Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 13 - 2:03:50 (PR!)

Nickarolaberry - Springfest 5K - March 19 - 26:43 (PR!)

MelW - CVRR Half Marathon - March 20 - 2:10:51 (PR!)

poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 27 - 2:34:57 (PR!)

Mel38, poppywise - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K - April 2 - 1:09:18 

bec, and bec's dh - Reach Out and Run 5K - April 9 - 37:40

Nickarolaberry - 10K - April 9 - 58:45 (PR!)

Realrellim - Platte River Half Marathon - April 10 - 1:57:38 (PR!)

Geofizz - runcbus 10 miler - April 10 - 1:34:42




2010 Results

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Time for a new thread - I really need to sweep March off the map, as it was a mean, crazy month.  I'm ready for spring!  And running outside!  And selling my house!


That all said, I don't think I'm going to get a run in today.  I'm flying to KC this afternoon for a conference, and our realtor called last night and wants to show the house tonight, so I think I'll be rushing around until I have to go.  It's supposed to be high 70s tomorrow in KC, though, so I'm taking running shorts and hope to get an early outdoor run in.

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Good morning and happy April!  Here's to a new month!


Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  Ran to the ATM, met someone to buy DH an old Super Nintendo, YMCA playgroup, back into town to the Post Office, then home.  Where V proceeded to fall onto our driveway and hurt her knee.  By the time we got her inside, she had a huge white knob on her knee which looked really scary.  So we ate lunch and went back into town to the chiropractor where she was fine - just bruised up.  Thank goodness for a short nap before we went to J's parent's house to spend time with family (and Australian cousins).  


April 2nd can be slow and relaxing.  I am hoping to try another disc in the Yoga Booty Ballet series.  The first one was SO.MUCH.FUN.  It starts by warming up with yoga, the middle part was dancing/aerobics, and the end was core (which I did parts of).  There is a Yoga Booty Ballet Baby disc too for prenatal... I may get that too.

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Thanks for the new thread, Jen!  I agree that March needs to be cleaned away.  What a month irked.gif.  Good luck with your showing tonight and have a great trip to KC.  Any word on the house you made a bid on there?


It's absolutely beautiful out this morning, so as soon as I can, I'm heading out for a 4 or 5 miles.  We'll see how it feels, since I haven't run in about 10 days.  This cold has been nasty, but it appears to be on its way out.  Thank goodness.  I was supposed to run a 5K this morning, but didn't get my application in on time.  Oh well....


We had such a nice night last night.  One of the girls who babysat for us when we lived here before came over for dinner and then we were invited to the neighbors to enjoy their new fire pit.  We're having the same kind of fire pit built in our backyard and it's going to be awesome!  Tomorrow night DH and I are finally heading into St. Louis to celebrate our anniversary, a week late.


Happy April, Dingoes!!!



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Yay for being done with March!


It's 6:30 on a Saturday, I've been up with a raging sore throat for 2 hours.  I was just thinking 2 days ago how we've been so healthy this year compared to others we know.  Sigh.  DD1 left for Hawaii yesterday and was saying her throat was a bit sore as well.  I'm really, really hoping she wakes up fine today.   The last thing I need is to have sent a sick kid to Hawaii with my stepmom and dad.  Today I'm supposed to run 5K (which I may skip, I'm re-thinking my half-in-5-weeks plan, and thinking that if I'm going to skip a scheduled run, this would be the one), as well as take DD2 to my sister's for a few days, go watch DD1's team in their state cup game, and get everything out of our room to start painting.  Yesterday we replaced the toilet in our bathroom as we found out something happened during the work we did last week and it was leaking.  Is it silly I'm stupid excited for a dual flush toilet?


Secret Sprinter, a big thank you, even though you are still secret.  I somehow remember someone else saying that they forgot to reveal but I can't find the post.  Whoever you are, know that I LOVE all the goodies.  There has been much fighting over the super cute knee highs as DD thinks they are for her soccer practices.  Um, NO.  

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Nic - Sometimes I think we are the same person.  I have a water bottle and tote bag problem too.lol.gif


Jen - I hope your conference goes well, and you find a great house! 


So, I'm trying to get myself worked up for a long run.  I want to run somewhere between 10 and 12 miles today.  And, I'm not feeling motivated.  I know I need to get a run in, and I know I need to do it today (supposed to rain tomorrow), but I think I'm burnt out on this half marathon training! 

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Mel and poppy, enjoy your race today!!

On veg party snack- hummus with veggies or crackers is our go-to. I also make a veggie pate with sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast and variety of veggies food processed then baked. It's delicious, but lots of kids are turned off by how brown it looks.

Nic, when I wanted to try a veg diet as a teen, my mum made reading a couple of books on vegetarian nutrition mandatory. It was really helpful in making me responsible for my own health and nutrition, and I have carried that interest ever since.

Memiles, hope you're feeling better soon.

So, am I the only one wearing underwear? I run in regular cotton bikinis- the same as I wear every day. When I was running the half the woman standing in front of me at the start was stretching, and it made it pretty obvious that she was commando (I could even see her tattoo). So I suggest a rear check in the mirror first wink1.gif

No RR for me. Tempted, but I want to give myself a week of daily yoga and hip restoration before I try. The countdown is on for next Thursday.
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MelW ~ I don't wear undies to run either, just the liner in my running shorts.


RR ~ 5 super-delicious, warm and sunny spring miles with birds singing and trees blooming and that yummy spring smell all around me treehugger.gif!  I ran the opposite direction from the YMCA 15K runners so I cheered them all on as they passed me.  I think most of them thought I was a bit cuckoo.  Now, to enjoy a fabulous spring day!

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Ok, well, I haven't gotten out for a run yet, but I have been thinking about exercise! 


Jen - can you put me down for the Bangs Lake Multisport Festival for August 14?  I just signed up for the olympic distance triathlon.  Now, I guess I need to start actually running. eyesroll.gif

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Thank you for the new thread DrJen!  Sending you lots of goodvibes.gifthat anemia can be stress related like everything else.  And another irked.gif for your son.  I can't believe the kids who started it got off scot free!  That is ridiculous!  And then, to take away his trip and graduation knowing that those are the final events for his time at this school, totally terrible decision making there.  I swear what little faith I had in this country's willingness to teach its children is beginning to seriously wane after the past couple of months. Good luck with all the excitement in KC!


Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

We had such a nice night last night.  One of the girls who babysat for us when we lived here before came over for dinner and then we were invited to the neighbors to enjoy their new fire pit.  We're having the same kind of fire pit built in our backyard and it's going to be awesome!  Tomorrow night DH and I are finally heading into St. Louis to celebrate our anniversary, a week late.


Happy April, Dingoes!!!



That sounds so nice!  Have a great time in SL!


I'm getting better with not being online as much but it is a hard habit to kick, although Geo's thing sounds like serious tough love.  I don't like thinking about a tower of waster hours though.  But I always figure that I barely ever watch TV, so that's something right?


Okay, out of time as usual.  blowkiss.gif to everyone



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Another "Aye!" for April! Totally.


Asbestos is the new fun keyword in my life, but I am hoping to make short work of it and move on, and in no time at all we hope to be finished with the stuff and on our way. Anxiety seems to be calming some, even in the face of these new details and a summer of certain insanity.


I recently cured my personal Bag Lady Syndrome. It was awful while I was working, hauling the gym bag, the laptop case and the purse. I actually got comments from people when I walked into the Y. I was like a mule, because I had to carry everything along--you can't leave a laptop in the trunk in subzero temps. Anyway, my "purses" have been Timbuk2 bags. My favorite I have had for probably 6 years and I still love it. So I ponied up and got myself a large laptop messenger and I have been practicing living out of it the past 3 weeks. It's awesome. Fits my computer, my gym clothes and toiletries (which I put in an old wet bag from my dipes days), running shoes and everything else (lately, a lot of files and paperwork, always a water bottle). It's got lots of organizer pockets, inside and out. It's waterproof. Has a protective laptop sleeve. And I got to pick custom colors. I LOVE this bag. Now I get compliments on my bag, and the occasional, "wow, that's a big purse." It's going to be my carry-on for the long-haul flights. It's such a great bag. It's also machine washable. This is not a paid endorsement. shy.gif


40 minutes on the arctrainer today. I hurried home because we have a lot going on here, so I might do some yoga later. I think it has become a habit. I need my sun salutations. Ds is having friends over to play this afternoon and dd is going to a bday party. I am considering disappearing for a couple hours just to be gone. But after last night's junk food fest with my sister and her kids, I am really glad to have done my cardio today.


Also, I really enjoyed watching Secret Sprinter from the sidelines. I am so glad you ladies do this!

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must actually post to subscribe to this thread. duh.


3 miles with pregnant rp this morning.

Then off to pick up my leftovers from a yarn/fabric sale/swap. I make 90% of my profit and the other 10% goes to the fiber guild. I'm hopeful that I made a lot, but if not I did manage to clean out a big spot in my closet. And only came home having purchased a few skeins of yarn in a gallon sized ziplock bag for 5 bucks.

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kerc ~ Yay for a run!  Your running partner sounds like she needs to become a Dingo. :P


jo ~ I am a sucker for bags/purses... if I carried just my own stuff around anymore I'd totally be all over that bag!


JayGee ~ Where do you like to go in StL?


MelW ~ I wear undies while running.  The only time I didn't is when I biked and I hated that.


We've been spring cleaning all day so far... even in the garage.  That sure feels good, but now I'm tired.  I'm having a cup of flavored coffee and then I'm going to rest while Val naps.

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Hi Mamas,     


Count me in for loving April. This time of year makes me truly believe we have survived another winter.


Jen, hope the house sells fast! Showing a house = not fun! Have a good weekend :)


Nic - my all time favorite kid oriented hors d'oeve is a big jar of mini kosher dill pickles. I pour the pickles into a bowl and watch the kids descend like sharks in a feeding frenzy!!!!


JenLove LOL thanks for explaining yogabootyballet. I have always been like "Huh, what IS that all about????" I hope V's knee is all better soon!


JayGee, that firepit sounds awesome. I saw a ton of amazing backyard fire pits on my run today and was seriously envious!


Plady, love reading your posts, you are a thoughtful, wonderful person. Love you!


Jo you and I are bag sisters. That's all I will say LOL Have a great escape for a couple hours!!!!


Kerc, yay for yarn! Was it good stuff? I never find good yarn for a good deal. No surprise I guess. What knitting projects do you have in the works?



I did my dreaded 17 miler this morning and felt good. So glad I beat that mental hurdle!! It was a beautiful day and I did an out and back route I have never done before. I usually try to avoid out and backs, but for some reason, it was really comforting to me today to have a turnaround, and to know I have less to go than I already went. I listened to a few "This American Life" podcasts, which was totally entertaining. I had some muscle discomfort in the last couple miles, but not horrible fatigue, so I think I am doing OK in my training.


I focused on the scientifics of recovery when I got home - took in some good carbs right away, and drank some coconut water with it. Felt good. Also delighted to report that I had no UNDERWEAR Malfunctions on this run!!!!! Praise all that is good and right!!!!!!! I am going to sit on my (non chafed) butt the rest of the weekend. Thought about that the whole run LOL



NRR Mr. Dingo and I are invited to an adults only, 1950's themed cocktail party tonight, complete with a pianist on a baby grand piano. Period attire is strongly recommended. This has been stressing me out all week, since I have no 1950s cocktail attire, nor do I have the time to find some 1950s cocktail attire, nor do I have the cash to get some 1950s cocktail attire. I have a hard enough time putting together a nice outfit fit for 2011. Garrrrrr. I just decided to wear a nice dress and my favorite badass heels and F it if it isn't 1950s enough. Plus, I'm doing a 30 day fitness shred where it isn't recommended to drink alcohol so so much for the champagne cocktails. Mr Dingo wants to go out for drinks and dinner first and I'm like, well I have to be boring....poor guy. Oh well, at least I will look good in my non-period appropriate dress, right ladies? I wish I had a Rizzo outfit and I could take my bad attitude and hit the party in character. I need to get over the stress! I am never having a party with a stressful dress code, no way sisters!


Have a great weekend Dingoes!!!! ND

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Hi everyone!  I have been a lurker for quite a while and would love to join you all.


I'm 27 and have been running since as long as I can remember.  I did triathalons as a kid with my father.  I ran the 2001 Marine Corps Marathon.  


I kept running through two kids, but as the weight crept up, the miles went way down.  Finally in 2010 I got myself together, joined Weight Watchers and lost 48lbs.  


My plan is to do the Honolulu Marathon on December 11th.  Quite a bit away, but it's one that I am excited about doing and worth the wait.  I really feel like I have come full circle in the past 10 years since the MCM.  


I had been running really well up until the beginning of March.  Then I had a small but painful procedure done.  Recovery was rough and I have basically taken the last 4 weeks off completely.  Yesterday was the first day I have run in 4 weeks.  I did 3 miles on the treadmill.  Nothing amazing, but I am glad to have started again.  Thanks for letting me join!

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subbing in...

I have spent the day cleaning, making soup and dropping off loads at Goodwill. And taking calls from my elderly neighbor. She left for assisted living on Thursday and I have been checking things at her house as she needs since then. I am glad to do anything for her and I miss her already but I didn't realize the full extent of what would be needed now.

I have totally lost my mojo. Totally. Perhaps it lives in April? I have to change something.
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wave.gif and welcome, mama_y_sol!

It is an absolutely, phenomenally gorgeous day here. I went out for a run from the running store this morning, and it was such a beautiful morning. I ran the first 5 miles with an absolutely kick-a$$ 70+ year old sub-4 marathoner. yikes.gif She totally could have left me in the dust, too, but she was running 20 and I was only running 10! redface.gif She was great company for the first half of the run, then the way back was a little lonely, but I got it done.

On my way home, I got a call from my best friend (who I have barely talked to in MONTHS, let alone seen in person) that she and her DDs were in the neighborhood picking out some tile for their bathroom remodel and were going to head to the zoo if I wanted to join them. I thought twice about it since DS isn't home yet, and I had a ton of stuff to do around the house, but I'm really glad I ended up going. It was great to spend a couple of hours with her and get all caught up. And at least I had worn a really cute outfit, so I didn't feel like quite such a freak for going to the zoo totally stinky and nasty from my run. bag.gif

And then...I got productive! I started out meaning just to clean up all the clutter that's accumulated in the living room, dining room, and kitchen, but ended up tackling my bedroom, the bathroom, and the walk-in closet, too. Including the linen closet in the bathroom where things frequently fall off the shelves because everything's just thrown in. I didn't get anything cleaned, but I got so much stuff picked up, put away, recycled, or thrown away, that I'm saying good enough for now!

Now, just waiting for DS to get home, so I can spend a couple of hours with him before bedtime, since I'll be at the hospital all day tomorrow for clinical. I missed the little booger! love.gif
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Mommajb - I think your mojo and my mojo ran off to Mexico and are living it up on the beach, drinking tequila.  I need it to come back! 


Welcome mamaysol!  I have a dear friend who may be moving out to Hawaii this fall.  She grew up there, and I think is longing to go back. 


ND - Have fun at your party, and let all your attire worries go.  I'm sure you will look smoking, and no one will care!


So, as it turns out, I never got out there for a run at all!  I do have a spin class I signed up for starting tomorrow, so I will spin, and we'll see if I can run after.  If not, I think I will try to run on Monday when everyone is at school!  Spring break was deadly to my exercise this week!

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